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Former New England Patriot Matt Light

Jan 8, 2014|

Matt Light joined the show to discuss the Patriots Divisional Playoff match-up against the Colts.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. Final morning. Of the polar vortex. And you know who's whose get Matta town again out of dodge and I hope going somewhere warm. There has called the program this morning and I'm delighted. To talk to our old Powell. Former New England patriot Matt Light who I believe is headed off somewhere are you going somewhere warm -- No dog not -- run it. And -- -- you know and -- do it. Yeah yeah mental -- the midwest where literally. They have to put either -- -- moral cramp or an editor noted that there and so freezing cold back there. People will vote tomorrow. Well you -- like -- off the grid. Survivalist guy anyway so you're probably outside without a jacket -- and out in the frozen tundra and communing with nature and I ask that you -- IDC -- -- Yeah -- you know liberals and huddle and speaking of that I don't I don't know anyone else caught up in the world could you should steer them. -- ridiculous amount time they're talking about it got him back. That's been molecular. Amount of regret that I know -- don't know and nick nick dodge -- -- -- and Mick -- and didn't -- and -- -- this is the -- -- -- -- -- On a sophomore Clint what's it Dylan and send your opinions and -- since. Dubbed this region. Growing up in the Pacific both work from little lower end. You literally walked away -- -- under trigger could go live. Coke in the middle know that he's the sport into its own so he's unorganized many. You what they walked on the whole. Thing or that's the. He's. He's like the real old. -- natural man he's like is like that guy only he's got a television at the. Or corporate Iran working. Scream. Oh. Quite formidable -- paid by the way what did you did you offer some support for years you're the year -- dynasty brother and then on still Phil Robertson and now thing you know. Well look I -- I think about sure. Commercial and -- -- and in my over the a loud rock -- -- a nation you've been to a double overwhelming all people. You know really -- all I didn't want people should look at what -- you know let them. And and how that would actually here local interest I think everybody. The respect for the other guys next round or pro. We understand that world outdoor market in we will encourage you know the government that ultimately let it go away the guys you know the pretty good decent human being and in this state villain ducks. That would maybe. -- I was interested because I was reading this morning not a single advertiser. Dropped out of -- dynasty and in fact the ad rates went up. And that and the ratings have gone up now that the show is -- excited obviously it was it was somewhat interesting to me. Mr. like 'cause -- milieu you know that that -- guys and then you look up to them so I was I was glad to hear that I'm very glad we're. You know -- they normally don't -- pretty -- arugula but you know as I think we. As Americans. Reminder of the car on a daily basis -- -- -- out there look. No provision of the power and fortunately. Well you know we do ban together and speak up for what we believe that we can actually -- to tie the victory. Old out -- it it sounds very gather this morning for a guy who's traveling with the Stanley and putting up with the yelling and screaming kids and a third that. Mr. Obama could very open in the public -- forward now it is obviously chilly but there are a lot of people leader of things he. Effort that the security -- governor that's what every five seconds or thereabouts about somebody -- -- -- collapses all your particular. And -- -- a -- for a number not the Mattie they make you strip down get naked in. I mean let me know what what what what Google -- her record -- very -- -- water struggle like god forbid I have a -- in my pocket I mean I had god damn corner man. -- that much money on them. But you. I can't believe you -- your beer for the game. But I don't go back -- and that he and that particular night I got to go home. -- watching the couple monster here collect -- -- go -- group. -- And so much of that much that he'll repeal all these giants come back home and enjoy what's probably going to be. Or the fire and growing within an illustrator. W got bottled water or well all but it is a lot more particular shoot three years ago. Will be better ball appeared to have if there ever exciting -- -- them as. You know that I do they have that whenever I think dispute that we are doing -- all will be a bit diplomats. Asked about data is now that the playoffs are here a year year getting sentimental and sad and -- and missing it more. He you know. Yeah he you don't really remember you know the fire veto all the quarterbacks that are supporters you commit to make big plays but. All the back and welcome agreed to -- and all the little thanks -- regular student but you always have the memories. You know both of them -- and and play out all the big picture as a -- and it my business can be a problem. Well when you think about think about in all the years that you play and everything the guys went through and anything about what happened this year. -- it is. Will fork going down the Mayo going down all the injuries that that those guys had to deal with -- at what -- where would you rank this season. So far anyway. Maybe he can make it Julianne but now when it comes to to Tom Brady's career. All of them at all he's concerned about. I think you can never. -- I mean the -- reputed you know -- so you know look look older certainly look at what receivers and I didn't rock spectacle or two years. You know -- -- he's welcome with only the guys up front due to injury as well it will work great -- up and done you -- -- -- -- European over 400 your New England but you know and all these things become a figure a look at it and they go all the way you can do that if -- -- just unbelievable amount of focus and and dedicating yourself to warm gold could be better. And then you guys are we are Mario you to get -- -- on November. And December and obviously close all but you know what what you do individuals that what makes the team would reward them and gold and I would be it. All the things that will be you know it is just want a strong traditional leaders that would -- him feel like you have to do more. Because you see them doing more all the time don't ignore it click -- You know look don't look great but it you realize that -- editorial about you know back dedication. Well former New England patriot Matt Light our path now on our show this morning. I -- there wants me to ask you about. Deion Branch who we talked about yesterday is that they do should move to sign with the colts make yourself 26 grander whatever sleek and and help the colts beat the patriots for a week. I mean and a hard time on because of the year. You know but respectable but they're from but you -- you all your fault people for. They're trying to earned income and an important realize your opponent -- One -- Itself without them I think -- any chance you -- a player drug -- quoted premier reader remember that. In a -- public any motive of business. You know. It is beat these