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Nelly Carreno of NECN

Jan 7, 2014|

Nelly called in to teach the gang what a polar vortex is.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. And I promise they'll be yesterday that we would learn something about the polar vortex today. And who better to learn from your draft then the very beautiful lovely and I should say intelligent -- terrain -- from New England. Cable news who joins us this morning here even though we had to wake her up hello Nellie. And he had very tired of that and they're Errol extra. -- I'm -- Well she was she you know late night Regis she works she's not a night now and doing the weather and I senator attacks in woke her up this morning are you still by any chance in bad. Adam. I am at our background our cars just reduce these divisional we're we're -- right now. -- Holler your voice yeah how I mean I assume because we're in the middle of the polar sport taxi wearing pajamas or something like that. They're going to blank. A bundle bundle up nice and warm. So listen. What what exactly is the polar vortex. -- It basically called -- they go well. Of cold air that usually in the polar region. But it. Spilled out because I ran on in picture don't hurry. And look like Eric Cambridge god and -- -- extremely cold. Pick up and -- well I am the extreme. Eric and the fact and it's coming right always every wing -- she hit it -- that -- effect on the -- you know go. Like media talk about it is that really cold night. But it basically -- called area in the -- -- I'm a little piece about it which is what happened here. Break apart and error what's happening -- and Arnold -- -- first 2009 that the I'll. OK so it basically is normally like this this misery is normally only in the North Pole but where we're getting now here is what you say it's all old child super super cold there slows -- yes would now that's cool. Been on a moderator. Asks me that a lot animate at their temperature and you know not -- decade. You know like. Breaking records at least called -- -- week. This is basic -- on that and get offered to -- -- -- but it's going to be very cultural. Only in eighteenth -- -- beautiful. Now a Texas says it's also known as the polar big is that accurate. I can't. I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She she's like yeah I guess they united they call it a polar vortex has its record to cool man you know tonight I think these things have been happened on on how you after your -- -- the media starts putting in Maine to diamonds aren't the big -- got some guy in the midwest going you know once common Emeka -- exports -- -- And I have -- -- out amazing that your little. So basically. You're saying today is not the -- -- -- I bet you got it or a week and we'll get back into the -- I out again and I thought it hit today and tomorrow advocate Colbert -- only. To -- 28 and nearly into the 40 so it. It's patriots game it's not going to be polar vortex that type temperature no -- -- and what -- good news again that's a good for a all right all right Nellie coming out thank you so much for waking up I know. Act and we miss you we didn't use -- you deal right here every day if you're late to stop -- It's -- What -- -- oh yeah. I've got let's Dylan's camp. When I just learned. That that pretty exciting is to make out to the microphone would veto that -- -- -- on -- an accent. Nellie needed to be warmed up their goodbyes and LB was expecting you know I'll be right over opera than yes.