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Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins

Jan 6, 2014|

Normally on Thursdays Thorty joined the gang to welcome them back and to get some extra sleep on the teams west coast road trip this week.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well. We now hear this -- -- business and you now we've made and get tired of practice yet. Not. Much -- Larry in my columns -- -- your holidays -- -- did these these now do you celebrate that I forget whether we dug these both celebrate boxing there is an -- Christmas or what do you do what do you in the white -- -- -- out your day come the two previous -- Do you be good for Christmas. God. But I don't adopt got a -- out to help you. There's that helped by Bob and thereby like that -- double I don't doubt that I thought it would grab myself but suppose. Right let me viewed the FDA is still at this point I mean you're -- NHL star -- the do you still get underwear and socks like the rest of us at. That's. Never really bought myself. -- a million. Is and then I. -- All right guys that hit the bunker viewed. That we. -- we we got adopted -- got caught his. Welcome back and bit one bit LA so this topic has there ever present certain that all of it. That he did know these guys play like do you work him out in the garage like you know take some shots -- -- when or after dinner though. Record there aren't I pictured over there so we could hear and I honestly not to go wearing the free Doherty shared by the way did you get those the retort insurance. Cut off talk. CC sponsors they've got to get some get some cash so listen I know you're limited a little bit but I'd buy what you can say because of NHL rules is that correct. So we have yet to speak do you since it all happened. So I'm I'm just gonna do that I'll get accused. Delivering soft balls in your direction and I'm gonna ask and then you answer what you can -- can't answer a kind. I'm so. The incident occurs. And everybody goes allowed Shawn Thornton he's did a crazy animal he's got a a blood lust the ease of math Manny lost complete control. Can you just tell us a little bit that you perspective wise you know how how is it you know what when you hear people say that does it bother you what. What was your what was going through your mind. Yeah not all of it but -- about -- I was up -- under control it is. A lot -- might view it my at orient. And distraught obviously hop. Oh. A part got a well it currently at the group got out. A lot outlawed I just don't I don't. But should regulate Scott -- Or over to a strong -- you don't. Do our job. How I -- epic are good they are currently -- not. So you're you're trying to do your job. Yeah. You you decide it while we were gone on break last week and the last week that you would not. Go further with the with the with the appeal on this and and I assume you did that because you want to be a distraction of the guys and and you just ready to get it over with. Yes a lot of practically at a drag on. But I might -- got the arbitrator. All the would have then yesterday or Saturday it -- -- -- -- -- com. That is decision nor -- auto taken -- rebel positions -- you don't though we do it so what. You know Wednesday. Thursday back out there it would have been a bad case. But that's unfortunate it gave it their self. I guess the -- -- boxing or get credit Saturday. A bigger. I don't focus and but it focusing on getting ready for another. -- and -- -- -- energy. This planet that. What epidemic but the audit and thought all they all organs just say it. It about all of that figured by don't understand just spoke baguette bread that structure. And I I would make it where you know point on the structure the start to get ready for any artwork -- Now are we go work here to get ready for Saturday and I think it ought to be tied up about it watches that are darker wherever it give it -- two bit. Tortured and -- -- has settled up. I just got a lot. Now when you met would -- men did he know who you where was he expecting like Joseph Thornton. -- I think you. I -- get -- off -- -- -- very. Mediate negotiations and -- Oh I didn't directly -- cover me or. Do you bring them a copy her or like can you kinda like you suffered dunks to -- -- to -- the the -- the kindly brought to -- is there any kind of like body language to me to try to intimidate it. Are not that I -- Where what Jerry. Get some -- All -- Very they're very very action -- and I think. Our myself and Sharon have they all like I don't want -- in the room saw the -- The very structured. A match. Now com. Do you ever doubt that it had the basically do you do you have to pay you'll find authority urge you just lose salary for the games how does that work. -- I just went sour notes every every bit about -- -- -- -- -- -- so nobody. -- because you know -- app but. Our bank bought a bottle pot and I don't know what it that have been. I mean is it -- mean -- like you know which are birdie throw little cash your way here's what the hell yeah. It big -- that -- -- but hey just bought it bought back up but I don't like six other people but -- -- -- heard about -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah well how will this -- are important is our guest. That John Thornton normally on Thursdays but he wanted to come on before they hit the real and I haven't spoken us for a few weeks that he wasn't allowed to. What about what this change the way you play it all going forward the -- Well I must not let all that but not a lot of their idol audience wants in my it. Now are under Australia's. Department it well so hot. -- -- about when and then let let -- -- -- our culture still do my job my job split. Pick up my -- great energy and it'll play at some people. Like and that much. And it was you know again this is me speaking notch on the weren't so than anybody soliciting from the National Hockey League got. It's LB -- know it's you know I like I kept trying to tell people. You know because it do you think -- -- and I was really disappointed that they were using words like. We are cheap shot and slew footing. And and basically it you know if you you try and do your job and it was a worst case scenario it's not -- you left your gloves on he has helmet on. And it was one of those holy smokes the guy's got a class Chan I can't believe I knocked them out. And and and did you get did you kind of feel like wow that that's unbelievable because it didn't seem like given that our. I can't talk -- -- -- let them coming out about strong athletic. I didn't. Aren't gonna get a couple minutes -- -- that I did not I don't know -- -- not -- ought. I didn't. I -- Just couldn't believe that song work a -- they've got to stop. Critical look at my attention that -- can -- Our views. The kind of odd numbers. I'd settle up. As we hate I have tried it first. And added -- my body but. I'd try to ride -- and I step above I'm not stop him. There you know why of course is Erica -- -- I follow up on that right away you know worked out. We talked to few times in. Italian -- that probably don't get -- or. Bet that it -- they are basic. -- never really want that to -- -- -- verbally abuse say packed gym you know title because China. Do something ridiculous. To my attention on and I got. The -- -- I just got actually it is got a text them to go so there was 500 bucks missing from his wallet after that it appeared I think your -- I thought I thought I. Well listen I you guys are gonna attempt to fly out today right. Yeah. There are out so we'll -- aren't gonna churn out there because of the time change we want -- Thursday but will -- do the following Thursday announced that. Outskirts of Nebraska authorities have another year any New Year's resolutions for you. I don't. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Linked gunmen now I'll never forget that time you made meet that boiled chicken before that what was that you you think winning it. -- Is that -- -- machine it was staff chaining yourself not in it you're like don't you wanna eat boiled chicken and rice Panama. -- -- Ballot outfit that. -- -- get healthy food I I've got on -- usually I don't -- typically can't. That was pretty good there over it's loud yeah that barrio kids he knew he was not bad. All right the already good luck on the triple a decent money I expect.