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Inside The Warped Female Mind With Danielle

Dec 17, 2013|

On this edition of Inside the Warped Female Mind we try to discover the logic behind hiding a male stripper job from your significant other and the backlash that comes with it.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. Hand on your schedule at WAM. We're going to go inside. The war of female brain -- hook up. With the help of someone who knows that well yet. Damage to Deirdre right now and live in now being held this email comes from a listener who listens to the show. Quite frequently and it crashed. I've been -- rule greeted as it appears here I've been listening to your show forever and honestly never thought I would be emailing a question -- Danielle. But something happened last week and I needed to get. Danny Al's opinion on my now ex girlfriend. I have been or is an incredible woman named Jill for the last two years. She works as a professional woman a law firm and we both knew shortly after we met. That everywhere in love that's including those who were talking about two years generic that's there than we all believe reasonably long relation -- in this same age. That's why she shocked me last week when she sat me down and ended our relationship. After finding out. That I have began working weekends as they mailed answer. But I'll be. Honest I hope. I'm. I know you understand this because Zealand's. Danced. Duty for then. Mail reveal up there and then sailing counter they go to Stillman in motion and motion. What's up Mike Dee so I am wondering this this word -- here rule lights remain nameless. Says that he is wondering why what he does for a living part time has anything to do with the fact. That Jill loves him. And want and I'm kind of wondering -- like what. Like Tom what's the big deal and -- -- a lady who listens to the show you tell me. I mean think of dig big guy that you go to sleep -- every night is in good enough. Shape to be a male dancer will it be would you be happy -- -- -- is now working on the she can really channel -- for a second finance and economic impact but. You can't -- Working the mailed it it -- it's not like you're out you know doing a part time stint at dunks on Saturday and Sunday at a pulling a little extra cash for Christmas -- -- as a male stripper that's. That's like. That's pretty deceptive viewed in its not just oh I'm going out to my part time job that I haven't told you about. Europe clearly having to make up lies about where you are -- how great visit in progress in Denver because it because she's a elect paralegal it's no big deal -- is telling. Well I don't know man I don't know not -- -- -- you be pumped hundreds thousands of women want your man yeah he's got the credit now depends. On the -- god I wish I didn't I would be more upset that he would that he and tell -- like -- why do you feel the at the -- that it seems like you know it's like one of those things like if you had just told me at first it wouldn't be a big deal but now -- you've gone -- such lengths to hide it it makes me think that there's more going on there's other things -- hiding under me doing isn't -- doing it to make. Money. To probably does support her -- kids are doing I mean if you're listening very -- yeah -- talk about something like that on -- Here -- moonlighting. You prompts. Here is that Texas says I'm woman and I guarantee it's because he lied about it for two years next. I don't want here is a 774 attacks I don't want any women all up on mine main and -- -- a. While I went to -- they can't do anything. -- -- are so they have a warrant they say. Is -- also why -- they tell me about him that's school years I mean writing up what it's like when I went dance and it was spaz his mom and ends Ben has his hand there were good there remind command now mr. happy I'm there is I mean the way what he had to be jealous about it just happiness. It's here's the 508 -- think about it I know mine man would not have pursued me if I were a stripper. Great eight lousy -- -- -- -- -- you know he is he dancing for men or women -- that somebody else lives and well I believe it was for women hello Andrea. What's going on Andrea. I'll write it on to talk about that Atari. The media really not what he was doing but the fact that he -- put out there and I feel like they have to make out what he was doing a weekend. Would you know -- a -- wants to know if women like Danielle and like you consider this cheating. Now like -- apply. But with the touchy -- -- now what a student would you date a guy who was a male dance to stripper like a guy who did the would you or would you have an issue -- would you lose here. Would you lose your mind because he was a stripper. I get out I didn't say it because only remedy. It would have to put -- our act together and eight. Coming up I'll just but just imagine the smooth body to hairless body all the soft and supple he should ranting -- back to the united. Can I ask you under -- if you danced for guys but. Would you would you care. It like -- I don't. We danced for guys with. They've there'd there'd -- no they're -- you can you not she'll be well and the lying thing I don't think it would be as big in the deal or maybe you might be a person has some questions. If you censorship really should put to teach something else has the 50 wait text I dated a male stripper for a year a lot more goes on at that that those shows -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they'll -- one clearly bit yes well when I was. When he -- you -- -- the guys and they I'm not saying tomorrow I'm not saying it. -- -- twin that's all you need to know ladies out there in the market and -- A bullet or the other the ballroom dancers actors out there -- and -- they're the only two out the other the twins have a chance to win or not listener. Was that at the man in motion thing. Do you know many other a long running mail our viewers in the area that -- were you when you must have been like in that like a. It insanely jealous woman now actually went to school because I mean my friend and I used to go there a lot anyway and we as a bartender gets -- Happen so I. I was getting kind of. -- you know we were -- I care about that again and got me atomic cash wit -- we'd been going there since I've -- I was like a freshman in our secure. But at a fraternity that now. Now you this lady probably I know this this this woman probably think it's not the kind of job. That she wants her -- She's really. Even so he's carrying -- they're still trying but the deception. He's just trying to make some I didn't lie about it I just didn't tell you better turn that old chestnut. Followed days of. I -- -- up with do you go up my body operate. Yeah it got a pretty. -- guy like honestly you look like a very why all you know like well you know news broke a jacket. Like you tell -- and I. The -- stripper. And eat at as. Like. But help when it acquired like that yes he had -- right out into agree that any woman why they can take out. Out fact Joseph what they call -- grill and how -- they -- their jobs due to the rebel room or our hearts -- LP are out. Number I've I'd give anything I think if I can just stayed in shape after I retired I would've loved to have been a male -- -- what's your advice for this for this woman for this guy you would wish they do about -- Apologize. While on the sword which got -- job for -- -- he's gay he's how he -- the job he's got to -- the kids feel he's the job even -- job come. Clean now in that job is always going to be a reminder of the two year life she's never gonna like gold anyway. It may a couple of.