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Townie Throw-Down: Newton vs Waltham

Dec 18, 2013|

This edition of Townie Throw-Down putting Newton against Waltham.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I don't appreciate drug addicts at nine towns as. Her home. -- Hill Man Morning Show present and since. -- road now yeah visit hello -- alone. -- Can -- All right let me throw down and up first this morning Sherry hello Sherrie. I got excellent Howard you. It all it did you have AA massively. Long cluster half of the commute home yesterday afternoon cherry. -- felt pretty good about where -- going from. -- now what that hour and a half about it that I. About an hour and an awesome. -- you're representing today sharing their little new -- -- and what do you think of the offensive Christmas display. But nothing like them. That's that's in like Louisiana there's that the family in Newton. Who adds that Christmas lights on their house and their neighbors and sent them an anonymous letter. And told them how offensive it is to non Christians. -- -- -- -- We're not sure you call it. Okay and how old are you sharing. -- our -- representing Newton today. Jimmy is representing Waltham hello Jimmy. -- -- don't you hold the -- I -- -- -- a born and raised in Waltham. -- we're there what street. -- -- -- -- It's outside the law and LB was talking up -- earlier in the morning used to turn up there what's these legendary place to the end delicious toasted ravioli over there. Are well read well this. Oh yeah. Sandwiches over well the program do you into the toasted ravioli you know we cannot know -- on -- -- -- is -- oh really yeah I think their big group what about out of the -- None of them and of course and he didn't Wear these employers gym where you -- -- he makes him an excellent job boast a gimmick since they'll. What does that he Nicosia which -- his feelings milk that too. -- the hey I hear guys whoever wins that Downey thrown out today gets apparent -- -- -- he gave coach there at the Wilbur theatre on January 10 plus. He had an anchorman to prize pack including. Two. Moon passes are ready sharing. What are ready you're mentioning earlier where you live in Newton how many villages. Are there in new. -- what -- -- for I think it. You're correct. Multiple choice over with your first I want to thank you know like when mountain villages like what are they like me in the company. And young -- out and day out on. Jimmy you ready. Yet. Com can you tell me what to. Nor rumba -- excuse me nor on the big -- that power is there to mark the side of. I believe that would be. The like he's everywhere that -- have the report. That is correct they wow that. Apple are so I'm here and marks the site of these oppose it -- no more -- bay got. Which was a -- city threw -- endorse -- -- that the linking itself created that's there and beautiful Waltham. All right we ourselves a 11 tie -- are you are you ready I'm ready. Please not name the largest and that most famous liquor store in Newton. -- -- Marty's and I believe. -- is no way to Leo -- yes it does not in line and on the way back I don't know that is and I'm Don yeah. -- Jimmy there are two previous Waltham high mascots. Can you name either of them. I don't believe one will be talks. -- It's not the information that I have you. And -- are hawks not panic and that is that not the current. Not that could be yours it's in and try another one can you name and on the -- And go out there are no batteries to -- And -- -- -- the the crimson and on the and the linesmen or on the watch me answer is that we are very closely does being the united you know you're there -- engineering yes yes. Our rights. Sherrie this is for the win. I -- my soccer any of the most inspired player we've idea and a little. No I'm only at that TPW guy who clearly was definitely feel like eight questions -- I was only -- and then someone like. I'm currently it was ever write music and in the public. How many high schools are there in Newton share -- -- Policy or is Brian Newton and Omar came up with these questions that I -- you know why -- -- I know I don't easier -- -- pretty -- charter school. No Omar why does the what do you do you wanna read it and what why is your answer -- super charter school that you don't have they built the theater remember that when I was -- well that's the main. I'm not. Gordon knocked it out right Newton -- and it did not -- it. Trinity Catholic as well. -- And -- quote now. This yeah it's you're right -- Hillary this year against the Yankees series and you. -- It your home state of -- Nancy Utley. All right Jamie thank you nice try representing the watch city of all them guys are there are we should we should ask the question about moody street. Jerry hang on to second guess and I knew that year prize and Merry Christmas and yet they got here.