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Townie Throw-Down: Middleboro vs Lakeville

Dec 17, 2013|

This edition of Townie Throw-Down featuring Middleboro vs Lakeville.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. I don't appreciate drug addicts at nine towns as. -- Hill Man Morning Show trees and since you're home. Our needs for road now and ads as an error. On it's. I'm. In and pound room. Stale old 100. Dollars Vanilla gift card on the line today for Tommy throw down. Yet era last minute shopping done who -- a Vanilla gift cards. And it is me Marlboro the verses old lake -- today and art. Is contestant number one hello art. They aren't ready. Hard are you there are. All right -- are fired. And I will learn rule is ruled his vehicle over or has little to do. Art will perhaps -- -- let me get adjusted while we wait for art I don't know what happened art hello Justin. -- -- At bat out get a credit card Merry Christmas -- We representing today Johnston. Are like like all right late bill born and raised. -- -- if you live Q and how old are you. Just turned 3032. Two years old. -- long time all lake and bill are resident -- many give art a moment to call back. And see I don't know what happened -- -- as they'll be mentioned there is. A lot of time. Cluster of scenarios going on on the highways no could be that that is that is the issue what what line at -- on. Artists are part is gone Kevin I can't figure out sign language -- lessons from the the guy from the Mandela funeral that's what is that it -- video card. -- it was marked not art so that name on the computer it was OK so that's why you didn't know all right now let's get your contestant just and it's marked. And Martin. They tricked. The Martinez is my dad and I you know it's an art on the computer I'd I'd prefer to be known as mark. Saw the mark mark how long have you lived in Middlebury. I offered no all and I Lipton and also. Thirty years. My whole Leo -- at. 43. -- -- to say a lot of janitor or what was that. And we should out -- the a police cal again. The last day of the matter nicely who have just and we'll begin -- view when it comes to relate bill. Lake -- was host for many years to a legendary camp. Run them by a Ali great to Boston Red Sox. Are now that is sadly -- -- Ted Williams camp in in the lake -- Justin with a one nothing lead let's see how mark does. When it comes to middle -- which was once known as the shoe capital of the world. Middle Borough is still home to one of the few remaining shoe manufacturers. In the United States. Mark what companies that. Yes -- is all Clinton -- all right we have ourselves a 11 tie during the pony throw down. Justin -- the native Americans sensitivity debate. The apple wanted to high school lakers. Changed and changed their logo. From a spear. -- -- Related dictate the course. But the Arizona hey baby. Yes to just the letter a so as not to prevent any line so this fear was changed to the letter and -- So that native Americans would not be bothered that is correct that I we have very 21 lead for Johnston. Hey mark what is the fine for using profanity in middle ground. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah the right answer the answer is twenty dollars money means you know you know the -- who started that. Oh she's that she's a lot of fun and a I. -- -- And -- you can wrap it up with the -- this one how do you say the name of the high school. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well earned him employer -- here's -- and 2007. And the cheerleaders were featured on a well made it -- -- -- yes that absolutely. You know Margaret you're my. You have. -- -- -- You now I'll ask you one further one coming -- got the win but other there are -- other than lakes Lake Bell. Is dominated by this. Type of land use we have thirty. One that known sites in town. Taking up almost one site per square mile what do what what land use in my referring to. Now this is day like what does well in other words -- still has one of these. We've heard almost per square mile in town what are that. But don't condone it pat pat pat pat pat. People cemeteries. Yeah there there there are 31 the cemeteries suddenly spring you know we don't keep everybody wan smile moans about that. It should have a democratic probably every. I'm Christiane -- wildly out of -- square mile hi Justin marks are about -- buddy Justin Justin is the big winner so. We hundred dollar and allied gift card just that you can use that to shop -- And again merry could turn out over the -- raised by the -- merry merry could did you just say not that he's -- holidays.