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Inside The Warped Female Mind With Danielle

Jan 14, 2014|

We once again dove into the Warped Female Brain with Danielle, this time trying to the answer of the total number of lovers your partner has had, or trying to tell them your number.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. -- let's get -- go inside the simple -- mind. I excuses are female -- though workforce for the darker. -- -- -- rain. This morning with the assistance of Danielle although this particular lovely lady named Kara. Who listens to the show is seeking the male opinion as well on this and so Danielle here -- the health care sending email over -- dating a guy for three months. Really really likes the guy. That doesn't share his name here but -- very very happy she thinks she's alone. Got it. Apparently over the weekend they got into a discussion about. How many partners. And add -- that path this guy. Patent holder that he is only had two partners and and really is the kind of guy who prefers to wait until something serious jumping off. Before you as euphoria session finalized that's the owners through it -- wants the way it is so. On boring before the apparently before the conversation. Could get to her that she was able to move it in a different direction. Iraq. Apparently has had twelve partners and she is I'll read verbatim what she says. Danielle please tell me eight if you think I am now. -- because I've had -- partners and I cannot bring myself to tell him. How many partners I have had because I'm afraid that he is gonna think that -- Did the care of us -- and -- and we did it like I'm like aren't asking that might -- like that when I was dating somebody like that would be kind of like one of the conversations remember having like -- -- how many people abuse slept with. -- jokes please gentlemen coming got kegs of you spoke have you slept with a ticket. But like you know my last too long term relationships etc. like I don't really key here at this point like out yet so if you thought that Tenet chicks like women like his -- -- throwing like they have Sammy. I happen you don't Karen no I don't matter. So you think even though this guy. Waits till he's madly in love for the before cons -- the relationship. If you think you just be honest and -- I mean everybody's different like what's it and just his that's his thing it's not hers like if he's gonna judge her on that then -- detonate and why it's not gonna work anyway now unifier here's a 50 wait tax from a guy who says -- still care. Don't know I guys did general gets jealous we're just -- your dukes tomorrow I'm so what I want. I mean I'm not I don't get this is like one of the most most wasted emotions a ballpark yeah like like so you're so the every guy wants to -- that's only had sex missionary I guess this is what he's jealous guys extract. But I mean so so yeah. It was some sort of episode but -- So what what's the difference if you're -- had two partners but she likes vegetables and and that's I'd be able and a little. I think I mean I like what it what does she what she wants a rubber suit in a -- -- she's been whipped in India and she's crazy and -- that that it you know you're you're gonna say the same thing you'd say. If she had five partners and she's really good during -- she's I carry him wanna go I reversed now grown nearly what what. Our -- -- don't start your -- yeah. Hit pattern I mean I think sex is a huge part of having a healthy relation of course it may sound so. EE need to know what you light and yes I respect people I mean yeah if the -- like eighteen and she's batted a thousand did churn out top. But our prostitute. But you know. And you have to kind of develop -- you know you're likes overtime and you learn what you like -- comes from sexual experience and I endorsing going on Fleetwood with a million people out here and it's not real you're looking. The federal woman's point of view of the problem. That very Garrett passes. Is that he. Wants to feel like he's this special guards like here's a bit and what they can't get over is what guys can't get over is beat ties. Word docs is that we can't get over the fact that if you had twelve partners that you would really only stay with me. My -- you could only have one for the rest July. Is -- Zahn here's the ladies says -- has been absolutely cares that's why I've never been honest with them on here's. Somebody says I found out recently that I am number 22 and my girlfriend it's only money. Funny but it's -- -- typical athletic talent you're putting on -- -- but I suspect that the citizens yesterday. Your reference clerks Cutler's 37 up. -- -- but really if you put in perspective if you put a perspective you behavior girls only 21 year resolved now. And she said 22 partners in two years. That's that's like that's one month. -- pretty nutritious fourteen like -- -- know whether you know and meanwhile in on I mean it's it's really aren't it's been into it's a useless stat who's brand yes hello. No matter what happens to. Pay I have very respectfully disagree with the battered by giving normally I would -- correct but this particular guy. -- to global ritual or your Arctic air. But it's well and I. Why so he's gonna be a lot of things usually a lot of these days we handicraft even -- Eli because then if you're gonna lie about it. You have to do heat Danny's gonna ask you will who was. You have to pick you have to know on the fly which ex boyfriend that was or whatever. Because. You know if you get that question and you can't be like oh what was so and so and so and so many talked to a body is under the dated a friend his -- like why I heard you slept with Ralph too. -- still wants to know what if it's in a row play what if it was that when he went in Iraq. And us. Figure out again and again that's the problem. Guys can't get -- -- insecurity can't get over the hump Scioscia -- guys in a row and then you guys meet. And she falls all over -- oh yeah what what what's your problem -- -- believe -- -- so either you believe she's in love with you or your -- you know -- you -- I'm saying. Danielle you honestly that like you -- if you really like you guys. And he tells you he wants and how many guys you've been with what is your number about a man -- is -- -- is in the double. And a triple -- and I -- from candidates. I was an -- you you're you're honest about it. Yeah I don't air. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That 37 in a row clerks reference yes -- -- -- as media -- the American people Obama. Good correlated interludes and if you -- assault of a partner under 1000400. You can help. Larry how. Are awesome and that's we have to go back to the well. Because you don't increase your number when you go back to the well guy.