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Hill-Mail 12-18-13

Dec 18, 2013|

Your best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on. Hand on your schedule at WAM. Each unit turned talk as -- Hill Man Morning Show presents -- may help. And I really don't. Quieter black and do it here I needed it -- I. Why did not want our guys. On WA. Half. Today's -- mail messages brought to you by Cadillac of Norwood the dealership you dessert. Visit them on route one the auto mile or online at Cadillac Norwood. Dot com they only dealership down there. And my buddy Mike acts is running the show so. Feel -- always dreamed of the Cadillac up Mike acts is the guy deceive he's a big fan of this program themselves say hello to him. At Cadillac -- Norwood and here are the best hill mail messages of the previous 24 hours. To me twelve. 21 PM. More interpreted it. I can't I'm trapped upright and darker beard got your -- How you operate no. I don't think it'll let you speak to you can't make it didn't connect the. We'll look at Connecticut now. -- I don't know if you are -- I wasn't I was an NFL I doubt that people are a lot of textures are complaining that they don't understand why. If there is the same volume of traffic. At 5 PM on eighth on and on that a weather effect today. Why does it turn into a triple commute home on a weather effect today no idea why is it taking people. Four hours to get. From. From where they worked worked to their home when it normally takes -- 45 minutes yesterday though nine nobody nobody knows too. -- 9:20. AM. I don't want my -- someone that's a credit. Even -- that they would -- economic work a little too. Larry Craig the is that clear that the holiday they're going here. You dated to lead again and alcohol like I don't by the Syrians. If you -- happy holidays one more time out load you down. AA is I think they make it any more if you say you're just one more. I think -- -- in the head and I plan to open that door. The message that's got. Anger issues like Chris Brown doesn't have a figure easy little bit quiet 23 -- -- You can't play very pertinent because people felt over -- as a after all they've beaten in Belgrade but you know everybody. -- -- -- A pleasant. Winter. Solstice may be is that okay could you wish somebody -- happy winter solstice there or whatever it is nice there now. Sloan School and Ian you're out here can't they get -- -- dot com. And if you call. -- -- -- -- Or call back during regular business hours Monday through Wednesday quote the end acute care the -- I don't remember what we get counter -- or law. I will pay. And then hit a those very -- and mixed hasn't started listening to the show he better -- -- knowing -- -- when it went about literally do that you think that's a couple months. I don't know I don't know that he will you know I think he's so yeah I mean this is so checked out when nobody had so many year people who. Who loved him and who in Scranton who encouraged him every day -- their comments I know what anyone let me give you business I think he misses those -- know them. O nine old. Bob Murray are bad are now now what Eliot -- in built bought more public doesn't. -- -- and they hit it -- bond. And it. I don't wanna have to contribute more but this is the sad reality is that we're down one voice and I have to do it and you know if you like to suggest topics on which I can -- and yell at WA AF dot com you know the wanna work any harder believe me -- I don't mind working -- additional on -- -- people hate -- enforcement -- but no they don't hate -- now. Some of them you know well a couple of Belize on some of that excellent they're jealous. -- that's what my ninth child status you have fantastic dress this is true that bothers thank you people in us they just can't take him. -- You know how I'm -- and -- Would accomplish absolutely -- I think you should have a little fire that's a big way it's what I did not appear okay. At ultra. -- It's -- -- -- keeping track I'm Gerri answering the he's these Rain Man like when it comes to keeping track of those kind of things so he probably knows how many days. We have been in the cluster referee on the show. Twenty yeah he had. Fought well Walt there's eight or -- work. Our life out but he's bad at -- fourteen years. The water to -- It is true I mean. Barbara Walters is 84 she's got her most interesting her annual most interesting people special on tonight. She's probably been working for her. Sixteen years iMac now what we assume that she was first to journalists 120 yes sixty years a long time I mean if anybody could be fired its months it's Barbara Walters. