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Word Games with LB

Jan 6, 2014|

The morning shows new game where we discover the meaning of words in the English language.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. Here's the number of all if you would like to be on this morning and back right now. They have fewer -- play our new game this morning words with -- LB I'm sure you played words with friends. On this particular game well well well because it involves -- I have no idea you know I mean give them socially and -- your social don't know Jelena gonna. I don't know you usually have a lot of -- and I am -- Road games on your phone owner -- you know there are ecologically. And -- social I don't even know you're talking about I had no idea of merit the death. -- been there is this real game well here's the deal here's -- -- you don't know you've never played words immediately whereas in knowing you have played any game that's not what we do it councils around times that. I'm so very very simple here we're gonna get fuel you end LB word and we're gonna ask you. Where do you believe what you believe that word came from. How -- that word. Come out to be used in the form. In which it is used now it's a kind. So the number to call is 6179311. AA 6179311. A -- And if you win you'll will be lucky enough to get yourself a pair of lift tickets. Four or watch used to mountain -- tell them. The skiing is always good on our. Always good out there. And you get a couple of the year through watchers of mountain if you are the winner today of words with -- -- but he -- -- Yeah. How are you Tommy. Cannot be nearly as say -- Or you know allowed to say -- standing anybody had a happy happy new year I think he's fine where we're. We're either from Tommy. -- -- an -- whom what do you do. And okay excellent since you don't were 80 you don't indoors and I mean not not like lawn -- Portland fire protection measures to connect. All right so you know I understand how the game works every. Every word comes. From some thing however the meanings of words can change. -- Asking you to determine. How this word where the current meaning of this word. Comes from OK are you ready elevate -- tolerate -- dead. Is word. He is. Do. Okay -- -- Honolulu blue. And -- Now -- of course referring to the female breasts. If you had to guess. Back to how that word seem -- mean the female breasts. Where would you guess that came from. And in what way and and and and and really I mean this is something we have to think a little bit about. But you out there and Indian -- knows this is called the most the as a model ideology of the -- Maliki as the -- Guess it was a case I I get a read every I get a redo because I meg when you said word -- -- come from -- I would automatically think. Way way back in the day yeah there is stumbling bumbling idiots. Of the town of the office was a boob that's what lies like but don't let that go to be it to be referred to as the female breast. Because they invented the Barack got some of the because everybody always does. A dvd. Now. It wouldn't be calling it. Non anonymous stuttering don't know on the federation the alliteration and liberation so block and what goes and Robin a boot I was so somebody that. Came up a -- -- yeah he's nothing is really I mean does that. That's really -- he gets his again is that the reason I never appointment -- not exactly the directive reason and I went dark that's probably what -- do you have -- guess the. Oh yeah yeah against yeah. College oriented towards the same thing it LB but boob is more slack now think it's directed. I'd like I don't think it comes from the word bribing -- -- was -- brass. But I definitely. EE you'd think the word rock comes from the word yes -- -- yeah that's -- I. I don't know -- that's in claiming but how does the word moon's color okay and we win that's what we need yeah. You thought -- we're -- -- come from. They don't add up at their -- it sounds like a blue. I -- -- -- I mean I would say you know I -- Egypt's. You know slang and if he were no word -- And you know -- regular bear -- Lagarde and -- her ahead followed. You know -- useless whenever I -- on the bag. Also upset that he didn't say the so you know I'm and I believe he's up on an intimate talent have this this. But let's -- in these guys are gonna tell it not that far. And and I may give points Khatami and of course LB I think what came the closest. Out of two of them. But -- evolved from the Latin word. Hoopla -- which means little girl. Okay and apparently. The the word -- Under the little girl definition of -- B of course used to mean stupid or childish person which you mentioned. Which was derived from the Spanish word Bo Bo and it turns out now. While that that that I had that banner that blue -- was shot I -- to talk. For breasts so that child to that was that would be the the kids -- saying. -- be based on a bow -- and then based on the hoopla. The all -- good. Sly word from kids anyway yeah right right on it is -- is that we're almost there are a lot of it was almost every club that comes from but again you know I -- I go back in and I you ask me who -- I'd I'd I'd think jumper well you know the only is that short -- -- version or yeah I got to come off the hoopla the -- where your Gucci. We've got up to she's had a nice jumper that -- -- that kind Tommy hang on and we'll give you rise anyway.