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Hill-Mail 1-6-14

Jan 6, 2014|

The very best of your Hill-Mail messages from over the break and our first morning back on the air.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. Now teach you to -- talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians feel may help. You can't play very good because people don't vote was the best -- -- -- audit. In Belgrade but you know everybody. On WAA. Our tour oh we missed all of you know yeah I'm bringing him home -- it's a long break you've been away from our friends here at W. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My am my good friend the always amazing lawyer Andrew mormons college daughter and her three best buddies -- Look you're 21 and 22 years -- sounds silly -- Saturday. Some talent and and company that sounds -- gold -- central all right how -- -- -- -- -- you know what it -- -- wasn't old -- central I think they got annoyed I mean because I was I was not allowing anything bad to happen on my watch -- to my buddy's daughter you like to -- saw you know of course year old not to drain so of course we knew we -- you know the greatest -- -- idea we -- I -- agreed to Jim -- promotion overtime against before that as well. But. Yes all the after the till he was asked during games we went back grab some food. That degree is far. And I had -- by you know who all guys -- -- -- -- -- -- other -- the -- -- small -- you know us so I saw I got you know got a little aggressive. In the penalty box with one deadly. And bigger feels comfortable I'm comfortable in -- -- you're not our father guy and we were old enough to drink -- get out of my face his kids cute. And I saw are you just you know I gave -- a -- golf. Sorry -- -- or two days not today do you get to wield this emotional because it's my buddy's daughter and I'll punch your freaking lights out right now right here -- Now I'm getting good for Christmas surge now nanny job think again -- -- really I got a great gift it's a really cool thing that my a mother while Lin got firming. If their little computer tags he can put like on your phone -- car keys on your car are you lose -- So you lose that you just a final line belly and I tell you exactly where there hole. That's good for you consume a lot -- -- -- rats I lose I lose I'm losing my mind I'll just put a -- in the back to my head no and then after a -- need it wants to know where I am sure it is brutal going to be one of those you know I we know we know they'll play earlier looking only the the mother in -- would like. I would like it if LB was lost yeah -- -- on deck cars but I -- I think where we're -- it's been it's been now. Ten years. So I think. You know I'm -- mom -- -- will get -- over the hump on that I bet that they've realized -- -- -- a -- the -- they -- as we'll give -- night she stuck with you and then now they're trying to convince her over and over and over what she's doing the battle loser. Well and everybody's asking if Danielle gut dies there Mariane you're in knocked up over the bread and I'm an Alley and neither of those with the land either one of those sound happened -- -- get mileage on that everybody that no weird. -- you got a new bit would you rather have a baby here in new bag. I ran out of time of the baby you're gonna get it my best to strike an elephant. The kid since they say daddy you love him -- got that feel until and I don't have yelled he's died on the kids now want to bang -- another biblical -- a single child re going to be ninety when the next now I just as I -- -- you're -- blessed enough or not and if I win the lottery. I EU -- give you five kids but I can't afford -- resilience -- and I know you've got on the bandwagon too late I've got I've got to mentally. I cannot afford anymore a son at the end of solo -- -- I -- well. Let's get who would be very best -- mail message is. The last two weeks at ten days. Whatever lies here at WA AF. Can -- eleven to 4 PM. And now now remain fair. And. And the -- And you're right it's very -- because he's down on New Year's Day. Monday December 23 at 707. Old and. And -- You know. And -- It's. -- And then now. -- you have a lot of time man now does occasionally get a little stir crazy you know I'm home -- -- -- Underneath center for the period. Seven and he can't. All you guys believe that he LAP. While I'm lazy. I doubt that it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pay some people like a best of I would do that if if that's what I thought everybody like -- not it's not a lot of extra work we have everything. Filed in and assembled in the categorized properly it's just a matter of and music is great to strip now of course here we're seeing it