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Hill-Mail 12-19-13

Dec 19, 2013|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours before the gang heads out for Christmas vacation.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. Now each unit returned to talk as good. Oh man morning show presents -- may -- You can't play very -- -- it because people felt over it does not -- have thought it was in Belgrade but you know everybody. -- On WA EA asked to. All right no health messages today brought do you buy Cadillac of Norwood at the dealership. You deserved. Visit them on who won the auto mile or online at Cadillac Norwood. Dot com this is Kevin yes hello Kevin. But let's send that the -- gonna post the picture of theater with Serb library to our library and let us. We get during pink -- also at a Catholic school girl outfit our accounts and -- -- and the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We only -- -- pretty woman he had. Money in -- get really loud I. Aaron and I told Google is. It how. Let's take a look it -- -- a fleet didn't even hear another talk about it and as somebody lowering a dog from some weird. The death does and an alligator and they -- that they lowered -- an alligator down they get -- well back now you're sent back up by the way to got to drive the alligator in for the beer -- not a -- now really well and I cockpit video and keep it's meant missing -- Probably -- she's a tough few years in Florida Florida yeah that's Allen's been around -- and -- and -- We're in don't think. You can -- and yet. We all. These birds Rick -- from you can bet her get her. -- and everybody close to Bieber says that he will reconsider that he's being somebody close to him cities being kind of a punk and the he he won't. He won't be retire now taking some time -- after he needs a little mental break before he has a nervous tiger you have been -- Johnston. -- huge -- steadily for like 34 years I mean he's just a absolutely believe I. Imagine like the average American god when you when you hear these stories like. Justin Bieber is hired. -- he's been touring nonstop. Sometimes his concerts go for upwards of an hour's walk home I mean and -- you know in thirteenth tour dates last calendar yeah that's a hundred and their own dollars. Sometimes he does too long -- -- real. Tired. It is time that -- -- career he's had he's a wee little minute now though the beads he did announce his retirement. Is he going till now. Who knows. I think personally. His. A leech of a mother whose make a lot of money from normal probably convince them to go back and make one or two further -- -- -- he's got got to be. Got a busy it does get a movie coming out I'm not yeah yeah yeah be very yeah -- doctorate well that document area I can't believe he hasn't been asked. The star and some kind of afterschool special or something you know I have to play the saved by the bell that is allowing these guys have he's got to have an acting career and his future. Two weeks before all outlet. Or -- you guys -- if you -- -- -- -- -- thought the only. Would you like a tree -- -- city opera this group of -- the first actual. It can -- correct. -- black. And blue -- He -- a couple of products they're together. -- -- Astro -- but the -- the the ability the 99 and -- product that you know there's been another incident. Of parking space saver rage over in southeast sixty something year old man punched out because he wanted to. Stop a Fella from parking spot that he shoveled out and saved them. The -- says that he can't believe the I was punched. But that's the way it goes and parking space is very important this is the society in which we live Uga may this city could make some money and naked -- charge people for the parking spaces and south feel like you could pay. You want a public parking space to be yours and you wanna own it. Then nine you can pay the city a little a little feet two and a half now assured to now for months however not in my in my -- In and I think. 39 and want. Again you know. You know around that I'm here I'm sick and tired of hearing happy holidays. Could really start saying Merry Christmas you know because it has that. -- -- -- and a half of all I think says -- because I get pushed it and they just for dummies and nine -- The -- well I mean. I get the text earlier from a lady who wanted to go. Inside the simple mail mind whether LB. And she believes that her fiance -- future fiance is going to propose to her on Christmas. And she said she doesn't want to be proposed on Christmas she wants to be through those done. Apparently on Valentine's Day and that data and more is that the day that more women prefer something. We have a good day manner romance of the thing you know leaders now -- -- ready they want to dig set up for everybody. And so it's like well you know we expect the big thing -- it's all love you it's so wonderful -- LeBlanc. I can be spontaneous and it right I'm not I'm not a fan of the holiday a you know proposal. You're not now one way -- I just. -- you -- friend of the family everybody at the dinner table. -- you take the ring now. No holidays -- -- And now. I mean isn't that the those those legal implication is that. If you give the ring on Christmas it's a gift and therefore you the woman asked to give it back of it doesn't work out and now. And it's it's the opposite routes and then it technically it depends on how pretty immature blip that is considered -- if she can I keep thinking keep it but it depends on the state different states have different mandates what comes to returning