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The Definition of "That Chick"

Jan 10, 2014|

After discussing the Weymouth teacher arrested for rape and seeing the mugshot Danielle called her "That Chick", we then were educated on what exactly "That Chick" is really all about.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. -- referred to be lunch lady from Weymouth who. Was arrested for having sex with a underage. Mail. As that to check in now -- -- trying to help you define -- that check. Somebody said on the attacks that Blake lively in the town was that check as an amazing example of that -- it's yup that's the thing that's what you're saying when -- say that it right. Blake lively. In the town is that -- collide Bobby. What's up Bobby. I -- aren't fantastic because it's Friday in the patriots are gonna win it tomorrow night that's why I'm doing great. -- -- What's up. Well I call. Our generation yours -- my golf ball and it Barbie. That would kind of a reference yeah that's well. Meaning what -- means that Ken and Barbie there that you you're saying this. That chick is Barbie. Up pretty much be yours it would be defined as the barbies out the one that stands -- Is is rooting out I think it's good -- it's a bunch of specific things and it's you know it's not and I don't want available to public life -- American -- -- she's like trashy you know whatever it's not that it's. You know usually. There's a high maintenance here. Defined that chick is. Hey can you watch my kids so I can go get my hair frosted and -- have anybody that's that's that's -- -- and everything about offense. And think about that Jack. -- -- -- Good morning everyone -- W who I believe that -- you are currently defining Mistress Carrie. I know now. No malice not mr. -- is not on the neck and Ari followed habit. The one everybody had appeared to be a world where -- org or more are very good show yeah. Kirk Bowman a coworker actually. That -- under the dark -- wanted to object of the barn that's a blonde -- the -- -- did he -- I yes she did now if -- -- should be. Purely a term that women used to discover the women are against would you do that Matthews who uses. After. What is the difference attacks or wants to know between hot mess and that check. Is that chick is not always a hot mess OK so it's not any it you know it's kind of near the fallacy of logic eight equals B Libby is not always equal and. Mean she -- India hot mess but and that Jim -- that you -- goes to the party and you know you're getting some. Mean he -- that chick is the chick that -- we shares like the means on FaceBook the sparkly. Stuff and their life quotes. -- I'm trying to -- -- shares though be inspiring life yet or are you more of the day or -- William. Written means with the bad grammar there are likely don't you people nosy nasty able to stand in my life otherwise this is what's gonna happen to a gray -- are kind of it's an get this it like it is going on -- goals on her appearance in court that. I mean it's not that I was trying to define that I've done that while I am -- that's not necessarily related to early -- trying to find that -- Yes it makes you think of that Jack use the you and I have a cousin who's like who who falls under the category that check up like you said. Ridiculous time maintenance like her hair color is -- national like seventeen different colors dark make up -- always impeccably done where she from. Review a -- so that chick from like Weymouth review so I quit so can we define that checked by certain. Geography did you. Larry I know a lot of that adrenaline -- a lot of that checks from Libya that chick is from land. And I'm trying to yards through your Arm & -- Rolodex in my head like and who was that they. Come up with a compilation of that -- what was Mary Kayla turn on that check Paterno wants -- now. That is not like oh it's a school sex scandal. Okay it's it's you know elected the look the behavior of the kind of thing gives a text that says that check posts a DSL be daily. Yeah that there's no she got a cannot check his ousting -- usually don't like it amount to be make itself be out. Only usually in a messy bathroom that's covered in like full of Mac may happen like keynote. -- -- -- -- -- designer handbags like missing my girls like nowhere Wear out yeah that's out with my girls would be out of my girls tagging -- eighteen pitches right back are there. -- -- That -- mean about that you know pick any sort of life being a positive -- -- like this sit if you're girls mean the most unique tag 57 people and it. But what about Jenna -- that charities that Jack -- that's is that not okay -- survival -- -- at tax. That chick usually needs a night out at the club with the girls every week even though she's married I would guess recess yes that yes -- -- -- apparently and bridesmaids and well met young and you know what's in my face what about what about a what about bush twins that now back at the Q -- of their -- -- -- that -- and I left. Chick from a mile. That -- yep -- That check yet here's the Texas says from what you guys are saying I love that -- Am I need not look like when you know they have those are part of quizzes that you can see what your political thing isn't really you know we're a little dog and we can't. Have you ever lost a friend because of drinking threat but I don't think I'll be you want you want -- whole thing of alike are you vet checked. They play you want a four quadrant map -- so it's like you know it's like okay this chick falls into this quadrant like she's got a little bit more money but she's less classy but she's attractive it's like. They need to there's like a whole bunch of different factors that I needed that chick like computer like probably reached that chick is friends -- -- children's friends on FaceBook. Yes back at you. Is that that -- where the suspect is Justin Bieber that check effective -- -- -- What about Casey Anthony