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Jan 10, 2014|

Dave Koechner famous for his role as Champ Kind in Anchorman and other films like Semi-Pro, The Comebacks, Out Cold and Waiting stopped in to talk about Anchorman 2 and his stand up comedy tour.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. -- -- -- Whenever Elliott Elliott admitted in through this knowledge and David -- the -- a job around the block. I thank you -- that I made it and quit now when -- mr. flight last hole. Don't know man and cigarette and I are good tipper and I and then we. Whatever -- -- in the on them than they got messed up. I get screwed up by the way they yeah deicing the plane and they circle the troubled times yeah. You know they wanted to keep us -- why -- I don't know -- I was a part I don't know why I together tonight yeah they know we -- flown on to finish out asthma. Would do do people recognize you when he's flying. -- Really think of the pilot. I think I took a picture area again what do we want until you to a radio show your kids that can yeah there's some people wanna CEO I'm in very believes no loads. -- -- -- let's -- us. OK okay I let's -- it's Camille Little. Good Gillick and I read it until the -- that make you. And welcome to the weather looks like I and I not a bad now that I we have some flurries. That you are right you landed which schools run and no talent your energy men -- and -- -- I did you -- snapping up and apparently kidnapped you know you don't you don't really good sleep. That's an you know people now -- -- watched doing your -- this guy this guy here that's gonna. First class culture what's the I don't know I was on the plan you just I guess additional regular guy there regular. I play is miles upgraded yes. I apply alliant Will Ferrell probably place -- first class yet billed as the best he's he's the greatest -- ever I would assume he's probably not believable guy right you would you be blown away really yeah he's great. No like star or not the kind of thing though that normal is that is as anyone you know I would absolutely assume that a yes he's a great all right for doing Letterman only time we met and so a lot. Advise on us now for one season 9596 we -- we're hired the same day went to a yankees game that day. When does the word is -- who have both been hired we just met and then they put -- in a limo. Later that -- lead late afternoon. And no -- will usually go high twelve in this weird day and there we go to the -- payments and four world behind the catcher. And Lawrence sitting where general blind us through again like what's going on here. And I don't know what was going on that there can't remember -- -- play but there was a guy and a six year old sons sitting. In front of us. And I guess I consider what is yelling it was -- incredible. He would yell at every opposing batter. I -- today you -- -- -- a Eads should. I I. Yeah I asked the content that's put down to go his job baseball park on her own and you want to put that Dahlia out here you can do that you can say hey you got the -- -- security it's -- arguing that showed -- -- -- -- -- -- that I missed the announcement of the -- and it just. And only one out -- yeah -- here renders it it's it's still -- thing -- Yeah yeah yeah yeah -- gonorrhea and now it's yeah I -- how well I do. -- -- -- -- to -- -- -- has it's really not and it's really might be HPV that or soon. -- a hey you the welcome and your -- welcome to New York put hooks us up opposite that you knew that Boston -- -- I don't know another meal of the bats real well we really -- moral keywords. I got a very good I -- -- -- a very nice -- did you I know will. They're home Mott. Miles. His scared they're on -- the rest of the -- -- the story came from a specific documentary that he watched. OK more grim odds are dying yet more -- did an interview was a documentary. You just pulled your bag to a terrible I didn't want to just ask you what do I say if you -- -- Erica honey do -- got -- got an honor if you want I hope your nickname does not become pretty cut melons are. Yeah does and I hope you get it I right now -- a vitamin C right now he's -- he's thinking himself. That knowing that duty to Melanie ever -- life look at them I'm very very yeah of course you know yeah. -- I'm a bit -- allegiance from Clinton -- Oh yeah it's clearly it was a dark. Manager he did he's talking about when Jessica's have interest got hired four the news. Perot like the national news program at that time. You know he was there like what's this going on. He was. But I don't think -- that was the idea that the birth the idea for the first -- I don't think was necessarily believe basing the impression or some like that on that particular person. There's plenty of guys in local lose. That are more alike you know more like -- -- bit. Full of themselves -- -- did you base is there's no chance I guess if you Jason anybody know I don't think anybody is a massages too. Races are sexist talk Jim who is to. Almost homophobia in the late homosexuals so yeah besides Dan rather. Well as god damn good -- trying to cans -- on and some not based on not really here's a trivia did -- having extramarital. That the script was it was amazing show that you know you didn't really need the other information rather than. Is what's right there and we guys worried Dylan doing the second set it would not mean not at all 'cause -- -- the panel was so great and then it's like -- you're worried about. One time we get paid big money and it's not excited that this is good thing is like Adam Willard the funniest guys I know honestly. And that's no BS and