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Former New England Patriot Matt Light

Jan 14, 2014|

Today Matt Light called in to discuss the Patriots vs Broncos AFC Title game and even has a raffle for a trip to Denver, and also a viewing party at Toby Keith's at Patriot Place.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. Q thank you did that is inside the ward two female brain -- -- I would Daniel today and joining us. The talk a little bit about football as our pal former New England patriot Matt Light map kill. Yeah. Where are you today. Up -- were all over the map and a great duke play off -- everybody sort of foreign. Are you in our state -- somewhere else Odierno and oh yeah the only player regular piece. -- -- What do you make of that I mean you think that you know I mean -- you know happily married and the back in your dating days did you care about. The number of partners a woman in Finland. I love that the outlook to recap the craziness that you get it into our daily basis if you like. No -- take every you know like a spikes record rap but you know that Christmas and I didn't want to know. How many times the person who are potentially going to be wet that there was somebody not well they broke. And it obviously doesn't matter now but my my two cents or Malcolm is legally go lone man let the past be the. And don't talk about you just don't wanna know the number it doesn't matter to you. She asked that question yes -- -- -- for their questions if you have a relationship problem. -- it's exactly match. -- -- their relationship right so listen everybody's worked out today about the fact that the Broncos did not sell any tickets. I if he did not live in the rocky mountain region -- as the man who who that is spent his life playing in the NFL appreciates the fans appreciate rivalries. What what's your opinion on this. What it -- triggered this or so really offer it through -- number law. And deploy later. And it and it gets all your earlier in the former player. You can't like dead because of the new you can tell all your people like -- -- did you -- your broker. Note that somebody outside to go. Outright but -- -- now I heard everybody in that every patriot. Does -- have to take a -- dollar tax and everybody out here who wants it gets back. You're like you're right -- so -- so from that angle right you'll look at that you say -- little little little gutsy guy you. It -- football violent sport this violent people that play this game and the people don't watch it. You know they watch it violently. They won their team -- -- people whatever it is they get. -- takes so. I Obama your wallets thanks -- and doing -- prayers. You know rebel. That we -- -- what would we be do we probably air over the fact that the cars they give our people are. What is -- that for the NFL as a business. -- because it's gonna now it's going to be now that both the Denver and Seattle have done it. I assume is gonna be the regular course of business is is it bad if you are not given the opportunity to buy tickets and travel. And see your team play somewhere else unless you're gonna play 34 time. A three or four times on -- -- some. Yeah you know I think he'll be good to see how they how to combat there -- I'll -- they had you know there's there's -- creative individual always find workarounds let me. You know they are government truly good at doing that but in the private sector very better -- -- go find a way to combat that by. Yes it'll be it'll -- -- is you know what what these other teams do -- how they react to this particular situation brought. The -- of all this. Is that luckily our they would talk. You don't want what Baltimore. Though former so irregular in the patriots and offered up orders seats. Purpose still coming up in Denver earlier speech at that -- -- Are you talking about mr. Wexler. You're -- Oh. Yes. So -- water -- -- -- Welker gave you for tickets and are you you know you raffle -- for your foundation. We all we're doing now or never -- dot org settings and they -- -- to concept there's. Anybody can get a shot -- in the -- that things -- to embark she -- five chances given to your friend. -- you keep them for yourself you buy as many chances as you want. And we've done these things in the press to -- usually successful also. Ever walk the winner of the blown away this package include not only airfare -- Denver. All your accommodations stay at the -- You have three of the square and stay at the rich get a spot treatment -- -- always restaurant located in the hotel one character Eddie camp. Over a Mile High Stadium. -- -- the weekend every week. I don't know it. Cricket Welker going to be -- commuter train in regard take pictures meet and greet -- signed you know -- in all kind of stuff so -- -- package. You know you have never seen somebody in so much pain. I until you have seen the petty cab driver who drives me back from my Fenway Park I felt like pull out -- going. Leg muscles in the and and complete revolt again without it. Well sure you can carry it about your make and do some -- flex -- -- -- -- I don't know about you what I have no. All right so. Am how long does is go to raffle lice. We I think -- too -- on this winner on Friday at roughly who'll let it may be frequent attack Friday were out. So do it now and you're not limited by the amount of chances you can take in the great thing