that check number that would be it is yeah community that hot Aaron Hernandez's girlfriend. That check protects her a text there was some might be moved maybe he made that -- she's just the -- I want. I don't know I lost my train coming apocalypse I went back and I went back to finish and read my notable -- -- knee surgery has to go to. -- -- Brian and ask -- what some girl would pay O'Brien. -- was going on man. Nothing like I honestly Islamic scholars say again yelled it and they are mad -- anyone ever thought about it honestly I mean everyone has got that -- in their life. Let me see it being your friend you know an ex girlfriend everyone got one needed based on luckily enough to think hard about your your memory now. They where apparently they Wear coats with fake fur hood yet from the Jim -- usually a white cult object. From TJ Maxx baby. And probably my friends let's -- -- that lipstick thing you know that check can be for yet you mean it's usually like it's serious make up but it is serious like and -- -- make -- artist playing a look at what I just did like mpeg -- eyebrows what do stripper who got knocked up by a radio producer -- that ticket -- through life a knock a a couple of now now. Anthony had dinner anyway -- soon after he has been soon it will clear that we're trying to help but it didn't help define the fine snapped chick. That chick still has a MySpace that's active yet. A 100%. Who so she's she's done everything about it. Yeah Bahrain program that chick is always posting her horoscope -- -- faithful Catholic voice choking the harmful posting horoscopes. But that chick is. Probably in love with Britney or her. An unpopular you know liking me I have to go to Vegas to see Brittany hagel arrow down. That chick has a leopard seat covers yet she does she does and she still has an Ed Carty and Ed hardy steering wheel cover them up. As well that at that she they're overpaid port metro park or god TJ Maxx last month. A a hook up. A lot just yet. Everybody says that -- has a ton of animal print items whether it -- clothing or other animal print things and one or two -- actual designer purses that she saved up for -- and then the rest are all -- off purses that are made to look I'm a designer -- but not a -- -- -- yet -- of that chick is that you -- -- we all and go back to her place and she still -- stuffed animals on her -- and hmm hmm yeah I'm. -- -- -- -- That another house that chick has that chick has been dazzled nails does that actually yeah my guide. Mall sources. Not that chick has her own glamour shots photos on FaceBook. That's the magic that she took with an integrated them with an idea that the cavaliers at Texas this crap I'm that -- yeah. At least you at least you're aware of the issue hello friends. They'll land quite what's going on in eight western elderly and not that this. Actually get out of a job I was wondering if you could do us all a favor and give that she's a good job at your restaurant service some of that. Special bull in a soft. A lot of faith and the military will hire if she's I mean do you know if -- Automatic strong drink. We'll get her over there at at the speaking of that is somebody to -- mean tax than -- did you see Kevin James on chronicle I think. And that's not nice I really don't. Christian I really appreciate. There -- he's thinking about how I look that -- -- now having on the article last night if we don't know if you're not aware that television ads forty pounds is now is LB and add slightly to forty. Something like we're not for me anymore -- at some point -- neck. There -- up with a net. Based simply to put this would be in -- speak at a personal experience at the tender aged sixteen I was with my. My buddies all the sisters friends who was very at the time really. Did it have to be one of the greatest experiences of my life I mean it was will be true described as a young boy's journey to manhood being led by. -- heavy bottom of head up violated LT. Did help. Out a way out of public view wannabe that -- yeah. I don't have nothing new and it's an honor that chick that faked being pregnant twice. Quote virtually no about it she was pregnant pre done better. That -- still wears a bond -- out yet that chicken -- the small dog. -- -- This pretty inside I'm gonna beginning to understand began as saying I'm I'm -- -- I'm I am beginning to understand a little bit more about that check let. Always -- opposed. The interior of the car on the way to work with a Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee in front of the odometer every morning I got to get my -- Here's the Texas says that chick is a complete. Whore and -- the religious tattoo -- Pennsylvania grappling with a trial on a glide path across in the back Burnett who says god bless him or she. Insurance. That it is a pink chatter. She is comic and I -- as you can -- hello hey John. They automatically think you or later there are fell short -- expecting. A little bit in the -- that chick. Is -- Not 9:9. I am not I think she is now if I were I admitted minute. That check was a regular at bahama beach club yes I'd like Russia that does not sleep with say she was going to the BBC beat -- all of the mail -- do it Mike Dee let's be honest that -- covers her drinks at the bar. But with a napkin and it. That chick is still driving a Pontiac. And -- That chick grows her own birthday are out. Is there any -- -- -- that chick goes out to the buyer with Tony the girlfriend that she tags in the best -- status on FaceBook and and then get -- with some on the broad. And it's either that chick or that -- friend that throws the pint glass of it okay and that chick is only one the one that throws the pint glass because he's got some -- about the friend like me who just likes to run a mile but can't really like she doesn't want throw punch. That check dates the bouncer -- preferred -- effect that that -- wears extra large hoop earrings -- To