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Hillmail 12-16-13

Dec 16, 2013|

Your best Hillmail messages of the weekend and Monday morning.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. Now each year returned to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show present -- -- out. I am the parent aren't I feel like you're pre planned I'm not only your way. -- behavior so I have on the hot and dry Food Network in this case. On WAA. Ads out there. Here are the very best hill mail messages. Of the previous few days. Find me. Second twenty Arnold -- I got really bad about that we've and -- -- that you tribute to the belt and out I would like ticket by a ball. I knew it there -- there aren't aren't you root. He. And a lot of meaningful tributes yes. Very evenly parziale who rolling in this -- have your actors that many -- that's at all. My question is what is he doing right now does he sound asleep. It is the out collecting the trash. I think -- is working on now that is the passer rating aggressive aquarius. Is is he listening to the show in the fetal position and now. And -- wishing that he disappeared let them. -- speak to solve -- behaviors Stewart checking in I'm -- -- cluster of DNA doesn't go back to bed oh you know the show Randy Johnson doesn't Mike permanent authority doesn't cluster of and you know I -- played the natural living in with a eventually -- up and wanna -- Yes Mike Brennan forty in the middle play any drops -- I guess that a label with the right letter in the -- Louisville resume work. Ordinary working with you think you don't want Monday I guess they'll be is gonna show up in more reporters this week -- a nice job -- -- -- -- -- Funny 730 -- he has. It -- -- order no vote. Eight. Our -- here in the -- and I'm out. I'll let you know will be lower opinion as little -- going nowhere hey. Career. They're remote. You probably go oh OK. We are -- -- As you're -- now. There there again you're you're just making matters awareness if he is solace and a he's got to hang himself which could tie back into the masturbation act of -- -- brown who few the children so hard. And that he -- older. That was true it. It. But the cargo truck and the truck the truck or truck longer now that he's get -- -- cash. I will happen he keeps me old. -- you guys but there. It certainly wouldn't want black and -- not particularly -- -- I. All the gritty. And then you -- -- not a racist though this is. This is -- hello Doug. I don't want to get. -- I just wanna say a common. In our can cut up. -- say it. And you know I like bet people say some white people into that black people. Base is wrong when you try to portray a black person and illiterate dumb or stupid. Like. That's opt out black I'm white and not trying to down play and got -- at the video of the race should be proud. So you don't like the guy like that a good example would be. The teacher in Canada addressing as mr. tease her for -- and you do that doesn't bother you so that. It. Do you think in your opinion is in the white. -- -- -- Well -- and that's a battle but I. I also want to say that are -- like I bet the black cap. And just can't seem to be seen. And I appreciate your. You got your hit the nail in his its its army yeah you just can't go there because there's what more black guy I know there. What we can't you know so he's a guy that does -- become the most people do. Doesn't bother me but -- 81240. He had. The other side I wonder what the players do well. -- -- New. -- You know a lot of people I tell it is bass came on DJ the five K on Saturday dressed as Santa clause and that are a lot of people there taking a final picture. -- -- -- Iraq's final cost of the you bet Ellis is finally bring him. When to step up -- -- active. -- -- no wonder how long it's gonna I -- online security for him to balloon up to 250 to sixty you know I think he's -- -- -- guitar but no job and nobody you know incentives and a motivation -- right knocking him. Gonna go right to ride him and trashed our track glory days hath no Giuliani. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are you guys at all. Well thank you from my first Christmas present job I have collect intelligence who's qualified for normal wobble. Tell. It'd be sure that -- -- one on bit weak in the Newsweek it's going -- you guys are gonna have him and come January February. Hasn't gonna start showing up. -- Could -- pocket it's going to be the -- and you're going to be screwed. -- -- or not. Or Britney -- pretty no chance is and then he's. Is focusing on being a father and starting his business the job I admire an old war. Feingold Aladdin who thinks he him. Here. Here at all while I know what. No. Oh yeah. And it. You -- special K who wants the job only included the of course special pair hadn't. Oh me -- Obama or or it -- -- thought about it other boat out there and -- If I do listen but how many five -- have you run and 35 minutes I -- I have. Actually I don't want my life and in a bottle acutely to go on my run that it. That's my new thing is running now apparently I've done a five K okay what do you we need to leave your -- here today or tomorrow -- -- probably -- -- throw a couple of miles that today and the on the treadmill and I don't shoot outside sit back and improve my time here. You know. I mean. I think you know. The whole the whole running lifestyle you know does that being out there by yourself want pounding the pavement. Last