about it is it's ten box. And you have the chance that way in the Forte gets to go to Mile High Stadium airfare accommodations. -- ways restaurant. And I hang out where they're very despondent and suicidal. Wes Welker after after he loses to the New England Patriots on Sunday night. An endless endless endless support a guy by the way I found that much and that's what can do tomorrow. And had some health fraud yet so he's put so it should guarantee that it -- per -- with the -- do a better job. Promoting it out there but without his stroke and our first rodeo in order at this. That will not happen and and hey we -- deal before a Saturday night and we -- optimistic about that game did that -- Did you did you feel like you would end up in in and of that lopsided a little for the patriots. Yeah -- no it didn't and I can honestly you don't look you look at what luck did the week before him and I figured hey if it's close. You know advanced knowing that I think situationally. Give blew -- big act you know some guys that. -- -- -- you keep protect -- -- -- they're talking on offense you got to Eric Schmidt said. That you guys are you know play well enough to quit right there at their guys stepped up. But at the Everett W essentially sort of fourth quarter -- or just. Stupidly slapping each other than this but without our -- our windows they were relaxed they were great mistake it was blacked out. -- that -- of and an end and you know you're an air offensive line guys so how much of of what blunt has been able to do is credited toward that offensive line kind of jelling now. First of all you say you're offered them like I tersely dealt a little bit more action all right yeah and offensive line G yes that's the corporate. -- they did it at that. As well look. Man in two weeks now I don't know that I see a guy. You know go into you know ignoring them for war faster have been there and bit -- I mean. Two weeks have really that bit him. An amazing turnaround and it -- I think everybody understood what he brought the table that you know the big -- physical he likes to run that -- Big place it was always this question you know how consistently well that happened and not it'll -- etiquette -- the week it. I doubt it for them. Just just or so of -- -- heat but guys they're really hits it bought into the system. You know she's such -- abortion weigh -- and I think everybody really in short every. There now locker room that -- great now. That supplied its passionate about. You know keep all their backs go into the game and at that big portrait game play and there -- that this they -- how -- -- physical side that. Bet that part of it but it crushed all 4000 more registered go to -- negate the optic speed that it traverse you know -- like coach. Well we for political combat and it is purchased and the play caller of the confidence that substitute could do it should now. And you do I go in the game -- words of wisdom from ally -- Manny just before you go to bed did how how incredible. -- -- -- time -- how hard it is. The trend that -- Logan Mankins has made it look so easy going from drew from guard to left tackle and and plan the women. They'll hold the fort until they came back. Yeah what he thought it is not enough of them -- -- about Baghdad because. You don't it will just it they got it figured out just a bit different you know -- -- play. The mix and match was totally different people and that he Wallace played without so what else that there have picnic hazard. You know because they shouldered the ship you know combat sort of be all different -- yours that forget -- just go -- -- Brian -- -- Left side right site after it guys just the constant -- Are all those guys that we would be a little. That -- -- coming last year. You know -- -- -- put it -- carry that torch. She bad result and obviously can't that they probably those guys super critical. That they -- there rural airports all that. Thirteen probably. My last question for you before young Matt -- whose legacy is hurt worst by a loss about Brady or Manning. Well man. We -- up by personally and I am biased but I think probably dispute solidified a meeting there do what he's done in the -- which you didn't look at all the stats but they're pretty are stupid admitted what are. You get broken of course emblem that have been broken already that Arabic guys just are -- able Peyton. Just you know I think you're breaking election at the tool or resource problem. They are probably -- you know certainly split. They're right the way I look at replaced party are brought particles stick to get out of the perks that -- -- -- should know Connecticut all of us about it you know. Well look good that's a hell yeah our new department and I think we'll make the trip down you bet. Fired -- probably rebbe and talk football Q that they were going to be throwing out stuff there were taken over all of Toby keys. Start at noon for the entire day. Fired a low tackle well you will not be in my desk thanks Alina. Thanks a lot to your -- go to -- out go to. Go to net grappled not a -- and get yourself in on this trip to Denver. And that line is always we'll we'll talk to you later in the week on a double talk about put on populated and very weak right now. That's now go look for America focus -- -- rubio. And I there's not like former New England patriot and I longtime contributor to the shell.