so. Of their if their laughing when they're writing and I know they were and then I read the script and I was laughing. So we've got the holes same proven I don't know where Bryant so. You've seen the end I haven't I can't believe -- deal to sell -- my year. Well listen I and I. Don't -- Honeycutt -- wait a second Honeycutt Mel and I get kids to ask your question that women and Harry can answer that question. -- I mean I love the first film when he what are we gonna do they tell me your common programming can run out yesterday and see the movie I get a public only. Really came out two weeks in mind learning how can Miami car. Give us early in the status of women in the world I was hoping you might give us a win you know. Yeah. Her I don't know -- -- I'm sorry lingering usually let you know that I have some Honeycutt and I thought well. I like it did I learn. It really that's. The week after came out oh after. -- while it's true and I don't any kids that the joke and the joke. Dad and I can't I'm married thirty you scouts Nokia announces you really don't know dieters -- what did you learn midlife crisis I would not -- music that guy. Not yeah. I. Did you did. Yeah. That's really not my sixth hole I hit over their over their midlife crisis is over here functioning alcoholic -- Yeah. Well bred dogs and NNM and a you know -- I think I -- we aren't in my garage my in my garage. Enough for cars it's it's to party and bomb -- everybody's texting about Al cold yes. Bill they were younger and so was -- I was protecting right now is 25 and you're due out called game out and out -- cannot go into. I'm a guy's got to plug information here at the Wilbur crest tonight the -- and -- 3730. An awesome. Tickets still available free tickets left only a stronger -- Three folks hurry hurry only everybody light of the board on the board was and what kind of important doesn't like comedy club what are. Yeah. Yeah sort of -- Some I should have somebody can't really Jersey dear though like I don't so -- more changes are doing it twelve cities. Right now we I was I was 1912 different cities every weekend kofia Australia so. I don't know a year you know well in order that the visit our services you know -- -- -- -- shows up right now I'll do more later this year but then I am developing a show for NBC so I'm gonna stop -- -- do that and then. You know whatever happens in the summer and president champ spin off to know how he should have -- -- you Michelle and I. I'm not sure you'd stand -- really. I think -- -- I can't just wait seven years ago -- wakes up every week for a black out and we try to retrace his steps so what happened. Jennifer is quite an imaginary being there -- of the protests that would would be because people can never take anything not seriously are you -- or maybe protesting -- left. And there are about waiting everything away off and boy we -- -- is one of the funniest and the whole lot of that was based on a guy knew. And the waiter for -- the manager from waiting yeah. As a young guy who I've worked with in Chicago. Do you -- Jack Kennedy did. I do as an up if they act it doesn't help now not only that. -- and -- manager at work -- your releases that somebody everybody faces yeah touch pack air from the office he they based on anyone know that's is based on the the original versions. The UK office whose church group Vinci he handled his own horror show boy. I ever plays an all -- whatever the. -- -- Yeah. It's clear sentence I love regular lineup who we are continuing our strength has always ironic and that's right and now it's easy to play turn now pat has gone so high as the as anchorman change your life and as any isn't person. I guess I mean this tsunami we use its three weeks old so yeah I don't know what to do the gesture was certainly there has been doing -- -- Yeah everything -- Hollywood just loaded bank. As the blue collar guys work and I mean you know people -- the very top did you know maybe some money welfare -- the hero though they they they have they'll live in two bedroom houses -- and -- LA. I don't -- just -- eight million -- -- -- -- -- Israel -- you. The you don't get a lot of real estate for a lot of money we now these these do you live out there I'll time you -- -- -- have finale is a good economy get there's a lot of great people out there. And -- is perception that LA is just filled with. -- and shallow. -- -- bags but that's not the case on everybody and no no no I mean anyone understand there's a lot though what -- There it always -- that would get way too much press that they don't have the heritage dinner yes. But most people he is great community out there out there. Things is tough it's because it's a sprawled doesn't sound like here -- you feel the community of the city that stuff I mean the lakers to be in the playoffs and you wouldn't even know. -- Atlanta had a -- year you know something's going Unita. Just like Chicago or New -- really you know the tower -- tells like that you know. Everything is happening. On his attacks are you on justified for the whole season they saw greatest show tune -- -- -- -- I registered one. That's it is to go unnoticed in on him. What do you what do you like television wise what do what are you what you like -- honest review anything on Nickelodeon I guess we're I. Right now we'll show you this clubhouse day. Or else you don't here's I -- Dora the Explorer to -- or no passage out of them. So I I've kids ranging from fourteen down to three so whatever they're watching is well kind of depend too. It's my my DVRs filled with shows on the ever watch. Religious you know that on your DVR of -- slowly