engagement -- got the I think it. I -- I just I just figure if that's if that's your mindset going in the it doesn't go get engaged yeah we think. Put your mindset going in it's tough cheese but is it you know what's data mining in -- that I get a -- this -- back of it doesn't work out is that Texas as -- -- horrendous woman she is that person thinking about when she wants to be -- proposed -- -- it takes the meaning out of it again. Again keep hearing guy. Well there's no surprises anymore. There's a column like nobody. Father's Day ago the woman the woman has the picked the ring how women's well yeah. And their religion on. For a lot of the guy just wanted to try to surprise somebody and and bring a little. Little spice thing you think he's taking gather some info from her -- sit on. In a letter -- the ring out and then you sit on it annually and you can -- president later. Having June 5 minute -- -- though you -- you have to pick out your -- to make sure that it's going to be one that your popular I was allowed to -- -- does that. Well you already have the other hand low that's big news that the proposal will come over Christmas hello Mike. Our -- without Michael. That one recruitment you and electric yeah that's like. -- And let them want to talk about verdict that the -- of the big eight. Massachusetts oh yeah that's where -- an -- well yesterday. With data what a couple that with the ball like thirty days or pretzels so yeah they -- -- Coke and whatnot. -- -- If there had been the ritual spiritual and make someone make a joke that -- don't want to turn. I think. That's an awful story this story from Pittsburgh and and Deval Patrick's -- outrage about it. Is just an awful story I. I think it's important to talk about it but I hate talking about it because that little boy -- -- -- not only only helped he had. It would appear was the state -- a social worker -- and they absolutely. Failed him. Miserably -- in -- and Mehmet tourniquet that and and sell how who we are in this state. And were talking about spending millions of dollars. To remember bearish that I state house and -- but we don't have enough social workers to go make sure that a five year old boy in fish birds. Is okay. Is that absolute. Travesty. On it's it's a shame that there are people in charge and a did not check on the school boy I'd blame that I blame the governor I have to blame the government Maloney rich. It Greg you just go back to that just leave -- there actually that they want PM yesterday. MI video beyond tracked its cash I don't know what that. -- yeah and adjunct business. Bieber -- and into the junk collection trash business. It continued toward. While I haven't -- -- in order. Is it during the week that I -- I hear him every day every time I called great film well there at that. And then hit some listeners asked me to keep -- on the voice the outgoing voicemail message and that's -- -- that have it tonight at a people like to hear his voice occasionally we'll never really get rid of them he should do like at 900 line where you can call and talk this deaths -- -- While he's out on the streets picking up the trash. 70. Chewed he had. They're beginning to work done throughout my route. Okay that should. Any moral. -- but are you thought you don't usually that you beat UConn in the war on are horrible. And didn't let it well I mean now we haven't gotten to that story yet but if you who have shopped at. A target since Black Friday. Your -- most personal overall financial information is now owned by a guy in in Russia somewhere in the it turns out that that target. Has been the victim of a a cyber attack. In which. Millions. Mile multi millions. Customers information has been lifted since about Black Friday Black Friday adding anybody who's got the target is that there debit card credit card information. Totally stolen. Since it turns and maxed out yet. So that's good news did a great Merry Christmas nine. Some guy in Florida is I guess now amazing year credit card to buy it right -- -- and then on the Internet since some eighteen year old is wizard doing you'll get that he'll get that bill and about a month or so and then not to try to explain it now I I don't I've never. Have never been to Kazakhstan IA and I appreciate the fact do you think that was me but now I I was not dying in a a 47 inch black and white TV over -- match and Moscow. That was not me hello Mike sorry nine neck necklace out. That are out there out Greg let them on the name iron and I. -- I think it is that's always a good way to honor you know most people get Jersey your number retired by Dick -- will be -- -- ago. They are tired of them might. -- -- -- you're retired now Daniel finally literary. Now what that's like without -- -- and I am and I college career and not entering LB won't both the that it. -- -- I have a -- comment about this Tom. So unfortunate thing what will -- -- for us. The mistake we should do apple looking for a lost bad social worker is -- it will -- For years. Because -- about the great -- yeah I always think now yup. And especially Iran. They've really he's out looking at -- but our first. Well Ed you know could grate on you Darren may -- is that I finished you know some people we had a guy call during the 6 o'clock hour who had been. In you know he's older now but he had been in and three or four Foster homes and was talking about how horrendous it was in. How people do it for the money and I and made it sound like you know clearly you didn't but some of these parents that's that they do it for correct. Should. We need to stop screening