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Stealing Strippers

Jan 14, 2014|

A man had not only his belongings including his wallet, but the strippers also stole his car. Police tracked them down and returned everything to the man. The man known as "Fred" called in to give us the details of what happened.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always on. And on your schedule at WAM. If this is accurate. That this is this is a dramatic development is joining us now. On the WAA after news makers line. I am told that it is Fred. The man who suffered the mantown crisis the other night of being robbed by the strippers in western mass. United begin I believe -- Goodman and how are you read I would let you -- it may not. Now Fred you are New Hampshire style. -- In -- New Hampshire. And Tom where were you the other night. Well and I don't grow our axle and -- yeah okay. And look where it will probably that you are all around -- in at a -- actually it didn't do you have an hour and then I -- very good. Pedro was put out -- web. So where did you take the ladies. I didn't hit it like -- brought a group called I think blew apart and there's a lot street party. Luxury lines okay. And tell me about did you end up falling asleep -- -- please tell me finish your business you got your money's worth. And -- well obviously there was about it and I was drawn. You're -- -- understand that. So. What it what transpired in the and a hotel room. Well we are back you know we've -- -- attacking everything we are good. Because we actually believe that this that I broke open a brilliant pig wouldn't that player that he cheated on by alcohol. After hours let's call. It's called -- brought into it I guess so I can't speak to. And I'm ready and -- and everything. What did you pick up for the ladies some sort of bottle of the champagne that are today Caroline cooler what was though is their drink of should articles and James. What one million that included the other one that's got to get the bigger better and I know very little -- my candidate and. Act and act as though -- go back to the Alitalia have -- some fine now let me get. Aren't you -- that -- because I got out of those are the 830 in the craw. And I. The bridge in that we are there if I didn't. 1:32 o'clock I don't remember the -- assistants. You've got -- get pregnant -- can't I can't really improve these girls it's again. -- -- -- into the I want. It's looking at you bet UAE. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Murdered and their connecting the auto pilot and gotten a little bit and that's what program were distributed it couldn't sleep differently. Noticed lately. And articulate you don't play on the course -- they're rubbing your back and trying to get in -- -- he probably is that inaccurate data mantown KG get the monster call up yeah Allison Taylor kids. I would do against the those who aren't all that money -- Q what they're better find out about it but. Not notice and yeah yeah. Now you're down there -- anybody is there was this this just a solo trip from. It. And run a business. You're in Munich I don't you do on a cold caught. Red -- -- -- -- the wife Susan in -- was gonna -- care to share your last name brands. Well like I think we know everything we are excited over -- doesn't. Know that you -- -- -- meet future actions in Iraq do you know empowerment. And our biblical passages certain slant and then I I -- -- you know I didn't read it my -- dog. -- -- -- Yeah well and I'm glad -- EA Canada I get everything worked out and it's back to New Hampshire where where the people that. I don't. Listen listen Fred I want any way to hold out there on -- Mardy do give Omar you're number. We gotta get together you sound like it cooled down to seek you -- for a little celebration on behalf of the you hear what you -- your man's man I -- and -- I liked the way you -- has the two of you can get -- -- the -- like that idea how are you right. I call a -- I don't know that it -- -- -- -- because I'm a bit better on the block and a live in New Hampshire might write about it let it slip that -- -- -- We will grounder up to -- and as -- well in front of the room you know what the proposed -- Can get -- I -- -- -- off their back I -- as I understand I would stay my recommendation is the you don't leave New Hampshire again does that out of their and the -- the big world yeah. They're not friendly dinner at the road trip go to the casual the banana and I -- Any girls there are people there gras the poor -- out so he's got a little trip to do the -- -- ladies brought the ladies back to there on me you know. Never knew what might never knew what might transpire if you never know art and of course we -- it in Israel the -- I was -- I don't remember -- Because there's employers death spreads Lloyd Wright has put a quote I don't think I don't know Fred has fantastic marriage or not I am that I am the ideal and hopefully make us. I'll do what I love my -- a whole new round I'm just saying hopefully my sister is fine. Hopefully mrs. -- was not listening to that conversation.