go way the then -- -- -- generation born again I'm leaving you I packed my bags right in the adjustment I can get by beyond well yeah. So will -- will their BA would you guess there would be a third anchorman I don't know will now see this from performing very well. But oh I tell you we do the press junket we would to Sydney would want to Dublin we went to London. And it won't immediately. They'd they'd see the movie the night before they always -- say. What do you think a third of liquid and that's like asking a woman and her second trimester we have more kids. So I don't know that's a lot to the studio and performs well I think they've they might do it and will aren't necessarily big fans of sequels that's why it took so long to do as well. Yeah but the news. That is not what we were talking about it when I was coming out about how. There's not a lot of great especially common realized you know not only great sequels and -- -- I mean I what and I can't remember that discussion but. What was -- awesome powers I gather now as -- Zune is certainly in Friday's yeah Friday's were you know on the route I do I think this one is good. I think uses radar and not slowly beginning I think what happens with the family man who did -- -- Pictures is that there's so much talked and people missed the first time yeah and you go back and this is given the same thing you're back again and again and again you're gonna love as much you -- the first one. They'll also coming out on dvd whenever does out of they didn't ninety day window or or verse six wants god forbid. -- -- -- -- their lives are gonna fire power and yeah there's very complete separate cut of the movie with 300 additional jokes is beautiful idea I mean digital number. In the alternative movie that didn't make the film. -- this film was almost two hours we have ever heard of for a comedy. So that's rare -- wanted to that we almost made this one to week we were lobbying Adam just cut this into my -- -- -- But -- they did some tests and screenings in the audience is like now. Well I don't MIA now yeah we will take your job you gotta you -- you go back to you watch over and over -- you you learn every line from each one -- -- -- and are scared you know -- it's -- it's all kinds of things tucked in the not so really the same thing for this -- I'm sure -- greatly from Roman empire left over a lot of jokes. I yeah now that they it's like you sit there and you're kind of like winning. What did you say -- in that you miss a whole other things. I totally right now there's a ton of stuff and this place goes to -- a great absurd. That this movie goes to great absurd place and you could have predicted you'll know -- never -- -- Now how big of a do she is Kanye West. That is essentially a loaded question I really don't standard are you still -- -- why we don't have enough time with -- No it's not a good guy he's not a guy I can tell you what on our said he was fantastic it was I don't know I don't I can't -- all I know his comic genius wasn't. Well no I'm not that's. But he was he was a complete professional asset. And I tell you are very hard worker yeah because he can only do his thing he knew -- lines all that stuff. Two of the few because -- those improvise. He improvised somewhat to -- He can't he can't -- you you pretty vitality and this he was on the said he has laptop he was working only long. Mullah designing fashion where I was doing John is doing a fashion house's apparent US enemies -- -- successful yeah of course he and that's not -- 1009 on how you get you don't like -- that's okay. I don't I've never met the man -- -- and a daily basis and I'm have been enough of them and I maybe it's what it does not policy I know I was I was nothing but professional kind and nice to done. Was in there. She was sure she was hanging out yup I'm Sheila and there's your beautiful it was a good -- putts that are unnecessary and present food I remember looking across the set we were actually shooting the fight scene. And I I looked over Mosley who's a beautiful woman and as them economy rip you apart they were very much as they -- -- signaled very pleasant yeah in that. That scene looked everywhere you are amazing it is good -- is and it's just there's so much going on. And went to see that Cain knew steam coming in it's -- Jim Carrey's LB with the story it's just I'm yelling at. Now that was all right -- my favorite scene in the movie yes I I. They're available through my favorite person in the election until Flint and iron to average on the puck yeah and I'm overnight she might go back to Hollywood with -- if you want to. A hundred comfortably in Vernon -- your house. -- -- -- -- Hello everyone because now women. Our earnings. And -- say oh yeah are you said not for nothing yes that is LB's signature line Natalie -- the champ kind is ripping off and I. Hey listen I I think that I didn't hear -- right now oh yeah. I'm happy I apologize apologize -- these young -- if it weren't you the -- and David -- -- find man there's only there's only two tickets on the other -- yeah. I mean I -- -- all -- -- -- because I Willis and let me give you a number of 61 what does that number of their 61724897. Under and I think. I believe that correct. Wilbur theatre debut on the well -- -- how much of jokes Murdoch tolerate things of all the years in the great north these yes. You gotta come on it's Friday two polar vortex is on the council who survived. And we're delighted they came by Naseem and I know you're screwed up by the airline's side Edwards is screwed up -- different. That's a good man and I says. I run things -- and thanks.