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Best of Mayor Menino

Jan 6, 2014|

As now former mayor Tom Menino heads on vacation and out of office we salute him in the only way we know how with some of his best audio drops.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. Now Tom Menino says to buy today. There is a tradition that exists and in which the outgoing -- year. Of course joins the new mayor. At his inauguration I mean it's nice thing to bills sure Tom Menino will not be doing that today now. I'm he's had it also looked he's going on vacation. Yeah he's -- intending to go to someplace warm ignore these lines going someplace in warm yeah. Someplace where. They understand what he's saying it has -- maybe where maybe Rebecca storybook land how could be quite what you -- they find those tribes every -- a while in the -- Nevada. Maybe that's belt maybe those people would understand but that's a tribute. I thought we would go over. Some of Tom Menino is the greatest moments are you ready LAU bad kid this is great and because because our mayor. -- arrived for us several decades. Not to. A fancy talker. You elected me three times. So you know. I am not a fancy talker. That's for sure. Can't talk enough the ball OK we dedicate this dig -- -- slowdown body. Don't go to the party too early that's a great day on the hang up now. All right here is the mayor talking about a lack. Today we dedicate this black. What shall serve their member. Reminder reminder not. Kind of wanted to you know -- -- -- need the black -- he's like you he should say you know what I meant you don't have to. We think he says after everything he says. And tell and I'll ask that he be -- -- running for senator Kerry's seat should he win the nomination. For Tuesday. I will not be commission policy that -- -- to draft. -- -- -- -- -- animation and never ending Wednesday afternoon -- -- that you're Cameron International but he sure that the guy is lovable lovable. On Erie is talking about Philadelphia. Which is a city correctness -- -- okay in this. And which one of the East Coast states can't hit the hardest. I think here Philadelphia -- the hardest. I. Got up. But Pennsylvania Bigelow did that OL and somebody's mentally I think people always get an -- -- of course Philadelphia, Pennsylvania I was focused on more important thing yes. -- war and important things and hearing is sharing the city of Boston website army. We're sort of judge for the residents of us enjoy. Help them conservatives. -- big. -- posted a web site. Www. Bausch and Don government. I'm not -- I dove down after I got after -- up up up up left. Now on. Let's get down in the nitty gritty. As the mayor says Dubai the we know them we know him well as a huge sports this plea deal you know what I mean -- was he was a really into it when it comes to. The patriots Celtics. Bruins -- Red Sox are really into the sports. The long hot. It's just. -- KJ is very good hard look on those really inspiration. On the drive to achieve -- the Rondo drive that he might have been retired federal orders. KJ Garnett wanted to get it. Our who are there are gonna turn it got -- competitor -- -- it yup yup so thanks to come along today kamikaze -- out back. For us -- green jobs figures. -- -- Is very dry when creating Red Auerbach was hi what. That I -- read our bags high remedies green top sneakers with our millions they're remarkable athletes. -- -- a moment. Fabric and I aren't. And sports. -- checks all the ball. This -- of the ball bear. Florida launch -- -- Mary pass. -- textbook and -- And everyone Varitek split the operates over there at this. And whatnot -- -- numbers without a unit is opposed to Rihanna -- -- -- it was ironic if there really was it really was ironic. Brady has said those wider view result of the here. There -- -- keep him in an NBA as the west front corner. We as well we mythical title we miss that west -- We're gonna get to see him this weekend. When San Diego plays Denver that west Lechler -- run -- -- where problem we are real living. The greatest moments of Tom Menino -- mayor who is done today this is it this is his final day. Tom Menino saying divide. Never done. Red Sox. Player of her groceries. The last. Nine years. More important how to bring back. The road because there is comfortable are you like we did in 2004. And 2007. This Red Sox team please put a lot of pop. -- looked -- why aren't there were a world yeah sadly we did -- World Series got my life. He would read about that we -- the World Series cup. We have Brady. Looked tired you live Tom Brady yet. This didn't -- and they got great guy. -- -- Well -- well welcome war. Hopeful that we'll walk out and then there's little bridge resistance. Boss's boss -- but. We are -- defenses come together. How often -- that's the caller ration cards you know exactly what you are gone they're gone. Duncan will cut -- two great guys we haven't had gone poor little guy now. That's -- and that from -- for not humiliated that he left. All right well there's more that comes from so I guess as the morning goes a lot you bet we will continued to pay tribute to do the outgoing mayor.