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Hillmail 12-12-13

Dec 12, 2013|

Hillmail 12-12-13

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each you to turn to talk bears the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians -- may well. OK you know what else can -- -- both. They have weight limit. On WAA. -- well today brought here nobody. Visits -- wing man wanted to dot com our wing men wanted dot com grab a million of your closest friends. And come to national aviation academy wing men wanted dot com or call 80292. 32. Two aides here are the very best -- mail messages of the previous 24 hours. -- -- Seven point nine he had. Apparently -- That's brick and people respect our -- so wrecked and out the window they the FB I reality right and no I cannot. You know it's always amazing yesterday's -- the eyewitness to a model of vehicle flipping over luckily nobody was injured. I needed to get the -- You know I am wizard is a hot -- on a chip in. Just a custom -- -- Disney Syria -- have a road connecting you smiled. That's -- Well -- point 8:17. AM. No one orchard -- that the Al -- that looked like our program that is an area. Public got up -- bring bring up that the outfit so it's -- particular he's got a -- I think he walked Mike. Wouldn't you think. It -- scrap the vehicle didn't dance. I had met blood that to protect -- and do so I -- -- -- us like they can you bring that across this -- for -- -- that I would pay me to -- about. Sort of fifty bucks don't like that it's the money. -- and non if he weren't Ian. What setup in the guy hit the third that the plane it's there. That's why are alcoholic upbeat or something well and then when it's. And a sacrifice himself for the hungry. For some respect over a lot of. We instantly at 11:46. AM. They -- thought -- work. Look at it LC very up on a crane and the situation there yell back and studio next three days of Obama bag and -- spoke. And the message. You were -- they like d'antoni is holding out. Pulled up on me thank. Washington where some of the aryan -- something a little bit she wore her yoga pants that I did yes I know he's she's down that path when -- anyway. Good putt again on another black and -- -- some of these particular wake of the cancer and help -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It really is -- -- area it is Korea must have been caused bass that he didn't sleep a wink last night not even if so how do you mean if you -- -- apps that you -- in the well both -- -- I -- -- I tried to self -- didn't work really. Not at all -- I don't know how homeless people that wouldn't. And no -- that. Bayless and I just almost you ought to do what any any any the hardworking doing resort outside this crap they're written every day -- god bless yeah. Not a federal -- and blaming and around people than me. Thousand ago a lot of listeners came by last night to see you doing the laid out an idea of the -- beat us. I I appreciate everybody that came by talked I want especially yet -- the big tractor trailer got it set out there -- to Horford good I don't know. It was probably only like thirty sec it seemed about a half follow me really appreciated the fact that I finally hit the stick my head out you waved. So the -- would forgive me yeah. I can't sacked just it soared to wade and I love you guys but -- -- you know there is no -- annoying when you're trying to sleep and it -- -- -- At hand they're coming out of a borrow whatever because they've been repeated it make it appointee is -- my kids -- people who think if funny you know like right when jokes about it. You'll shocked. I don't let your -- all about an object out they had that the comment I just didn't sprout up Abbott at night. Well you're almost done. It is got to hang in there. Couple days in early and then you're out there and you never have that -- -- -- to see these people against this week and then once you run into him in the unemployment line somewhere left then right then download you know I'm actually promised not to and is active and have a lot of free time on my hands. I'm actually gonna go to these people's jobs now guys for the next few weeks and what I said Michael UPS guy Dominique laughter would you like. You have US post office. And hold the ball in -- -- kinda be like. -- it -- -- all these all these listeners who have tortured viewing your job you're gonna hear is saying you're gonna do the same and then go to Tim Hortons. Doughnut schools are. So quickly -- at half staff and Duncan dedicate their crafts -- You can get a that's you to get that X number of the listeners phones. And then tax them all during like throughout their whole work thing go hey why should try to get some new primetime. There yet I. Think that's what I'm at their best but the rest of my life I'm just gonna. I'm gonna call the phone comes on the back of -- and complain about how somebody's driving a camera or whatever offers them a right to complain about how somebody's working. And fire off emails all -- to people's losses and other employees. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How in salt say it's getting -- Will -- take PM. -- okay. Omar Greg yourself you've got to hit -- -- down a hallway. And then the. We don't. Back then what we see what's happening what is what is that. I just got the doesn't take -- and -- on special K is that your work -- I learned from -- to cluster what was that -- isn't as though I'm -- what else. Now that's your additions that producer job will pull off a yeah nice yeah -- -- special and I figured you know drive the wood off Kitna who wanted to know mailed to you that you gonna get better chances that I. I mean. Didn't. -- -- We pulled and old. If -- came here as. Well it. -- couldn't get recognized as doing some mass kissing on the way out that's why am I and that's. -- respect for America. All right Julio -- three ounces -- 616. And older. -- coming out there it LP bought Bennett Bigelow for the pocket -- I -- acrobat. -- Do you not have the Bruins really didn't twice a day this time maybe. But -- -- -- -- ended. That that it's one day but that's you're still Laura nearing and you're not even on the show such Virginia. They'll abide by the way by the way Biden my buddy aces -- game. You hustle plays you -- Unbelievable but trash guy. He's staying here not here in -- just -- -- in western -- just stepped on his toast he's he's not happy with -- hypocrite and a half. Didn't grow older. If you can and why that's what FA. Hit it appeared in the group hoops -- he is you know that there is an endearing quality about that really what I. Yes there -- the a year for a deep ball nicely but I have people. If your gonna suck at what you do who. Just make sure you just asked people. And people in higher and and spots of power we'll keep pushing up like you around if you consistently kiss their ass men that sit just called it. Stroke than Tom how great they are typically very sincere about it now. And once in awhile but for what. With a piece of quality material and they'll say you don't want guys really nice -- some great what comes through once in awhile but keep was given up a cheap. Some new NBA probably has like thirty of those people -- estimate that -- yes men. They're telling me it's meant I'd. Connie showdown coming up at 835 during day number two of rise up against hunger it happens to be Braintree. Verses Milton. Well our governor lives so Braintree vs milk than a spirit without any. You lived your whole life born and raised in Braintree. Or born and raised in Milton. Paul -- right now 61793101. K -- that 617931. 1223. And you can get in on county throw down just about twenty minutes from now else it is 812. Dexter says every time they hear the sirens. Today I think they're listening to radio station in Detroit. But that's not. From the southeast expressway right -- is that -- Euro are you responsible for Abu Sayyaf yeah that's that's that's here at all they are pretty -- I don't. And there was there were flying last night. Six TT EM. He had to let that bad a but I let the outside of that that they're not all like that all -- The bill a couple of things like The Beatles you know what you battlefield place. Term experiment that -- from seventy boot that 58. Isn't that bad night during the elect to wipe it off. But I thought about -- -- -- from the heat up and I like Sunday what the market back on the ground ball. Oh really I can feel where you feel on but the drop guys. Real quiet it was ballclub -- In the -- and it was so called. Visit Texas says that would -- great if they'll be -- do in the sports and then realized it was yesterday's news this I'm out I ethnic epithets at him back in I guess that's what's ominous -- I don't let I have just think it's -- to be honest you are on fire. And if I had it you've got a totally hosed me out of a job you have been this -- like. After a fourteen years ago I gave it just sadly you gave -- and giving you're noticing your best stuff news -- on fire I you know the problem. As Albania it you can't really move forward and radio if he can't read -- that's one of my biggest setback -- everything if I give up I can just go back and change one thing about my life. You know I might learn how to read when I was at first screening yes ma'am -- -- -- sent. Reading and it's you know I don't do you need to be able well -- gonna find the address is when you go to pick up the John Q -- there. That's that's why I had to bring -- on -- to get somebody that means someone -- it's the right address the knockout round at all. All right let up bombard speed up all but beat