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It really depends only it was a busy weekend at that compound and out but probably I'm sure they did think. -- -- -- Can't we are the only -- -- -- if that's gonna happen after that little -- -- -- Technical. And the message is he singing Christmas carols. I go out again the money advice on your singing Christmas. I give the money. Stinks to lose any. DA about the commute yesterday. I didn't have a little olive -- right here don't you bore out there that. Go home early from work and you call it all -- When that happens Jack good Christmas for the plow guys couple bonus storms here. The -- toward more expensive gifts for those guys pretty good job for the holidays -- we weren't old. Go to bed they don't -- I bought but. Think all right there -- -- -- -- eight years old. You stuck. -- -- -- life Bieber says he's retiring. Hanging in all up. After a few short years I don't -- -- industry that kind of money -- kind of stranded you know did you start your career -- get a decent -- -- -- -- busting -- balls I think this is -- -- I don't I don't believe -- -- -- -- so it was -- and -- a couple of doctors -- now -- what's the big deal maybe that's what it is he's tired of being bullied by the media. I'm tired of being bullied by himself I don't wanna be able to report on his activity though it. He's nineteen years old -- and he's hanging up the golden microphone only going to be selecting just the -- Artists and I should be taken seriously and act more now non an -- now I'm a retiree and a letter to be taken seriously. Don't think it'll -- Hang dog but the record that it could hit it. And I'll believe it people are. Definitely. Her over and leadership not going anywhere. -- over on -- -- -- addiction says malama on what is his mom realizes that that gravy train is going away. She'll tell and he must do and other albums get back -- Appreciate the fact that you take six months but once -- agents do so many million we need to pay for the house's. Son get back to work. That in 21 all. Note dropped some of Sharia the very problem put completely on the show. I love you and -- acute. And that -- inventions. -- -- -- -- we learn a war. Our -- or economic just be heard it retarded. Oh -- tired. I don't know that there's. You pioneered these streets looks -- -- the old man. Don't click continue. Here. You weren't rude like you do -- to pull apart. -- -- -- -- -- And now it. Selena Gomez has be my theme that's one thing he must regret because she has turned into a lovely. Young woman you get a stream a -- excellent I don't think -- And yeah he's he's going. Don't put out I mean it's bribe taking get you know close to comment go. Here's the taxes says jays he retired about six years ago unease everywhere I looked over. I don't -- Bieber is not going anywhere that's at that Texas says. 7:24. AM. -- That won't go up or and then find the little but it won't. Import from the report by the then I won't work. -- -- -- -- Yeah that's the smaller artists and -- somebody. The feed the fuel economy models not so great style. I could have been part of the problem of course it wants that everybody's being forced into driving a tiny little car yet. Because you don't wanna be accused of our gas guzzling. A a plan indicator -- -- and now nobody can get anywhere they're trying to you know in the middle of the snowstorm that's why you know what they'll have the prime my suvs from my cold dead hand I mean from Johnny against Caldwell -- -- -- -- I might be Johnny a could be black yeah and that's about it. That hello hello Eric. I want and why you say what it. Well something that nobody shot at the 82. Or get out there house or iconic all the credit card -- Structure at -- o'clock at which you're predicted. Can't get on out truck driver on our way right now -- to a social wallet. I feel like a couple it would only idiots with the rules here well. I need those people with the roots -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- well -- -- discussing that earlier Al deal was all over me because I had a little tiny little clump of snow on my roof and it was it's a major crime if you don't get up there and get them off of there itself. So. Yeah I was sure to click here now a loving wife what a clean my car -- Before I had to go away go you know I mean I area that would be a nice thing and he has my child does she can you bet it's a cheerleader get up at 3 o'clock. -- she do it in Lima does or does she do it in the same brags that she mops the floor and I was like like Cinderella and initiative. He Jesus went 720. Older. Peter tired he got a tweet they enroll in that. We -- well. -- -- now. I'm up at the. As little -- his big -- hallway and everybody is still hanging -- he's also friends with another loan or cardinals on Rangel to be little. No movies local -- ice -- who has the latest twists lol -- yeah. Yes. Will tends. That we are -- a little -- but that's the purpose. Of the -- Bieber you know what I mean if he can retire irony that the NAFTA. And -- the you know make money -- -- and of -- could -- We will be able to he got his -- though yeah it's always favor those people can't retire in -- leave the limelight -- you know like the intention to ride on of course there. -- without my brother but he too old. Are OK okay. It's great that. And here's the Texas as Greg no garage now I have a garage but Julius. Using it yeah. Jan Julie the wife and the daughter use the garage amount of me and he is very disconcerting -- -- -- knowing your vehicle like -- throws me out of Atlanta grudge that he only thing -- only gonna do you -- he didn't make the neighbors snapped grab one of those cameras driving carpool. Only Adam's yeah we are -- -- your property values I get a letter like that the country and are you getting -- here. Manning name Bartz who just suggest you do this feels like you're escalating. He's. And here's the Texas says that IA I thought they did not allow anything less than a three car garage in stump now. You're grandfathered in in -- can have whatever you -- I know you people like that. Paint -- into some kind of I'm carrying insensitive 1% there but that's not the.