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Hill-Mail 1-13-14

Jan 13, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages over the weekend, covering the Patriots victory over the Colts and LB's new hair.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. Now it's you returned to talk as the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians hill man out. Well -- -- the united so what situation you're Smart you are there ever. Always setting 88 get pictures that -- -- message that period of our O'Malley literally aggression. On WOK okay. -- yeah -- there is reminding me of the Iran that Burgundy Peyton Manning interview in which they addressed the horse. That is the Denver Broncos -- dot. Faster. Than her name on there the Broncos mascot for Sunday so. Here are at me very hill mail messages. Previous few days it's. I -- that in 39. AM. They had started trailing it or that I was really glad I don't chronicle but we'll look at. I thought Robert hi I collapse. Wounded men -- You like three days late on the chronicle jokes -- I was out there Thursday night it's actually months -- that that was the reach peace on -- the angle is so wide to finally get a little bit dated to an outline I. It's a I've. I appreciate a good good good or bad press the press -- -- doesn't matter. Press is president's direct they continue reading while that science that's right I'm a proud Jenner I don't I don't try to hide it. But like in my dye my hair governor might generic rather I'd rather be cheating and have a bloated belly from since starvation -- cook up a Castro yet you're right about that. Send me -- 39 PM. I don't. It what Barack. And the lessons. It's pointed at the -- -- yeah because. My Blount Rushmore. Nickname was I called out by some but I still like it I'm still using it at the. -- -- 9:24. PM. Do let's cut in the college game if it's. Anything at all. Okay. Yeah I can't hear me OK okay. What happened decades the academic at all it's pure and -- And the message I think I'm Lil Johnny's start his listeners gonna make him so he's he's gonna make a name for himself not -- -- the same size as they ran us. A man who WA AF phone hasn't you know page drag on his line never come on our show you know reliever until -- and. For me time and again. I feel a lot of the I'll write here reverend. Wounded men into the apartment. A. Or 37 AM. Ever wonder how and it and it built Obama. And the men -- that. But the big story today in The -- about how he wasn't allowed to watch the patriots game he was like the only guy the general population until after the games have -- Probably -- some snacks but Aaron Hernandez was -- I love -- India Arafat to bring up Aaron Hernandez threw at the end of the game. I guess that's what it's -- you got us a yes. And because these guys for not let -- be a distraction right again belliard is much grief has Belichick gets whatever you know this just to me as employers don't. You know a -- guys talking and not documents indeed. Pretty amazing cents. Like -- -- it's it's good to be honest if if Hernandez wasn't in the paper wasn't on the news because of -- you know court date or something. But I don't think -- eight out of -- the -- yeah I think about. W think of. On a lot of -- I have teamed up and if a guy that was a star on your team. Was arrested this. In June. From murder. Yeah and that's that suspected of a couple other murders and death your whole entire season. Would go absolutely to pass absurd idea right. You know I EU element that that's why you think about everything that they've gone through this year you include that. You include all the injuries -- -- its amazing that there in the AFC championship -- Abdallah. -- don't -- get a credit maybe maybe Tom -- so good college humor speakers so good yeah that that there are expected to win. With anybody with anybody right like what airline was was he was fourth in line behind Steven -- okay. And now now the kids I mean it's crazy is the last three games get some ridiculously over foreign thirty yards rushing and eight touchdowns in the last three -- yeah. I mean god it's the other coaches must be like we went after they give these. I mean that deal to get him was like grand theft Otto I mean that they have police told him. Four ATP and. The armory with you -- Will travel with it at that and -- technical. It is and if if you hit that. -- -- -- -- circle watching what everyone. The he is here. He's only other MP. In Britain and I mean comfortable in there but not. Not. Insurmountable odds I think they absolutely are great chance I think they're the underdog as well anchors. Certainly yeah of course it goes -- three for cars -- -- course at least it's on like that. Resides -- this -- rule and then. But the one thing that I cannot it does distract me above that but it has. And then that joked. You know look at the -- Giant size of the Mallon when you see the that the jet black hair and a Lyndon byers. Chris give him death that's why -- the tiny guys get away with it now you know -- she's just to get hair they they. It it kind of covers over the up. -- -- now are you doing bad things like in two years seven knees were like year old police still have the jet black guy jumped down and I don't I don't know how are you just another day or so -- -- there maybe -- -- you know I guess -- -- more -- -- memorial -- it's not easy just mix the bottle and accidents -- at all. -- in a -- black -- doesn't work. You can't beat him bleached black it's they're trying to -- -- -- when you go darker I got a Derosa started road already on me -- -- we -- unit giants really Kmart's. Eight months that you eight monster run that I wouldn't. I minority I don't know I don't want to answer grow -- an -- then it. Now on the response yet from the chicken noodles Europe and here's a degenerate gambler texting in they just checked in Denver is now. For a half point favorites. And so given them the four and a half for the in New England Patriots 78 -- AM. But not an upset but hey don't let it color. -- -- And then mr. danger led a scholar and change your life. Well here's a Texas as the paths again six and a half. I'm gonna have to check -- check the Vegas line. 7:15. AM. Love that's the result they -- recycling of these devices because you know you know six foot model. If they can recycle it isn't -- And that message they can easily though it is recently a group that's allies feel. 7:13. AM. Yeah it could do it might go. Oh. Yeah. And that -- -- famous man follow matters because famous now. That's against six and ask -- again six and has LB NB care separated at birth. Take a lick on Twitter and had never even had what can you do it concealed these new dye job on Twitter so he is completely changed as lettuce and change his life to get the new. Strap on hand I think from the dot Glen -- had died this it all out there and understand that do you know audio video dependable -- ten years younger -- know ten years younger that's Philadelphia outside. I was there -- better no more ahead. I'm like well you know below -- ten years younger. Let's say young man right indeed indeed indeed and being noticed that -- because of the latter psyche gets step on the ice tomorrow night and 1980 Nile over you know marriage in Boston Garden. -- -- Look at how big an edit without a little bit about it well what I -- that can back out there and you have the. And the message. Police -- speak to the beeps. Apparently he -- did. The home of his neighbor you know crazy -- yeah. The man caught it all on videotape in fact after we're done -- -- today's film no messages. We will listen of that audio again because you have a grown man I'm guessing a homeowner must be in his thirties. He had daughter's thirteen -- maybe -- please please three live there whatever. And he is getting into a verbal altercation -- today. Eighteen year old Justin Bieber or however old he is. 21 PM. Got excited about the Grant -- couldn't come up this weekend that integrate. The guy that -- And -- the -- -- earlier cut me some slack. He dyed his hair DUIED. Not dyed his hair DI ED is scared to hide along time ago at 6:21. AM. Got to pick it -- put the Broncos on Sunday. If you go to the Super Bowl with a lot of question that I need to get but it is going to be the better quarterback Tom Brady Peyton Manning. We'll wait what welcome glad it stayed up to the cold can of course. On the net yeah I mean you know what do what -- -- guests beyond how line Brady in bella checked. Have left together in the NF well we've. Another. Three years another three years. I do know -- another four years. I mean. I got to leave their plan would be of the Whitney Whitney won a super -- she's they're not going anywhere what you that you're gonna save -- why why they would if they get to the super -- -- at this -- they both go out a little bit but I. That's -- quote on top of bed bad and Tom Brady. Two good -- it's too good. I mean I. This adversity they've probably dealt with so far in their career this decision with the injuries are Aaron has our premier. And then in the embrace it and there in the AFC championship. I mean what's what are these kids need their go to the slowing down in you know -- Ian Tom Braden get lucky this year. Yeah you know right from the get go you know you know I