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Inside The Simple Male Mind With LB

Jan 7, 2014|

LB tackles questions from our female listeners about what goes on inside the Simple Male Mind.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. Real velvety. Are very for -- about to go inside the simple -- mind for the very first time in 2014. And I got a million text messages self -- I don't know what's going I don't rightly so their Christmas holidays and you had -- -- -- UK Smith and being with -- York up yours. So here's the deal ladies. If you've ever wondered why. A man in you're alive does what he does your boyfriend the guy you like your husband your co worker. You're ex husband. You want to go inside the simple -- mind with the assistance of an expert now is the time text that question to. The WA AF text line nine -- 710797107. And relay -- and ship grew Lyndon byers you'll answer. Who is complete honesty. On behalf of men everywhere are you ready elevate got a -- coronary care. My husband is constantly asking me about every guy on my FaceBook page most of which. Are just friends so there's this is annoying the -- out of me yeah. Please tell me why he does that's why you need to know is password on a strong. Well maybe she doesn't this woman some. And I know you know she you know she know she is she only asked to give it out yeah. Right you know she has is she has his bastard on his FaceBook now. And a guy insecure is that what's going hard spin on any course as he -- jealous visits Saudi Arabia are all guys are jealous yeah our guys are jealous. That it's just we were born jokes. On LB I have been dating stand for the last six months. He is a one position -- Yeah missionary yeah. I -- dry and I have tried to find ways to get him to mix it up but he doesn't seem to get the hint that he can't give due to Olympic glory in North America there are on the way out -- a -- got to toss the dude sorry so stand that needs still. Listen I don't know a little -- listen the only people that are in law of love. How awesome sex if there's no sacks if you're gonna be divorced. So so sorry. She interviewed just stating I guarantee they have a trade up man as there anyway that she can she's already tried charities that she's married and you know made him wouldn't -- him because she just -- maybe grab an -- the -- about a -- -- the maybe trying to threesome. On Reinemund notes and I like that and why do you average. To below average guys think they have to the right. To pick apart -- women's appearance at at at. -- guys. There's a window could put us where the breadwinners make the dog and then in the -- -- if women Wear the breadwinners you guys to you guys didn't get confused free will and have to find that we have but you know until you sirte in the more engaging and not pay the car payment and do all that good stuff. You're gonna have to take what you get -- as I can do that are concerned I feel -- that's just the wicca. On. Married twenty plus years in my job my husband would rather masturbating. -- me why I don't know your height your weight my dear I. The united argues won't show. I mean you aren't funny sentence may -- when he when he comes home I. It's -- now. That's -- our doctor ordered just everybody else and I -- put previously served -- -- the -- well he's sleeping in the office to get better come as I don't know whether it gave everything stuck him in Canada. I -- I wasn't room. Very soon. Last night my boyfriend was drunk during the game and let it slip that his friends believe he can do better than me. When we started dating he was broke jobless and overweight and help them find -- job getting in shape and better himself and now if he doesn't stick up for me with his body. -- wow -- broad bros before. Chips as the doubt that DR Yan aid that that's it that's so tough Q did did did chicks inspire heavy fact garrison. Get a hair transplant lose some weight feel better about themselves and and they dump -- -- sits that's what guys do it's gotten some guys are -- some guys aren't. Love Jeremy obviously now. And I guy -- guy I have been talking to refers to white wine over -- dump them. Now anonymous for the man ever meal ordering white wine. We hate that basically. I don't nice and I still agree -- but they're good he would have Bob Stoops when he Gartner the pro -- event -- regarding my belly that opinion on the first -- -- name -- -- you know ridiculous bill doesn't regard Israel without mentioning you know great -- snapped a -- -- available -- I snapped my order limit -- addict with a -- here right. -- -- -- -- -- You know he buttery Chardonnay and make sure I don't want for me in this will start real lemon pepper chops and I'd like you may see assured me -- -- How -- get my boyfriend to stop being so needy and dependent and emotional all the big shot him off. I just just show my sex sex does that answer anything you know look for guidance. For guys -- guys -- you want it any ladies if you want anything in your man to change from this shot tomorrow. -- does this show modest guy Taylor and I immediately but by. -- I needed him. I -- throwing your clothes and amber Dolly made -- the betting more. It's a pain in my asked. They are working eight hours to I get second -- we do now for -- just like you know when I come home. I -- slam a beer or -- or get some bills just like you I don't need to be -- reviewed your goddamn closely -- -- are doing it. No not a no no no no extra I don't know extra extra Zealand now. You know -- on. Let's -- -- on I -- I work in a corporate office environment with many mid level managers at one of my bosses drops by my Cuba to chat once in awhile and he always has an erection. Wow I can't help but notice because newsstands right from Asia and its products is our level based on my chair height. I don't I don't wanna complained HR and seem like a baby -- I get this to go away you just -- you just got to approach him. And we are just born into the -- Google going to bide my that's. Up in just. Well Dana Perino and I I mean not not be goofy reach out. Being given the flat. Great great great on the rental rate on the yes I did make contact Diana -- the guys the guys say he's got this act to watch your team with a Boehner I mean give the guy credit rating get a border work. That's an idol and any good direction either she's gonna get fired or he's not -- -- -- That would be great that would that is agree on right they're just three Joseph Connolly -- little this. And when he's they would -- that just thinking about I think that if that would be great imagine we gotta be freaked out. My boyfriend takes -- -- in the bathroom every time he showers why does he -- perhaps. Billy the -- -- over there. Multiple multiples are multi multi multitasking. While he's on you know while he desired you need in DOT dot com then I mean maybe next. Maybe a while maybe you'll maybe you know works from the shower me. Neil goes on you porn multi family starts are the shard or I mean now there's a lot I mean that's. -- victory I mean. Would hesitate before everywhere and -- -- -- right. On this journal we need. Do you when you and about -- tariffs on now when you go to the bathroom -- -- -- in the as a sword to snoop through. That's what it is really exciting the phone so that nobody can now that you're making us think and it didn't lose time -- there why can't see. Syndicate -- like here's here's another thing for guys. If you have a cellphone anyhow and -- in your cheating on your check. -- a bunch of naked chicks born -- and put them on your phone and they get the check that you are sleeping with -- get her to take a naked photo and then. Jumble that in with the other -- -- that your your your your girl would know or you could go -- what they're just born objects okay so basically it is one you're just disguising here here here did -- disguising your side -- as an artist and he's ever get busted right correct the problem is when you forget to delete the text well is this again. If there's one of those say too much information as -- you know once you language -- ask you questions you gotta be simple keep it simple stupid. 603 tax new man wears skinny jeans successful and confident looks -- sometimes I hate it. Tell him or dump them. While daddy used Tom hasn't yet -- just Panama survived loser loses new GM Europe yeah they're innocent equities offended and what if you're -- -- guys guys. But that is held like what guys were good guys will do anything for sex so it appear content you like everything except the skinny jeans to say -- No no no sex and are structured and then you lose a skinny jeans he'll -- skinny jeans certain. Why is my fiance suddenly a one -- charmed. He was great for the first year but now it's maybe five minutes. While I I guide says something's gotta be wrong with the big Fella via memories trying to get -- as well that can be -- can be you could secular or -- my guys are -- marrying -- asked him. I think I mean how off -- haven't sacked army area -- -- once you know once a week and then that's initiative. Our rights. Last one here believes about my boyfriend and I spent Christmas to both of our families. He was somewhat distant. Let out there as there always analyzing whether you're hesitant to. It was somewhat distant when we were at his mother's house. And said he wasn't comfortable with PDA in front of his parents. I heard to a friend that he told his family I was a friend from out of town who had nowhere to go for Christmas. -- total what is o'clock o'clock o'clock O clock is not how I think the hockey -- I guy I have been the guy who lives in just jumping Jack filed a polling and now anyway as easy as this well I would I would hazard I would hazard a guess that he has another chicken that parents know the parents the parents now I have and and that's I said -- actually lose lose lose a kid he's what he's multi chickens. There have after the attack is that it can you imagine I'll achievement -- I'm just it's an extra money to a climber buddies thanks renounce them. I here's a 508 texas' LB just invented Kamel born yeah that's -- -- invested -- like camouflaged literal meaning this camel points. I LB thank you that. That is they weekly segment here in the show inside the simple mail mind. Who is the help. None other than the Lyndon byers.