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Jan 16, 2014|

Actor Taylor Kitsch called in to discuss his role in the new movie Lone Survivor and what it took to prepare for that role, including meeting the families involved.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. Pay Taylor kitsch joins us right now here and Hill Man Morning Show right. -- how -- you know. -- -- -- -- Love did. The movie -- -- my son on Sunday and and I could have been a target about it I've been talking about -- sense site. And what do I mean must have been an amazing experience to make that film. Yeah I think we're still reeling from it and you guys live and -- detected and market as -- -- and I've become lucky enough to become really close with him and call him a dear friend and we're talking every -- stills goes on the definitely doesn't leave you and then all of us is just so long as -- -- part of this story. -- to play Michael Murphy and I don't wanna give too much away I mean I do -- but I and I don't wanna give everything away but. Who knew we were able to talk to his family and and kind of need to get get to know them and and understand a little bit about him. Yes that's on that affected me more than anything beyond that and I've become incredibly close with. And they've been incredibly gracious and and you know it's obviously so hard to imagine. All of this whole off. They've been open arms. From day one and quite literally the minute I met Dan Murphy -- dad. -- now you know we're in contact. Almost weekly and Justin Long Island -- more than a month ago with. The fans leave -- to everybody. That Merck that is best buddies. -- and neighbors -- and -- and they were all this incredibly gracious people. It's been an incredible opportunity. -- I'm really proud to carry this torch. -- called earlier and was talking about Marcus literally had seen him on sixty minutes and said and I does that I thought this was an amazing because it just shows you. How really brave these guys are in and myself personally what they have pussy I am if it included -- They -- he feels like he was somewhat of a power because he didn't you know I and I wanna give the -- away but. But but the way he reacted when when mark was gone -- format have you ever talked to him about that if it did did that amaze you. Yeah I mean it's really hard to comprehend and we've never been in that position and that's just really encompasses these guys warriors appeared in the brotherhood that they have. You know and and Marcus it's you know not put words in his no I mean. You know today in the best bet with your zone and he was born at gun fighter he was born to do it and that's the mindset to be attacked -- I think you gotta have acted to survive something like this. He's an amazing guy and there is some -- America every day. I really like the way the film was done with the the footage at the beginning of the guys in the footage at the end and that's how we -- talking about it earlier but. The footage of markets. Meaning the the the the village guy the Afghan guy who's who help save his life. Amazing -- an amazing story about that guy that it the kind of picked up in the film. I think that the curve ball where. It. Hello we're losing -- -- cellphone. The federal Lombardi we wanted to try standstill on the B movie -- At at at a you there. Very parody about so it's a better runner yeah that's better it's a curve ball. You have to curve ball I think a lot of people there have arrested for upward note this story well that. You know there's a pretty darn good -- that actually happened was this Afghan villagers does. Come in remarks to life and protection from the Taliban and I'll leave it at that for people haven't seen it -- It's a pretty incredible thing in not just about -- in the community and how they fight in the brotherhood with. The human spirit and -- I think just -- alone. These are pretty damn up lifting. Think it's good to witness. Now speaking of films a text he wants me to ask if it's true you said that you would never participated enough Friday Night Lights movie is that accurate. That that Syria will. Yeah I just think we've outrage in the whole cast him in the show on such -- born in. And are no -- to have closure with I don't think it's worth reaction now. Yeah but those who don't think acting can be very difficult job. Should understand that Taylor has. Had to work -- them on Mika Kelly Blake lively and and a Brooklyn Decker. And you know let's keep up you did it's very difficult technical and very different. It. It. That's how make it to I mean there's there's perks that come with this gated well obviously yeah. Well I mean -- -- -- stated they were super lucky to work but I bet I'll remind you ruined the day. Stanley one evolves where where you'll note killed our desire in love with with me -- Kelly yeah gorgeous man Blake -- is not that -- -- Yeah yeah. All right well listen lone survivor I really appreciate you call great job about the movie today Taylor and and I just. I can't say enough about the movie. The the this deal with the war stop the the I don't know if you actually -- is stunts but bounce and those rocks must've been pretty pain there pretty. Well -- great job on the film and thanks for coming on this morning. They sure everything this sport has nowhere to be strangers. Taylor Taylor kitsch the movie is. Whose lone survivor.