think you would agree with me when I said this is a work in progress he had no receivers allegedly. -- to work Tompkins and Dobson and everybody into the mix Julian -- came around. Then and they just keep finding ways to win and seems like these guys are having a great time with. Well there's no pressure and that I mean I mean imagine like some of the other organizations just -- wants. Well I think Belichick needs one more playoff win. To either equal or to beat Tom landry's records -- he stands to be the winningest playoff coach in NFL history. But but when you look at you but you just look at them like. You know Bill Belichick wasn't flustered and didn't go off on players -- -- -- not seeing the adversity that that would push someone out of of let's -- coaching. You know somebody's gonna -- coach -- coach gets frustrated me -- -- on a player whatever you know bill -- Jackie's ease social solid walker decided to go somewhere else through you can deal with -- hello Mike. Yeah I don't. I get got a quick until -- correction -- us. Saudi the -- tiger talked about earlier the actual lives or these simple or under -- for the free game big crowd idol which is set or however during the game. You official NASCAR is the other one in the -- with both horses as a miles. -- -- zero GR OLAM why aliens or is it my -- I know I like the mile high. -- tomorrow -- office. Also real quick Fiat goes over -- or perhaps. Now -- now -- media that he looked and I got six and possibly you know to -- Modano has has talent pats -- and six and analyzed to may -- -- -- -- Maybe it's down to -- and not politics are what you are here who -- And the airport out. I would die would take that over the newspaper that was printed. Sometime late yesterday -- -- Of course there's -- listen I listen to the -- is -- and this that I guess yeah scholars early instituted this. Week. -- -- -- Now Brady pretty funny apparently it -- say -- this Saturday how. Well all of the longer I thought it good. Who do not have -- -- -- I'm not a quitter I went to rehab and you know. I tried I tried hard. I got the best to -- -- Tom let me clarify on ballot -- -- -- Sunday several Texas say ties landry's though if he wins -- him rule any beats Tom Landry winningest coach playoff history island that would that would be giving military cares what that. I mean it isn't using a ferocious suspect -- and pretty house for for winning short. I mean you mean still to this point -- having done many birdies -- why is he right for us and -- they've been after India that it hasn't gone -- well that's why they get somebody that's -- somebody's nerves flow -- and if you're Tom Brady and you're married to the lovely Gisele Mon June and you wanna have a nice life for her later on I mean how long are you. Willing to risk some kind of a serious injury -- -- you willing to be out there especially if you win it this year play -- mean really. I mean -- would be the question LB year you're a former. Professional and a chair. That would be the question I would ask is there. You know Tom Brady let's just say I don't wanna be captain bandwagon jinx here let's just let's just talk about from one -- it. They beat the Broncos to a go to New York they'd beat Seattle. And I'm thinking yeah probably it's probably going to be -- Allen and Seattle so they -- that Super Bowl. Is that does Tom is that a real opportunity for Tom Brady to hang it up -- million on -- -- I wanna go out as a -- does he care about going out as a winner. All Euro or or is he willing to play for another two or three more years and not worry about going out Monday a -- record so I. I think did he he's pure play an event the bitter end. That's what I believe in even as a very -- play as a backup. Yeah I mean that's why he is doing here is right using -- he was a fifth rounder known gave -- shots. Bledsoe goes down and Tom Brady. Takes takes over and and bangs out three super balls what do you -- in the league longer. Tom Brady or Peyton Manning by I think that's a reason why Tom what material wouldn't go away. Because of it Peyton Manning sillier he stood. But I you know again I guess you just look at -- it did give -- to NASA's tenacity in the -- Roche toughness. That that he game plans to win every week it's crazy. Policy Ray Lewis said it perfectly yesterday text or says anything give Peyton Manning you think of records when you think of Tom Brady you think of championship. Swooned. And yeah. Full value and -- you know what and when I figure Ray Lewis you think of murder others -- I just need the white suit brand like this I guess you go wait there's a -- -- -- I happen and as the DNA on that sucker.