up -- perhaps return. No matter what volunteer totally clear there could care. And the mentally once again he'll be back. What people think the -- My gonna quit my own but my own self I got -- I think I Dolly yes Boston you'll find it -- OK let's salute. There's a great picture. You today in the metro last newspaper in the local section everybody's talking about itself. He might wanna sound that saved that for the scrapbook he could put that right up there with -- finishing last in the Attleboro City Council elections several years. Metro -- daily news hello Mike. And no matter what the Bible. Nice job again 00 well we're -- I mean it's pretty amazing when when you guys think about that you have donated to this cause. Since 1991. Well I -- you have a little bit more out bigger bat like eleven or what is important. Yeah I got my. So I keep up the -- yes there -- so what I know it just doesn't sit through back. Voters -- hey what the ones who I am a bit different big boot record. I'd rather go -- primary in the -- -- I'm likely -- result -- that -- you've got a lot because I thought they monitor what your but I was -- -- -- schizophrenic maybe I don't know. I don't know but there are some people who go for music and I don't mind what the artist is saying hi I some that I have this problem. When I go see groups I mean I don't IE im not the Bruce and iron not the same. We don't mean in the same direction politically so when he goes on a fifteen minute. Political ramp it drives me nuts but I appreciate you guys are saying that maybe that's of those people are doing. We're in -- -- 16 PM throughout -- career. We employee told them through school -- any of. Dot but it hit it -- air in hopes that it might not sort of fear without yeah. She's dating bill me into my parts of -- the holidays much like magnets in the recent. Bonnet that don't fight over the attic door and whip up -- -- safe spot close my. My quickness not done it -- is there anything that brings the elite closer together than picking mind not -- great and -- -- -- -- streak. Fool like -- and help them out into Christmas trees that is there one comment and then Gunner Glen then. Whether -- -- like you I'm not you know let me as a -- I could barely complete knowing that when I would wake up. League lineup -- it's been a photograph of one -- it would be gone in the morning I'm mom and dad is there anything more heartwarming and seeing little Billy Russian government is on Christmas morning. -- it's gonna kind of our settlement -- like PL one point I. Kodak moment and it's basically pulled open and -- -- -- and -- let's -- up our time. I'm. I love it. I'm not. Well enough got to bounce there there's the busiest time vehicle might not -- you mentioned when people all over the world -- -- known anxiously anticipate my notes. -- Latin down and if I have great. Well I know there are those -- -- clearly -- stuff we all might not stable weather dry stuff I'm not. As they -- out of -- I'm not think -- joking because these brought to site. -- And the Netflix. While. Helping -- our blogger of paper I am very tired but well not -- apple very well. And I think I have to they've that was there a donation I. I got. Apple it's a power not the right through and I think you have like a writing session -- That's mini review right he revised it isn't like Jalen doesn't analog sort of like eight is hitting -- Coming into my nets team them -- unbelievable well I think if that set up going on an era and you studio Grady got a couple of guys say it is trying to go for the job yeah I think some advocates of sabotage going on hand when you think oh no wait a special case usually pretty good. Not -- dollar deals it. Yeah this -- going on it it whether it's -- -- not all mocked by maybe Omar well sabotaging. A special days needed to be good at the next producer of the show yes -- -- right over -- I don't know what it is I have no idea that. Hello hello Tommy. Hey guys what's going on. And how much I say apple will -- its bad that a good night's sleep -- retard spread out -- -- foresee there. And much -- one night. I decided to get me out absolutely dismantled. And if I hit a liar like a double shot of bottom while Turkey -- like I don't know 89 -- you know. Could I slept like a rock. That's right -- -- knows that I've tried to -- Medicare last night granted now because of the cold it. Listerine and nice taste in I'll tell you I'm mixed mixed text reviews on on mine that's guy and nobody is more controversial on this program and 9978. Text that says best. Phil mail ever -- DA I love my nods I don't know one person that likes my -- guy. Might not sky just made my morning classic yes clearly. Clearly -- not uses a teleprompter which I don't know if that's true -- But but they have -- mixed reviews. Mine that's guy.