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Kristen Hunter of Newton and the Christmas Light Controversy

Dec 18, 2013|

Newton resident Kristen Hunter recently received an anonymous letter complaining about her families Christmas decorations and the insensitivity of the religious ones.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always on. -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And in the end the news today. In Newton. A family being bullied over their Christmas lights. And I am delighted to welcome to the show. Crist in the hunt of Newton -- a terror. Of a Newton who is a family got this anonymous letter. Saying that there Christmas display there'll -- annual Christmas display on their home. Was offensive. To those who are not Christian. -- and good morning thank you for coming on today. Anger -- -- other power you know there are now you guys live what's the street over there in high -- Newton where you live. -- -- and your late father who is Cambridge firefighter loved the Christmas lights is that correct if it. -- Love it so you guys have. You know 'cause he loved it because you guys like that you put up this. Decorated the house -- Drizzle off style on average every year correct absolutely knowing it ability got -- okay. And so when did you get this letter. We got an -- on Saturday night and for those who weren't listening we talked about this a lot during the 6 o'clock hour. The letter essentially said we're your neighbors. And we don't appreciate the fact because we're not Christian. That you guys put this up in your neighborhood track. Could it seemed like you know how would you like it at least for our religious beliefs on you know. You know would you like I ain't that -- in playing. Yeah. You have any idea who you think do you think you know with a neighbors are. I think we're not really our. Look a little bit of an ever -- going to be somebody who -- into the area. -- -- somebody who somebody who bot like got house. Poured down a bill like seven million dollar mansion and doesn't appreciate the fact. That you actually care about Christmas over there. Happening but yeah. I must they must be tough for those people driving to work every day like -- and not drive past church. I know them. Are you like I mean -- what do you make of this because an easy sell like you have. -- -- a reasonable attitude about it are are you deed does this bother you. About the perhaps the kind of person who has. Since your dad's -- lived there that has invaded -- not what it would get where we are in this country when it comes to. What people care about what are what are your what's your opinion on it. It's ridiculous you know it's like -- 2013. It would help grow up. You know -- I don't get it and I can't -- and really act and it really carry that it could well I want. You know the other support and everything it's like you know what bring it. All right thanks what is it when the silent majority steps up in -- and then you you know you really understand how many people support. And and enjoy the everything that your lights mean -- for the rest of us that. Think gather Christmas holidays and and New -- and and is is awesome. You know what you think -- -- and the love reading the right you know little of everything calibrate how can you -- it down. How is -- guys this you guys like these guys go crazy when the Wendy's set up and how long's it -- to do everything. We think at setup like per week an angle that -- -- -- -- somewhere around can't get everything works you know we got to do whatever medical trying to get together on Saturday. You know I think eventually weakens or you know ultimately it'll get it done. And and how frustrating is when one light goes out and then and then -- -- go out there's -- That I was talking the president. That guy who -- what I like about how well that you're bound to like I've I'm off. The -- about the twelve paid the cuts inside the the so you're not gonna back down that's are you saying -- you know Howard Webb and a lot. Let it get out now. Yeah now what about this -- out of taking the lights informing some kind of day I direct message. To the offended anti Christians over there and -- -- -- -- Anyway that they feel you know. -- don't like it will -- You're digging. A -- -- -- -- irony you know you'll be rated start here early in the neighborhood and honestly I. That's due to your question what's called him and said you guys were doing something on Saturday is that -- What -- you guys gonna go. 7 o'clock we got -- -- on people coming. And they TV equipment out the important thing that we don't care. -- -- that's probably in a couple hours. Off for Christmas cards are you on now so my next question is are you like are you guys religious like are you guys super like super Catholic here. I'm not weird but it capital for awhile but the battle over it. You know because extracting sometimes. So you just do do you do this do you -- -- do this more for the love of Christmas or more for the love of religion. A lot of credit that Oprah. Yeah you're all. Right now it's an honor -- you know absolutely. -- And the news would I love the electric company that did they send over like a bunch of lights that the -- My commute electric it would not you can elect spoke but why do you know they don't robot from -- and that polite so I forget about it at some point and com -- Well listen good -- -- are you going on TV today is that when I just surge now -- a lot slower cup. Yeah I thought David Ewing and I don't know it is everywhere are well known in advance unit didn't Hill Man Morning Show says I want I -- -- -- you movements. All right my hope that from you don't give -- and then and don't let the wind bags win tonight -- that. Going up and then think it is what we love it. Great hearing guys Marty. All right Kristin hunter -- deaths that is Kristen hunter of Newton. Who has dared to decorate her home. And a Christmas fashion.