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Hill-Mail 12-17-13

Dec 17, 2013|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the day.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. Hand on your schedule at WAM. Let's get news of a hill mail messages now mr. -- And your hill mail messages today -- do you buy Cadillac of Norwood did dealership do you deserve. Visit them on -- one the auto mile or online act Cadillac Norwood back problem. Go see my buddy Mike checked out there he's the man. Now each unit returned to talk. As they Hill Man Morning Show presents hill -- out. Almost well there -- groups that that Daniel applause -- it is. Well let's don't kid who haven't looked into that they're looking back it up and -- they don't get that little -- pick and didn't. The owner didn't created -- didn't do you -- I think probably shaped like. Larry. On WAA. Possible chorus I'm now on by the way I love it I don't know. Race a lot of people participating in the path back here are the very best -- mail messages of the previous 24 hours. Underneath 10:41. PM. That would put aside from the bomb threat fully intend to be -- -- -- -- -- can click on the net he. That you know we have done about it Thursday I'll -- they'll work before that two week break I guarantee yelled you'll column pirated. Now there might get bigger cronies and our kids. I finally junior to have the bomb -- I want Thursday have a date there's there's a bomb in the studio it 24 -- care. Apple Canada a country evidence let us. Monday 1120 Arnold he had. He didn't go into the war in agriculture at the hero -- or we'll just let it. The brief for a brief cluster of fair by Michael Grant a full opportunity to cluster of less going. Vice president of audio services. I'm 49 and 53 PM. And I really don't areas that are quieter lack future I -- Internet Beck -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- that but yeah apparently. Mr. Claus as a lot to do is in his success and of course. What do you think is keeping everything going always focused on -- -- the toys -- -- -- do you think is. Run in the Claus kids the hockey practice she's hanging out on December point nine -- triplets everywhere hello Brad. Yes sir. There are. -- -- -- -- Yeah hard driving through it and it looked up. A school bus driver. -- -- -- -- They'd -- here plots the rates are being -- at everything that I cannot believe under the downloads right now I know leases the -- Your fire -- -- -- people on an Internet that's going -- -- Fired immediately. There's a there is a great mug shot. The guy you remove -- AD we. And he was dressed as buddy the elf obviously succumbing -- threats and kind of a party or whatever we have FaceBook -- yes -- Wolf FaceBook that mug shot that's that's a fantastic one today FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks. He should like as there is so here up to date with the all the information you need on everything we are covering on the Hill Man Morning Show. Links and he looks old. -- got -- a lot more than one a lot of acting he being stricter check or bank. Here they think that lets you edit text if you broke you control her out and you're out there on the theoretical more of that. Outnumbered the old man army -- out of a patriot. And it -- flooding and their numbers millions ever come here without looking guard. -- disputed either way -- all we have. Dominic hit the looked up and write these numbers that I -- that right now without a psychic experience but. Here are being a bit. -- a -- -- lottery buyers out yesterday at -- that -- man trying to get my -- overcame a dip over there at the -- -- Maynard and big long line on the mega mega listen mega mega announce our -- -- 600 yes six million of these online somewhere around there. -- nine inch big gigantic opportunity to change your life yes. Win the lottery changer alive in this case he could change your life and and change a lot yes that's true. Who is reciprocal at at a and grow not old old. -- don't know to tell them that they won't. That guided their lately you're talking about whoever it is the duplicate it up. And the net investment letting down my. -- and monitor them come over and pick up some junk for sure they'll be ready to go today -- job of that and 720. The old. Yeah church -- the side tracked crab now woman I mean it's not wait wait. And don't -- enough there's Copperfield well that was holiday party. The touch it at the totally different thing accidental. Contact was made by Joseph buzz and the female reporter at the White House. If I die -- -- don't -- accident I was full on Biden's wife is right there so -- thought -- why is in the picture doctor Jill. Wasn't trying to get away with anything. 7:16. -- You're African -- what you're happy you're happy to get in the now. Slight problem with Kym Johnson's wife. She has not been seen for months. People are nervous. -- like they should be they'd like to know where she might possibly have gone maybe you went on a vacation to. The Virgin Islands there's herself over in Japan a country he's just a puppet. Maybe she -- LA hello Johnny. You do then and then it's. They thing why we fight back for Christmas agreement or having their holidays recognized. As well as -- do recognize well. I guess that would we're talking about somebody do did they punched a lady out because he didn't say Merry Christmas that I mean there's nothing more data back then that. Nothing this stopping -- more aggressive than that move. 703. AM. I thought it happened there and walked off the area at an event like -- a lot of money into that. Excuse me. Whoever cloture bowling Alley and it's license numbers are plus is costing hundreds -- -- at the tennis lessons Andre and I'm all for it and now now on a -- with the cash that. And he born 14 PM. I'll -- it didn't. Your loved -- the air looking for a welcome from what -- I record. Dream ticket jingle bells jingle bell don't even hear it to -- good -- the -- every Gator. And talk about it. Aren't so -- daily -- in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a probably drive and -- -- let's do that right now for -- that the bank he has had off the roof of the of the recycling traveled. Angry at all you people still miserable and angry if people -- and pretty soon older. I agree -- every IV yeah. We'll. A visit. Covers Soledad happy every thing.