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Hill_Mail 1-16-14

Jan 16, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. Now each -- returned to talk. There's the Hill Man Morning Show presents pill may help. -- -- they thought they are hitting you on the old Daniel Orton get the actors or it's. Actress Danielle. TD -- did not act gleaming like is a little bit. On WOK. Okay. Not not at all no I was not all right here are the very best hill mail messages of the previous 24 hours. -- -- 7:33. -- I'm qualified it's great I'm at all I think it'll be shot you don't. -- -- and yeah Governor Deval Patrick firing a state climatologist. For 100000. Dollars. Course this year I mean I mean -- after the we need somebody to figure out why it's going to be 45 degrees again that Christa -- -- did not react -- right proactive not reactive. Certain we -- Ian. Got this white -- -- can we continue -- pick. Thought I -- caught a bad guy got Eric in to compete. Senator of I guess that -- about how. I'm only throwing out the breaking bad references to god I guess may I guess maybe that's okay yeah. We don't think 17 PM. There is that what they didn't really -- the world what is it that. Significant other you yell and all are all all but -- -- and that's what that'll walk off. I didn't know. And pitched so what's the deal -- field is it is included he does not want to talk to the media what do you think. Probably very Brady Belichick -- with the Broncos -- no way he means that no way he doesn't play today about a played with a 104. Temperature yeah I'm not mistaken now when was our Gary games Pittsburgh. Back in the -- like -- moral squalor. What does Tom Brady doesn't plan on -- they forget he's been on the you know I admire what the Miata made that maybe the playlist with a shoulder injury -- every game since sent 2001 thing. Think sixteen and older. They're expected to bet -- thick coating yet from beyond the grave. I would you go to -- I actually that would drop and read. That he died in equity in that you appear -- who got picked up in I get into that. If they're great. And that -- on the book out says that not only did Jackie -- Jackie Onassis. Sleep what is the the well known dancer -- an area but so did Bobby Kennedy her brother in law. I was kind of anything goes back in those days now -- to get on a second Donald Kennedy was -- closeted homosexuals. That. It to himself what that -- not just up for anything and you know. Whatever you know that the lights were off and offensive Adobe's right I mean the guy had Maryland Munro hander Rudolph -- -- father. The party never real psyched up they're simulating each other online are from Ireland than you normally don't you think -- a few wanna go there but it's. Links between young and old America -- Ritalin wrote that they would not salute you try to be a little bit. General barbecue -- -- -- And that America -- American Canadian geese -- as easily be live on gas grass or me can't get past. Couple of the -- like -- parts. There is a story today about a New Hampshire. Elected official state rep who ran a bunch of ducks over the hotel room. When the intoxicated allegedly allegedly analyze it you didn't kill the backs -- the crown plaza up there and was -- national uninsured and national and I ran over the world actually the part -- -- should have a story about the. I think it was may be but I Brazil. Who had these cycle list in the window of their vehicle for an extended period of time denials and in my own. And they thought that it was they say they thought it was a a dummies like hey how manic panic -- like of I can think that are out there. The guy was 58 -- a Fiat. He hit somebody. And who -- on done. And -- motorcycle and bicycle. I was site map bicycle. And he drove five miles with a guy sticking out of the windshield. Like how you not notice that hi I'm kind of dying over here give me a break. Until finally he was stopped he was taken away in handcuffs paramedics. By the time they got to the scene. Had try to read it 31 year old cyclist from the windshield the by the app when he was -- -- Bad news. A monetary I mean I should they -- -- picture this it's kind of I gotta be solo McConnell added it is it is -- they're on the make videos on threes in general how popular. There is of course that scared breaking bad reference I've had food. While driving around with his windshield but -- -- the -- slash am a wanna be giving out of the spoiler alerts -- anything like an officer I was in the this is a plane crash -- lost his mine any of them. Pepper sprayed by the copy from -- -- -- -- -- -- -- definitely include but it's been explored six -- He cute -- All of saying I'm not only I'm getting me in black around England that you know. There -- the new black on the will be out sometime this year. And the makers of the new black phone guaranteed that your data text messages phone calls. Can never. Could be seen. Viewed by anybody else so nobody will ever be able to know a few of -- that somebody or call somebody or anything like that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Could that at the I go there. Forty -- and land. Move it back recruit everybody. Do it with him that isn't the true. Impact now. Good day doing a fine job Philly and then and then we really appreciate it. Not just normal job everybody has got a lot going on black going on. -- -- -- -- Eight and -- it illegal pot that is what bluntly it -- aren't gonna lo -- -- and. Florida and hits. Okay and that's. My nightstand. Which notion our Moreno will show up -- the one that rant heard over 200 yards. In week twelve ya where the stiff. -- -- well -- a big big test for the -- the two is as that was that there was today I was a big test for the last week and he gave them Andrew Luck so maybe student -- did he stood tall you know. And gold sinks in -- hand. You know I I I don't feel that we don't really like doing what bogey -- -- what if there are. Didn't the -- -- the other guy would woke. -- I I treated that picture of everybody standing around taking pictures of the guy who is in the windshield. Of the drive early in Brazil had asked not really help the amount now just got -- stand around and look and I'm with. They get pictures see the first to jump in and integrity and now all the data -- -- -- the -- it's ever and I'm not qualified let -- trying to -- the professional decision. 704. AM. That's that it got hit. While back I L I gather the data but it's the Bible -- it and you can't. That. That picture. Susan Boyle almighty I'd -- players that play in the -- there are some reduced to the guy behind -- reduce their. Yeah I don't come up -- -- -- that at some -- to their feet to Susan Boyle. Playing the bag pipes. -- twenty old. K Greg you got it you're gonna help your job good luck back. The W eighty billion articulate and why you're here and partly you know -- the. Britain and that's basically send a text line in a nutshell. In. People -- they can't accept change and why some people as -- Callahan. Yeah it did you know irons and usually -- out to be efficient wet like subtitled it completely new and after the show what -- -- Callahan a plumber yeah it's a weird thing that's happened but if I get so I don't you can just. About everybody sends in -- negatives that I like identified you as. Going to be fine man and then stocks will manage a -- -- you earbuds in nearly as they and that it connect crawl space. I know it's like to criticize people on their work. Intense hate Dave are you use that the right side snake and that toilet as David tax on the job -- -- -- Matthews and I'm size bag. Seventeen and well that I am not a good day again now ought to go ahead. -- don't know what they get away and lying you know line. -- -- -- -- -- That are very bad boy a little -- you -- what their. There's my credit card and hell hole in the community that's an iPad for entertainment and endured mark on the big board. Tender. But think about what you've done. -- message.