these people better. There's got to be ways I mean what we want to enjoy grips from black. English and -- actually amend our reaction that -- about your back side by. It it's a way to do what do you have a child that you know trouble and a lot of what. We'll get some well there's some -- off our arms up where. A lot about. Sports the world I -- that sent them all the mine. Or also Obama's. -- get -- you really cannot meet the question gone out of always. To make sure dished out actually child you know whether they hour. You know and and and the this little boy I did the mother. I don't care what they do Wear it because nothing is is two cruel. GA she needs to own up and say where the little boy is and immediately. She is you know and then boyfriend -- -- -- -- the lowest of the alone. The -- find somebody nobody I've met help aren't happy I'm. And it it is it's just. Is. This just horrendous and that it for them to -- for us everyone the authorities did not know where that little boy is. Is all awful tragedy not awful tragedy. -- can any man. I'm black gay people -- -- it and I'm not only a minimal control politics I would feel Larry Craig. I hope for a for a while metal what -- that is very good you enjoy your last eight weeks in. How do you know -- having the Americas the silly unknown -- Believes not a done feel Mr. President we'll see you soon. And Tony can't -- PM. Yeah him down down down down there hasn't found an independent accountant went down the house down. -- at the always run again. They get friends when he -- I mean I give Arizona a -- at it now that TV treaty that I. I -- unbreakable ornaments and I'll I'll hang I have made I have hung -- hanged. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Where they have a certain cat tree on sale for half often felt. Kiddies -- can't treat -- -- -- the big carpet once the total rip off not that anybody wants to build me some of those of some remnants in some way Daniel WA AF. I'm. I don't know how. Several Texas have missed the story about the future -- child I don't know how but. Obama boy in Pittsburgh five years old. Has not been seen. At school since September yes mom. Claimed that he was staying with his grandparents in Florida yeah the reason this came to light was because his sister was in school and told authorities that she was afraid. And that her -- the boyfriend of pride as a boyfriend had been -- them ya ya so you know for these kids to keep quiet for three months about god only knows what happened. I can only imagine what this with this. Waste of human life threatening her with a one out as household with. Like I got -- hell hole you they live in uses horrendous 7:29. AM. -- met their end of that -- my Alley. But I don't. -- what do you think you don't think you want I want I -- it up again. And then yeah. Bruce Jenner got via laser hair removal on his face. He doesn't have any hair he. And no kind of a stubble. It really really. Think you can see he's he's lied stealth guy is day and a half leading me to be able to jog -- guys they go they'll let you know I -- WGC slash. He's going to be out here that a picture like in a couple years of Kim Kardashian and bruised both than their white bikinis on the -- each side by eats. I ride around your body employment center go to. -- that's another guy out I mean I guess cell. So he's getting is Adam's apple. Shaved down Manny got a full laser hair removal on the on the face. They'll love it I mean you know -- probably I mean look he's just been pounded into submission by the female American and experience they make the money so you have to bow down to them all the time. You have to be a part of the reality show lawyer -- -- Or -- out of the family and about what what if he was. He abused by that they've all the girls are likely to review many money series and I'll show Michelle Obama could become a Kardashian girl I'm gonna become I thought it itches on to become the hottest chick on this show what features do the harder thing to him well you I think Chloe we talk about how well it. There's a -- via a multi definitely you'll. Told me he. Told me the ball -- -- clue that the pattern that -- -- -- neutral. And if you that's all I mean you would say keep down on it and the other -- like news. You don't let -- call him -- They never let for only. -- in anything I can do. That then -- the army recruitment fees. -- -- -- -- Cooley we have fewer trucks so but I won't true that we've -- Europe and eight. Then I'll get the respect -- -- -- indicated moved ethnic and other adult leaked that he. Truly don't -- perfectly likely. You're the worst track there didn't hit -- me. Our equipment pitched a nice gentle Merry Christmas. -- simply is listening to the programs. Merry Christmas. Will be on a two week break employer picking up later on. I know of I love him I got it I texted him Monday to see how he was that I got and then yesterday got the old. Danielle is this your number of my contacts apps like you know -- but a drop dead -- I -- Although. I also call them my god called the -- Monday just enjoying doing. -- A lot of hours. I was here first though left a message how is your first day of not working any texted me back later and said. As C news he was done cleaning out the -- -- addict. That you would give me a while back yeah he's got some business here. He's been -- I I did I did love that I read -- -- said you know isolated by day you become a union test may use yeah. -- more he was you know the best thing is being your own boss. Snow day now NASA -- nowadays he's gonna take you whether they snow or not.