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Julian Edelman of the New England Patriots

Dec 13, 2013|

Our buddy Julian Edelman of the New England Patriots joined in for a Hillman Huddle.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. It is patriots Friday here in Boston and LB is about to tell you that the patriots. In Miami and and joining us right now here. Witness our original manhunt all our -- Julian -- presented by SP ally. Do what Tedy Bruschi did. -- get affordable dependable life insurance from SP ally the company that is protected over one million families since 1907. Visit SP allied dot com today one of the single greatest moments. The Julian at a men's professional. Career occurred. At Harvard stadium Julian if I remember correctly. -- yeah yeah yeah I had you know I'm nom you know that today's -- his last day right -- I've ever heard and heard about it I mean you remember when he attempted to cover you over their Hobbits. You know I had a brief memory of it and there was. It was cup very -- but in the it doesn't sign. Yet it's the real world and realize -- You know your pop Warner days. There's. -- are not the living days of the regular world. I especially love the part where you EU and met you when ballots which were you when quarterback. Mallon went receiver. And -- you went to throw the interception just bad to give them the gift to let him go a little -- through my head with a little bit of a feather in his out. And little dignity. Yeah you're right Leo all right it instead of why haven't locked up with his pants down and and -- -- -- -- -- -- talk is -- When -- went right through his hands with a mallet touchdowns. Yeah it was suited to update or bad. The church today is little or. And here. I don't know is that going to be made. -- I give everybody makes money he barges and you know what he gave them honestly gave him highlight of his life I mean on his death bed he'll be talking about the timing almost was able to cover -- -- -- I got the call of the ball. I'd bite -- bite him and by mallet. Pay -- here the mayor question -- is. If you -- basses you know reaches out. That -- that Dick and for the ticket for the playoff tickets yeah. Boy that tickets to the car that was not by the buffalo game. Would there be two tickets there that the little big man. At least bad. We talk about your and I -- anybody. And have you been a while web site. Is that it didn't think they are an act. Honestly I think my most memorable moment about that whole day is when. We talked a time out we were telling him about. My girlfriend goes. I never mattered I don't know who -- But that was that's acting neither confirm nor deny deny that momentum that -- -- bit -- take the fifth yeah Palin things. I think you know I wanted to ask. You about. The he and a near another near bell ringing incident he the the other day which kind of -- -- and rightly so. I am are you guys -- first -- -- you wanna call and maybe there should have been one but. -- are you you OK with the way these these things are being called in the NFL these days. I think they admit they will they've they've made the ultimate big that it in -- I don't go on the top of the did. So. You know I mean it it that's it costs it's a tough thing I mean. I wanna be a referee in mental situation because. Doesn't have all. You know they're they're doing the best that they can. But ultimately unique status think anybody ever thought they're just waiting game and -- But we're doing here and in this week you know we'll play in a cup players seem. That that come off of or they're they're born. 67 last six games we win and is played solid the ball a lot better in there was Bert let him. They're now we go and are thinking about what the rest we're gonna bother gonna come and knock ourselves. Is it is tough to not get distracted by the dolphins cheerleaders some and I think there -- among the best in the league. You know. It's. It's definitely. It very ironic that there are always in -- I don't know if that play and or like to actually -- little trickery. In order CI and definitely seem to be. A -- Miners uses but the but then the national football. -- you don't you know. I would doubt I would have liked cheer like gas water girls in water girl outfits. Supplying you guys with year with -- with with your hydration. That would be doubt that would be this week he makes needs here -- -- smoke showed -- serving you guys Gatorade stuff up and down what life you know while a defense is on the field. I'm sure -- we regulate is you know usually have government -- -- big hero is cute rats you know it won -- contest. Yeah wanna -- has given her water. And -- probably sitting in it and there's -- -- here whatever that the Clinton you know who knows it and they're out to be -- cheerleader. Hey have you I'm guilty by the way it is that like -- blown up. That I won't get blown out well. To house no doubt about it never noted boat -- -- hey have you have you seen the what do they call those things on the Internet being on the the meat in means have you seen the ones would you guys as the as the anchorman cast yet jedi. Yeah yeah. Are being put it together. -- are you guys did that. Yeah them that it's fantastic. Yeah the Tom Brady is is Will Ferrell and who else is -- that. It's pretty. And on. Hey -- rockets these girls scared to be the weather yes. So on any level is at an -- beating analyst. Is it really didn't want it and definitely didn't want the -- and you don't know what tell -- And you know we really. It together organ do her some kind of funny thing you know show that they end. Pretty good stuff so you you think. Julian through your feet. All right well listen good -- gone on Sunday down there and and in Miami you get the warm weather just. Just trying trying to score in the first corner yeah -- UK and you guys been -- seventy zip in the first quarter accumulate as spectacularly get a JE. JE six now be you know be awesome. Kid being. Our prepared and about it because it's. Where people played a part but let's say they don't give me that they're I want I want I wanted to stretch it. You know break and I slant in the middle -- take it back -- and and take it for six just do it that's my call Thom mcdaniels -- you can just get it done with one is it is enough with this patriots witchcraft isn't it one game -- -- time Julian is that we're doing just wanted to in the time that. You know we're gonna go one played it -- do for eight unit Dave. Today just to that -- to -- the preparation can match you know where it back to -- the both are politically. That beat you go out that they -- beat you. -- upset that we can't. All right we'll let -- -- that you stuck to the -- today about death -- All right hey let's that we won't we won't talk to on the show before Christmas does offer a few weeks but. Merry Christmas right buddy and L and happy -- to -- yet. Happy holidays and bad and hope. I hope I -- but didn't and we have agreed to a net but. Thanks I appreciate it it's not enough as -- -- lucrative world of trash collection. Guess -- not up army it's not a joke you really gets hit and I really of the nativity editing the -- the house Jimmy golf. That. Until -- settlement.