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Spaz Best Joke on His Last Day

Dec 13, 2013|

Who knew Spaz could take a technical failure and turn it into one of his best radio bits on his last day.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. Pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com and. A ten dollar donation that'll turn into thirty meals -- like -- SL -- -- for all the day for all the LB fans out there and I'd just I'd just yesterday. I did -- a couple of three times I just did again today I did did the WA have. Choose your cute cute cute so I challenge anybody that -- gives to it's about me or the Boston Bruins. They do it one time right now. You've got a nice wedding you can now they are going to be good that you guys dostum. This is Joseph blow job. There are never met with. They I don't just want the same job as parent spends fourteen years brought up a bishop had. Walk I gotta I -- I -- what are you wanted to buy and get it. -- -- -- You don't seem to be responding when these people are offering their loved them -- is everything okay percent to. And he's gone. Here again I don't know it. There is no doubt Robert -- expelled you. Clinton look on his foot is -- -- I just got a Texas what you got a text. He's if you think that's what -- I'm walking off the show early. Thank you for everything good the high. Are you kidding me I am not kidding you. Wow with the day. -- Well. I think all these people when you think what do you think was the final straw -- Shimmy down. They do a really isn't that sabotage unseen. When I have maybe I can get. It knew what Jesus. Top of my guess that someone they don't somebody take balled him. I guess maybe it maybe was the I mean I thought that most of those who email messages were left that it would love him but there was some. But the times that some nice messages there as a final insult yes and walking up the surely thank you for everything goodbye. BUY. -- that misspelled the final misspelling NASA is considering -- and the that's. I don't know what that but are you -- it's like the Mike is up to Greg I can't now. Well I am trying to you know I'm surprised. You're I mean you get this far. Can somebody unseen queens text me you know has promotion personal -- raise Reid's ear is down to but beat anybody know Wendy. But the pick somebody. Admitted that -- daughter -- have to carry the show. And it looks like well. I guess CNN now have to. I guess meaning he could have written I'm running out emotionally we -- Well I think that's probably what he did right was it uses the well every -- everybody -- Boswell -- a note on his family lol I'm of one point nine itself. -- -- Look comfortable on one final couldn't final cluster one massive. I'm getting texts. From one of our moles on site nothing happened on site nothing happened on sign -- Feet now he's innocent Afghan people -- that's all it's all powered automatic now know this is little yet there is no. And -- -- the heavy sexy back what they mean nothing had to face it nothing amateur site is it is a lift down. And you well there I don't know maybe a street the American colonists on Garang. Yeah it is very fair for certain drive him -- Jack Collie and tax analysts of the restaurant -- Dexter says he went to pick up that water heater he just couldn't. Not up as 700 dollar hit right there wolf says no idea what the problem in this. Trying to think about what we're look what we were joking. Portuguese crafty. That he's crafty yeah cars he's -- self -- -- as soon. Take a joke you that's Texan says this is just like the The Sopranos finale nobody knows. And yeah riot nobody knows what happen but not this is awesome nobody knows what. What happened. Did he jump attacks there was no I'd never heard it's an average according to the please fill up that I think so. You'll thank -- text me back and you're listening. To acquire what's it -- it doesn't matter so he's done what two hours early. What's the big deal. And well no he's still got what about the rest than that you think texting Karl Malone that always -- girls -- -- three different cute -- -- -- -- -- -- what does it. -- just came in -- city's he's still up there he's disconnected himself completely from the feed that he still up there he's always disconnected himself from the feed correct. While bipolar bipolar basket -- market basket way short dead -- still about a do you think Sharpton reacts every day goes by god my one when it comes back to -- delivering a flight back away. Hello hello -- All won the gold. Think -- hear from tolerate well. Important metal ball yet yes well. At all -- -- eight trite. Wants to -- a little. But now all of them -- come by it and I would have donate in Austria and a couple just reopen but this company. On the that is up there he's just off the grid of the Texas that put. Them. Obviously but -- no. Yeah that's it wants a man I don't know Larry her emotions when generic -- -- never back now well hey what else. I DNN -- someone I was working in the office announced its disconnected in and well. The only thing you're leaving dollars money back just domestic Danielle -- I'm actually -- So good Jessica and Erica I think. Everybody worried about. Them up. I hate to tell you this but these listeners who are not you consider the I if they did I -- like I have 101000 text messages and -- like what -- -- this guy look yeah. You're sleeping at charity event in the middle. -- -- always -- gonna do its yield down the side is a jump right off. Mike and I just don't know if what you're such what you have such a fragile mental state. But everybody believes that everybody equally I don't hear your thoughts a little and it didn't medal and radio that is fantastic. That's got to know what happened I guess that's. Some -- -- just got to work it's disconnected the the end and at that they had an end to win why I think where they had the average beer company out -- The subject shows and we'd lose hey what's this what does this live broadcasting them and unplug it's like -- checked FaceBook. That literally which is what I'm suspecting happened last night when I must follow through some of that -- what does -- -- -- in your own important that the that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- First involvement is I can't believe -- Danielle I am anti you don't have this active here that look. Like I mean I like. I'm like that I'm like yeah yeah we don't need it for days -- -- -- few more hours one I think he's I think you I think he has since. What happened what if look at. Plenty of -- gonna -- for the better hope you are caught you. And I thought -- be right back I don't know if the. Oh yeah and that big -- did you read the tax yeah we -- in an area. -- can make it instantly and videos. I think they've -- and now I don't crap. Yeah that's right everybody. Well -- my doubt I'm miles wait for it to be fix -- everybody was in my toilet visits -- it -- figures since that's -- is on this final day serious. Hours Dawson. That's joked of his career. The way I love this video responses you gotta give me more than half -- -- out. You -- about how -- -- that the opera. That's -- realized through the that's experience I don't usually. How -- it's the F a -- back. Well guys what's up next. Exploit not a bad but walking out you guys like -- barely -- ballots that he had a quick thought she fourteen years yeah it's about the last few little hole. No he did these candidates believe we've been a pretty good friends silence that was really great really did. -- -- at summit just texted me about like wow that was all going down that a boy apple.