work. It's that was the give -- meaning here I might play a song or two here and they don't know I don't know how. No such hell think they're getting exciting music sounds good sometimes knows. To meet me December 24 at 436. -- -- I had the thirty. Yeah and. There. Okay. Career. And that message I love I love it up -- so I've been people drinking I think our ethical dilemma drinking alcohol and other people are big Christmas vacation is -- yeah industrial monster there's only three. Nineteen old man. If it's correct about accurately king -- winning and planning fourteen right here in the single bunker surviving the thermostat. I wanna say. Thanks a resolution. Added I'm gonna play in the black mullet thing and 86 year a great epic old playwright and. And -- -- out he was out an ad by the way -- work more than ten days amount I'm not like you know thirty or forty on the it was out in the -- vests on Thursday during the big storm from there when I love -- -- -- go I let that. They each week you know it's like I love how they try and make us legitimate. Because in the midwest that you know they they -- the storm Hercules. Right I've been learned in eight chances were good they're trying to keep pace are born not where it's easier knowing what -- know that while midwest getting slammed of -- three and a half feet four feet temperatures in the -- minus fifty degree range back -- I might by the way it would. So I was really expecting some big slice stayed home -- the storm and I had had the blower out so I was gonna manage the whole thing Tyler autos also and I went out like. Three times of the blower and landed about two inches on my drive. Well listen you know I -- and I I wouldn't be noted that bird like on the -- sure in you know why some flooding yeah I saw the flooding there was flooding and icing over afterwards and stuff. But I mean it is. Well you know normally we're working during a storm so I didn't realize. That when you get. Like five to six inches now channel seven stays on the air till like 2 PM on -- And they can they have nothing to talk about training and absolutely not I mean they are on. Lovely Cano whitworth -- Excuse me looking -- on they were on till like 2 or 3 o'clock in the afternoon with YLEME. And then -- the only the only photo they showed was the guy in the kayak TCU. Yeah yeah well I think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- While I loved it every three seconds it came on that's ridiculous. And will let them eat -- You're more important how cute are pancreatic. Putter and the war. In points. That wasn't I. I'm a big big Davis coming in one of these days because they have a big event coming up the Phantom Gourmet. -- cheese steak kill them all yeah yeah I don't have as they enter -- hours east takes -- itself. I think DAV Andelman -- and may be I think tomorrow any urgency. You throw throw the wisecracks will grow on and not taking -- of -- death if you look at the paper follow the guy. The guy does charity all day every day yeah way he was like the way we use it was a it was a ride around on his scooter buying toys for kids -- -- that he was out. On New Year's Eve or whatever. Hanging out -- -- -- -- his Brothers and when no one Mohegan Sun -- greatest of his Brothers bloom and he's not. He's not working right I mean I what the what like what you don't know anything. There's -- house and do not I know I guess I just I want I just want people now that. Whatever therapy that he has to have dying gets done. Yeah you know it I mean I. If you realize the guy can get up -- in the morning go get therapy be done by noon and then do every once he got his he's not hurting his -- can't help does meet its stated it well but speaking of is from experience I've had surgery. The ever reconstructive shoulder. You can do it's in a -- for three months there's no therapy what do you do. Dictate perks and drink beer and party and and try and we'll -- let's set the flag. Mean I think that's what it is is people will let people say may be if he wasn't. Gore rocking it so much that he would not have these kind of injuries but I don't let us now that 2 -- That's on the -- on the field I wouldn't you know on that and not just. The record any any human being that caught our snub could cut our football and took that hit it would blow out Ernie Wright and IndyCar yeah I -- I -- how much what party your guy if he's again works the -- works is so hello Bob. And welcome back what's up big bond -- So creepy. A lot flat out here how pretty and I mean yeah how did. -- There's there's proof in the putting right there. That don't you hit the fair weather fans the bust a pro athletes and pretend like they they they really care. It is Graf wasn't in in a wheelchair or with on crutches on on the on the ground or pay for it he -- -- you know your way out exactly what you are and had a surgery and he's as we -- and deal and not a nice job apparently. 