year just Ewing clearing your head. Yeah the -- time and he does it work and your stride it kind of like who is that guy and the movie the love I'll be the running movies there. Pre -- -- and going to be me. That's just me and America might get up to the point where idyllic a double marathon you know the fifty mile or whenever. Barnett now an image they do today that you well here's -- good thing now it's undermine. -- people go -- the lunatics. Stinks he plan any hand and I would doubt that our equipment here. The -- them losing 41 hand. All -- thought it important trading medical you can look at it here. Inherited the Captain America and he got caught up and I think it. And -- I -- know I'm not happy that died there Tom Brady -- drop the the ourselves that that are your early this morning we when we first talked about pats lost no time recent role -- America's sweetheart and I -- and he's a passionate kind of like can't go up and will live press conferences where you. Not get it the dumb -- and what. Don't have it don't care if it's a paw -- it's a national stage there's kids. Look at sit -- mile temporary strap -- and ask so he is so Tom Brady is a role model or so children aren't sure I am -- just a crappy how how hard would it. -- say crappy places that SC plays well. My sanity left -- my number 15 year old doesn't know a known known yes bond is is Tom Brady required to be a role model now being though he's not. And I look I've always said that most of their parents should do it and again. I never really I never understood I've never understood the big hub Hubble Hubble Hubble -- Is that we're talking about a lot -- a couple of hullabaloo. About swear words. Okay well little kids look up to Tom Brady I guess is looking -- so it was so went a little -- dropped just mom apparent coast area that well don't say that just because Tom Brady said you can't say it what's the big deal I mean I don't know is is has he hurt his image is that where you're coming. I -- answer this again I don't remember don't -- Arafat was to rip off the did the wood to seven nasty words can't say I am radio when your -- have picked senator. And everybody really good chuckle when nearly you know fourth grade fifth at work television now there's the Texas as being Ellis so ridiculous kids where more than adults do you know my full name but you know what ever kind of claims. I thought enough a little. Tom Brady was wrong. That he my both of my young children look up to him. And it is embarrassing to explain to them out why do you -- -- and embarrassing really hot enough with the drama. OK let's all go sit on the -- OK now listen. Daddy doesn't want now that that is a bad word OK Tom Brady didn't need this day he still really awesome guy he didn't mean in Texas has done and what about poppy at Fenway Park right after the bombing now -- awesome. Visit Texas says this is -- you know Danielle doesn't have kids she's bothered by a bit angry at him well. I mean less and less and -- MM IM when wells like seven years old and and he loses the hockey game down and he comes in the locker room he lifted his teammates nieces and -- set top player like -- sass -- get your heads out there -- I'd be proud you you'll I'd be proud Carol polo magnate. What's it but it magnate. -- move. Along politician about. Maybe we salute. Didn't I mean that's what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Movie if it could. Be a little bit. So do you think it's because Tom Brady is a maverick does murder but it took pictures go out yet why is that why it is made it. Yeah yes he is a human being and he was frustrated yesterday. And so it's okay if he drops in that spot and how. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was a little bit -- husband's -- she'd been doing now. What kind of role model is Tom Brady anyway he knocked up project and then ran out on -- faster than spasm around his family are originally named in Somalia she really. She's she's doing hard time I don't know I don't. First about what kid is watching the post game press conference anyway -- -- so. And his wife and facility on the -- -- you know is watching it -- and strolls -- -- the -- -- -- is -- in the -- now I get -- out of their kids I don't know anything put them. Socket yeah. It's the united then but by the way there's another term then then I loved. That people are up in arms about it. Tom Brady dropping a horse that's. But if you don't have the horse but it is interesting it's it's no problem. They don't have from a -- kids and the Sox while we are -- and does Saint Louis and I mean incident of that memo -- and sent a memo that they can say it anymore yeah. -- -- -- What's -- And that helped the morning. -- -- Helio. Peyton Manning get let's let the real. Let's let. The public why not figure that you haven't mother of one of -- most prolific years in football ever. What and one of on top seed Mario. -- here yeah by your guy came back from broken -- did the media loves. Peyton Manning now Chris I'm not a problem that you see things Saturday -- like the Manning family dynasty I think it was on ABC. It was like four hours study it and how marvelous the family yeah if not it was awesome you know -- -- Cooper's career was cut short lived he would. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Six. I. I will say yeah it was pretty incredible watching Peyton when he was like two and a half years old firmly gripping a football he minute like he had no good evening -- united you know old man would beat them in Stanton -- illegally -- -- so that. As well that you and it's not spiral son. Seven and gloom and. Correct the market over -- very I -- he likes artery. Not a -- on the. All. -- and I'm not you know I didn't buy a bit. The -- -- distributes maybe I may be I got there used. You not nearly. Maybe how dare you should begin at seven and 18 AM. Yet at up mode you know that I don't you guys need that -- guitar and a month ago. -- -- And you think you can replace. The the cluster F king and one month you can -- man. I'm mean there I was I was App -- knowing that we might not find the right person until. February. Now. I mean when we know one thing I I have no standard in America that's cents all have three guys. Like you -- made sense to have anybody says shadow spaz if you want anyone to learn his -- yeah zone -- now that's one thing that we that we didn't want them to know. -- -- -- To -- our senator. Go quote you're. Air in the morning couldn't wait -- that you know who you are what are. Your. And then pitched -- -- -- to guard kids there's this relates dazzle that new NASA in check out my host favorite hardy end. She's -- she's and she's been busted so what is she going all the Duncan what is she going to do if she should go and she's gonna do Red Sox and aren't. You know while on the field reporting each saw -- -- well she's not replacing -- -- and I would just add another smoke showed the crew it's great now. You know holding Elliott had sold their doing are nesting -- I think that's -- -- -- -- -- -- badly does -- guy but the guys are relevant now because Els -- going to be on there as well yeah and now this this June of this new girl that they -- over and from hot Atlanta. Is she got busted coming out of black kettle alone you fire action held Duncan is a new and quite lovely very very very attractive. -- -- -- -- -- Upload San Diego charger the other when the patriot call and let them down fact that often if you give up some very big problem. Don't quite know how to say that. We get -- we don't want to that we gave it away unpaved path Tom you don't get offended or anything okay likable reluctantly pull it off. That's our you know I mean she -- -- party in the playoffs I mean you have your opportunity. To locked down number two seed in any blow them out. But again I mean I know you can't use injuries as an excuse however. Like you see Vince Wilfork in the -- yesterday and TV. He doesn't -- you look at to leave me now he's still limping -- was you know you EU EU you look at. May I look I mean docs cheap and it's cost money -- this team has. Dealt with -- more injuries to major players. Then most other NFL teams have this year and and there are still on the hunt down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What -- -- I guess I guess it is great spot and let them -- so -- that we seem a little while. That in the end. You got ripped apart the good pretty quietly to a rock and yes the thrill. I got it out of the and I have got to like it better. It comes to slippery slope and wait for it looked at -- isn't that the. -- to you with the Tom Brady's wore in the press conference I would say there. If you could pick a guy. -- in the crowd got into great. It was reported what I. Mean I'm. Gonna and then I don't know what happened and they all them. I mean you know maybe Teddy Bruce he you know. But this will force an awesome dude I think they -- here LP says this if you're. Using and happily. As a role model for your kid. It's probably a risky proposition because there may be something that goes wrong and it's not committed -- -- in the great example Aaron Hernandez yeah right. Thank. You are are there. I want to bring them down on the so what are the -- at the top. And got good pitching good that's why. Because everybody does that look like at that age and zoom. Right here -- the asked that. Cigarette and that go. That's what finally brings Tom Brady down and parents. Accidental. Bob. Think it's necessarily parents making him out to be a role model I think it's inherent in his popularity I don't think you're like hey you should look up to Tom Brady because XYZ I think. It it let's just part of -- did did sort of being TB. Parents can tell their kids not to look at somebody like Tom Brady as well again a gallon and say -- and explain that. Tom -- a regular guy doing a job and that he -- you know maybe not somebody that you should patent your life after it if you're going to be a kid who did that but. I don't think it's the end of the world that the guy dropped the club -- that it doesn't it really. Didn't bust against its worst Yahoo!'s gives its word cute in this funny though that at a channel four. They would never thank you Tom Brady would do that that's why -- nobody ready to -- to -- loses a plane is. As you're. And as plain as the F that they'll be silent on setup. Is great. And. Everybody -- -- what's up. Don't know why I'll be out -- on in church's charity -- to -- Yeah emissaries that the one he listens she made the mistake of comparing the. -- fourteen old. Almost well there improvement that -- molecule created. Well they don't give whoever they got it and that we're looking back it up and then they don't think that little give and take a look and Baja. Yeah. All of the big -- let them get through this. I think -- your -- because. Okay it's. -- my business. And job.