these high coverage founding idea. You know a beautiful -- every chicken here from my -- fire that Jacqueline Kennedy and that is eggs that chicks dad is the host the radio show in Boston. It could not he's. It's that chick she's been away you know I. Actually -- the girl gets beat up -- that you protect. -- and you know. I would I would like I have my profile pic on unclear I've got a Christmas Pritchard Julian yes. But in the -- comments -- -- leaning toward the the disrespectful as good as most people have been kind of kind. Well may have to remove Gary sanitation and I -- -- who lives in exile yeah Austin. I'd like to show a lot of people just I understand it's fun people think they're being funny but if you'd hear your daughter yesterday yeah. Hercules or not they're not seeing they're being a to be curbing their being born on American iron -- -- -- agreed to be but I understand us. I hear is this is -- SL Wally. I don't like what's up. So my question for Danielle is in fact go related to the guys. Is there -- that guy. Yeah but we don't have time probably -- fat guy there's a couple of different that guys. That chick could be either related to that guy. Or -- -- ex boyfriend that she physically fights that chick where's drugs with shorts during the summer yet they are Cerf who -- Not -- over them their cute and there Q that chick has five. Different outfits worth over 800 dollars all with tags on them up. That check picks her own nickname like Angel who. And it sets you up on pick up that. That's different that -- still wears a pink tie larger. The group. That chick had sex with Ty law and -- But this and a -- and what can do that should get her own name on the back of the Bruins Jersey -- That chick makes a phenomenal bridesmaid she's always the most done up. Like over like you know in the brides like I want everybody to have the same -- to get an -- she's always like impeccable. Like over the top just everything done. That dot -- take pictures takes pictures ever -- impose them and says look at my -- there progress Hanks Jack progress photos. How hurt she is and terrible and how how -- the world is and then went fifty people ask her what's wrong. She doesn't reply -- Is is -- is that does that -- oppose the the nebulous. Comments that you're supposed to try to figure out who she's angry out like does exactly does that chick go. Some people don't know how to treat a friend and -- HI. And everybody's fills it up all the god would have would. And then -- inbox simulate -- -- is everything okay you see that they read the message and then later on and then two days later right they post that and they complain about something I never announced today later they'll -- why can't everyone just stay out of my business -- a white is generally have to be so -- like you're pretty I -- Stop the and have it an average of signing that check. That -- take self v.s that work -- that check post pictures of her kissing your friends. Up. Face to face that -- post a photo every time she buys like a new piece of jewelry. Like you know here's an Alex and I bracelet that I bought today because on Boston's strong -- -- Boston. Thrown a half after that you don't know what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There are -- guys what's up. That's it sound like they're cast -- sure. And somewhat to redirect or maybe I read Jack educates take pitches. Punish -- if FaceBook now and Molineaux random people -- -- that I hit on one of your status as a way to knowing -- that -- up at a you know we -- at at at at -- asahara's help the picture of nails I bring this is just that's amazing that chip only sub tweets. That chick has their hand on her hit in every picture she dates. You get a flip that I thought. To evaluate the -- -- an -- -- -- so it is a total answer got you. That chick is an expert in -- The -- again well she's adept at the corkscrew and there but the. Well anyway somehow we get our -- our map because of the lunch lady and in. In Weymouth who is accused. Having sex with a friend's son who was fifteen. And Danielle says that she was that -- I did post a picture of the lunch lady. On my Twitter feed the and she is alleged. To have -- to have done that LA Chris. Yeah outdoor what's going on. Well I'm Amare microwave FaceBook page and people say that this -- just made that -- about -- that -- up. I highly regarded about it we have the -- out of view. We can both have you who dropping expletives. In the public's airwaves slow -- More and all pretty in. -- bring. -- I just realized after all the especially -- pitcher curt Boettcher that chick yeah that sure is Michael grandmother. Exactly. Is that kid couldn't. Down to ask the ATF -- IDF Celsius yeah -- she is -- that chick always post a photo whatever she's drinking at the bar them. -- And it never beer that. No question yeah yeah it's an exchange cheer Pearl Harbor it's not frozen. -- the shots and my -- it's always a kamikaze or something like. That chick posts asking people to message here and then complains that how creepy it is and everybody -- messages that are going to this text that. That she accused the fake accent when she went through your ghetto phase yet. This happened that oh my god that's my wife. Yeah you aren't that well anyway -- at a bridal shower took cook out what's going and we had that chick hello hey Chris. All one more thing to witness. The flying now I checked. I was wondering and -- professional opinions. But that shouldn't -- topic that matched the drapes. That -- commitments. You've got to -- diet. -- Don't beat jelly patent I am a lot of errant. No not. That chick -- they have hardwood floor. What will be the gentle I'll also be -- yet but she's not gonna show you a picture of apparent until you actually at W juxtapose that -- -- conference that you have to use friend. The trees I'll text you. Is that your cab juicy on the back from her it's what you know effects and stuff.