people's action you know wiped off especially. So if you record in the period -- -- for whatever circumstances. I think you take it. Right so you're saying. If the colts Phyllis that you're available for like five grander whatever this weekend. Then with some that they have I think I've pulled my. My card a long time ago and put them back into the little older than nerve root -- them and what we would put their bottom of -- note. -- you know I'm not on the being circulated anymore anywhere ever. As the is being outside the patriots have an advantage because the colts play after games inside your people's. No I'm and eat you have to look at their problem. He did you do bigotry yes AM. And I get I would say that. Some effort to ever. You wanna do what you are used to doing them more comparable patient rights so. All the more comfortable outside yet they go where there and all yeah of course target submitted different ways. Some included an Al I bought them to do it away I mean. -- -- -- -- I think I think compared with a -- it -- -- back -- You know every year all the corners they've been going all of law and -- -- bloody you do it before and called -- and -- are comfortable. Deal and by the way Texas says it's amazing how human. Ex New England Patriots players sound after leaving the Bill Belichick -- -- I actually little dirt there it's good express Olympic. With lemon it does that bit about my security decode it well I mean but I have gotten off to a paramedic. Every -- -- adventure anymore which is great news harper government government out. Yeah I think everything unanswered question do you like look around and see people making golf everywhere -- went around the corner at Logan Airport -- that trying to understand -- giving away -- -- chip. I mean amazing you don't you don't treat Cuba Baretta variant that buried in the piece of that that they put you in like everything like -- -- part of my wife for -- -- feel a part of that that. You're -- automatic air you've been there for so long but the other apartment that they're. There -- that makes sense that I could group Volvo car all this government still look you're given the go ahead sir your marriage and that the other. It's because the district that's all. You you do gonna wanna keep around develop the a true. All right we'll -- had a caller right now. Pats win right. Yeah I don't think so look at it and it's become. I think with a lot of energy and -- see him you know I think there's a lot of -- like the makers of great decisions and then they've they've grown a lot -- think that there hungry you know I always like go public in a little bit and you know look at -- -- -- -- -- -- -- like stepped up and -- the whole bit that he -- that maybe they could soon. Maybe the oppositional bigger debt to do more than it typically do and politics seem like. So I think -- home. You know being beat Oprah -- -- develop a cure. Problem or are ready but -- -- that they do know a lot about exploded you know. Over and over over the years he's gonna complain and they sure they know about so. You know took out about them going to disorderly and it'll come already. You know I think. What you -- we're tortured you'd distribute more those little later and again and so hopefully come up where art. Do you think about chargers Broncos. Mail order crew group amid -- at the last week here enemy who who knows what to expect them to play well. Good to get term in order to go to college here in America and you're out here and you open up a little bit this year -- -- -- -- pretty entertained. Your football Tuesday that he and I think that children and will be. You know open resolve leadership aware that I mean. You know offense to keep pace that they they really do have a shot at. While there may we're gonna talk about this though later and after 8 o'clock but there may not even be a Super Bowl because there's a guy who is suing. And once an injunction on the Super Bowl because no regular fans -- ago. Tell I thought -- -- he has that this talk about the the nation the policies the guy's whining because there's no regular people get to go to the Super Bowl so sorry but if not animate or there may not even be a Super Bowl this yellow it's gonna -- outside do you think that makes a big difference. You will -- being outside here I mean there are. It's. It is we will definitely be ideal -- big games ago so bureau and I hope that doesn't you know you'll worries -- -- -- -- excited about -- York's -- do you know Obama a lot of hum. -- really emerged that there was going to be New York steroids so -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah well look from the is that not enough -- open. Exciting warm and inviting like leadership or ownership. In the middle four degree weather -- -- it's gonna be awesome hey listen to collect before you get on your flight how's your -- to dealing. You know what killed doing well you know we're well. You know really excited to go on and through this year and you know we weren't a lot over the in the last six or eight months and then to be out -- then doing limited Austral where they were with the support -- We're getting traction merit given more play a little hope would be expelled Richard inflation cruelly. You know posting. An actual state ballot expect fuel approach to life there truly -- or work or spending it. And you know people love the product is great director great alternative to -- with a -- choke all the good memorable world well. Yeah if you wanna if you want a low calorie vodka and you wanna help Matt Light and his Spanish children because there they're struggling then you can you can get. You can get -- correct. Yeah -- at the -- than it is a balanced. You can you do like argument you go to beauty yes billion like I'm spoke report card and I know we're all. Well listen I'm glad you called great to talk -- how we miss you on the show you know that right I mean they -- I see is secured your whether it's very nearly a decade self. We miss hearing from me. Well I and I understand and about a web of -- spirit that songwriter. -- -- saw him there and bought all of our years yeah some go back and what you -- want to sort of middle some point in the near future we're gonna. -- will let up poppy what are religion Mark Mulder who we -- a lot of. Who would like beaming like -- go buy it like it could go economists numbness like a summation of our relationship -- the song mr. Eric will also elect a -- -- when -- when a singer -- breaks alien does is chip believes in me now it's like health like every Taylor -- on yeah. Exactly -- that's exactly did I ever got. Perhaps something we're no longer want to look at my -- are you -- -- -- very. You know quote Obama now I can't -- I we'll get working on that we -- pleased. But -- we -- -- -- from below what reporter started rhetoric maybe you should give us a loud. Logan Airport mustache and to freak out Homeland Security before you go. That wouldn't be here if you America would know what a beautiful. I. I brought it to Tyler have a great -- -- -- a former New England patriot Matt Light to. Calling for a sure victory on Saturday for army everytime I -- is Clinton and commercial I feel a little -- I don't know he does a great job and that commercial so dramatic on about holding flowers that.