720. Me and I've been here Hill Man Morning Show but couldn't help but notice the most people who fought so I credible let -- happen. Once he -- the fire. Broke it. And -- -- that happens it does happen you break your community just for everybody don't don't go too crazy in the -- Do you see that woman com we we talked about it before the show aired but IE saw the replay of the yesterday. TLC has that. Sex sent me to the emergency room shell yes. And did you see the lady who had the three hour orgasm I'm cool it's time for that or that like physical ability to tolerate she can mansion she had. Relations. That we like when people say relations after he had relations whether I believe it's her husband. And her partner piper and her boyfriend Eric earnings just challenged Shenzhen stock yes you got stuck in orgasm the guy get up beaten and laughed and she was still you know now and in the in. -- And so. It lasted for three our our coach she tried to like drink wine -- -- like Chile south -- down she could not get it to stop no matter what she did headed to the hospital. It's like when your you know tickle me Elmo gets us doctors whatever you -- and I think like one about. But like now -- city like me laughing for three hours you don't want to hear -- well that's unbelievable. 7240. -- always New Year's resolution and now poet -- direct about it. -- And now thinks that as is doing well I -- and I -- I -- them -- granted he has I don't know if he's listening -- he's listening right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Twenty -- he. Well I covered so that there's nobody -- go -- Monday without ever accept you know clearly it ain't no real practice. Well I I not like all right here -- there are directory. I -- I. Oh OK okay. And the request to leave his voice on the hill mail so people could call if they needed to spend aspects of Merrill. It's still the outgoing message release mayor -- it's still Anthony parziale hello laid -- a -- The Big Three how are organs cruel and usual Amaechi each country girl have a. Yeah I don't even care about your own orgasm that. Now -- focus merely on and the pleasure of valid. And and by the way a lot of people are -- doubt by LB impersonating a female orgasm nowadays that that's down below that I am them forever unfortunately. 21 AM. Eric Eric you go out there -- -- October 3 Renault. Not cut up -- -- About addiction like. Third -- are every bit about Logan await further stroke of luck -- -- go to war technically. And that -- -- how about that he's he gets stuck here at -- well. Let me ask you this about Mayor Menino do you do you think that he really doesn't wanna take away the attention from Marty Walsh as he said and that's why he's not going. Or do you think get some kind of final. You know -- view. Two to Marty you know Ireland why wouldn't. I don't know why he. Wasn't as well as -- really -- really have a this is David -- -- he wouldn't he wouldn't -- -- anybody in other guys listed as is David plans -- -- like this -- there was no but at the people many of those -- domain has winds can look at -- -- -- -- -- like well yeah in you know I'm not the she probably forgot today was inauguration -- and -- you know the guy's been mayor refer -- for decades and he's not willing to go to the new guys inauguration and shake his hand and say good luck I wouldn't care what that's. In Cairo on that seems kind of petty I think the playoff parachute I would be. -- it was intentional. Now we've yet since we don't think I don't think it's intentional -- I just I just think it's a -- one of those things and I don't think it's an intentional -- to be like -- -- washed up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's great the reason that woman -- collection assure our little louder -- -- they -- try it turned out here aren't we we we all the way all. Now it's. Really -- about it so bad guys yes clue. The -- but yeah. If there was a woman on New Year's Eve in -- Little party foul. She had approached another woman. About getting after it now how hook up and the other woman's boyfriend got -- and pulled her hair and then it'll. The host of the party in Dorchester. Did the woman's -- -- off. On the measure is by the way hosted a party at a mantown. That would close a girl who do well I thought it was a guy and I was a woman -- -- who undoubtedly Stella. Just another New Year's even torture down of course that's mild compared to what what can aftermath Johnny Miller they're partying like it was an icing and yes yes absolutely.