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LB Rant on Hockey

Dec 12, 2013|

One thing you do not do is get LB fired up about a situation in hockey like the Bruins and dealing with a looming suspension.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the hand on your schedule at WAM. I what want a wide issue hov Q now I totally keys. Love their -- grow its it's phenomenal hood went well we'll have that try to get shoot it Dallas when he arrives this morning what is. What is issue -- special guide ya know it's a five I aim at the -- -- no. Mainly though he hates the he hates the artists the -- as well argued and I -- -- -- into -- -- I don't. Right I don't like I don't like comedies not you know I don't maxed out -- kind of created the left the -- that stake in united Carrot Top stylish how to. Well yeah relevant. -- -- -- Hala hello mark as big as -- it's marked. Better brother says they're we're doing what you guys to fill it. And out LP after Tom. Gordon but it says at this but if they haven't figured the game. Yeah fourth wicker let's I hope going big if they're but it would you do that four guards and it. Not really are caught now. They got they got that yet they have placed in the eighties it wicked tough kid every five sorting the next civilian now in the black and white game normally go. Not I'm trying to remember is anybody's easy does a great job for the pro. I don't know. I know that animal yeah yeah yeah I voted out of artillery and we're. Guys today these days -- psyche kitty he plays -- he brings I'm a big fan. On el -- archer -- Texas wants to know. If you think ten games. When it comes to a suspension for Shawn Thornton is out of line how many do you think he -- Again I thought he should get fired he should get five good meal that -- in today's game you know it has nothing to do it nailed a meal that I think -- you get ten games done. But did the reason Neil got dig out five games is that's what this and so this is why everything's it flip flopped because. Because. -- was knocked out. Everybody's losing it reminded me because authority. Half mass slew footed around and then game a couple of jobs which one of which must Cottam on the button. I knocked him out and by the way. Yeah you know I don't know how bad the concussion is what we'll wait and see. I don't know when Pittsburgh plays again but. You know -- and Ed O'Neill legitimately could have broken Brad Marchand snack I mean that you know that the fact -- fine. Didn't get there that's like a bike clubs -- -- to let somebody over the head and the guy gets up from it the what that says okay only two minutes massage in mind is still an imminent about the mentality that's going on here with the NHL and again it's it's it's. It's it's it's what's happening in all sports Hillman. Fair perception. Fan pressure because it tweeting because a social media there's so much between. -- feeble offense so once again today I mean think about it I'd die hard three job. Female fantasy player can tweet and pressure officials league officials owners an end and so. That everything that we're where we. I've always said this you know I've always said this right back when Marty were sorely club what's his name in Vancouver over the head everybody -- said. You know he he should be banned from the game and Todd Bertuzzi. And you know jumped the kid from Colorado from behind broke his neck. Listen let the let the -- police brigades you cannot unite you know what's happening yelled like yeah guys like guard again blown knees because Roger -- pressured by Baird's. Tweeting. A and then that two officials are making calls are all just a -- related so now everything's all screwed up no one they change rules on a weekly basis so officials. -- you know from one group to another don't care consistently make the same golf everybody makes it different. Players don't know how they should or should not yet. They're you know they're trying to -- -- play within these these changes did that happen on a yearly basis on a monthly basis it's nuts hey you know it. If you know everybody's taking their finger in the client and you know what happens when everybody -- a finger in the five nobody wants the -- -- I'm not. I. Could take elevate. Is Bobby Robbins the kid that you're just Bobbie Roberts he's awesome. Now. Speaking of rule the rule changes and then we got to get to. Kanye West being induced and I'm somebody who like things may have -- these suicides -- woman when it comes to poor taste. Tweeting about the car accident death of her husband but. I -- when asked about rule changes what do you make of Major League Baseball banning the home plate collision yesterday. I I I think it's a useless collision. Now. I don't mean no one no I mean in today's game I would say gosh I -- if you rarely ever ever ever see it. So I just think it's another thing you know this is another thing is held -- you have owners that are paying guys like Saltalamacchia just signed. A three year seven million dollar deal we're panic guys seven million dollars that you want -- got to play every game. Of that contract and so here and you know again. The ownership -- -- law. If there but if you get ten home plate collisions a year in Major League Baseball. What exactly what you know what's the sense to have him anyway but you're letting letting you know let you know you know it's funny though is that. This is why this is why again it's a pressure. Social media and the pressures that or you know that that Baghdad changes rules. Bob that job I'll -- -- you know I heard a great stat yesterday he's terrible sword play by. That if you'd -- you'd do if you do a study watch every every game this year more guys blow it needs or dislocated shoulder sliding into home plate. About probably 90% or 98%. To 2% of out of somebody gets hurt I catch again -- -- player get hurt home plate collision I heard. I was less than just words are great decision he was he got. And -- don't it was yours you know what he I was I was JJ Brett. I. A hospital major hospital and I are there any major city did a study at a Children's Hospital did a study. About a 100000 kids silverlight. What do you think -- racial wives of concussions. To injury to other -- other injuries. Good concussions where 2% 55%. I lose you guys know we're we're we're -- -- I got my hopes up there. Are pretty clear. Wait a minute do you lose does that -- midway -- -- ramps that class I think we all off about it that I picked up. -- -- And we'll get LB -- I just a way to make a -- way to make a game that is absolutely boring I'd -- talk more boring yeah I agree with you. It's only the collision is the only physical contact in the game. And let somebody in in -- there's a brawl when somebody doesn't somebody's head. So I don't mean. What what about the collision at the plate in league of their own I mean you know -- yeah -- well you know -- -- it hello -- bank. Made spank. Kids without any what -- back. It's -- -- -- -- Bob getting a little bit outside of the little things so I -- -- -- if we Christmas let my wife and yeah it was little I would. We -- it is and that clearly. Well I'll buy it. Like the quiet and we know we want. Would think his biggest. Credit as well as well it is all by itself will -- your business -- gonna tackle that course he does well. Now I mean so what this was the target where were you -- on tour. Oh -- -- and it doesn't happen. Well let's mark -- did you ask for an autograph. Today announced that he would ever do in Afghanistan that Janet -- they haven't you know that's a great example authorities said they just you guys know. I I cut out it just it just cut our army for like sometimes it's at ten tickets sometimes it's a minute bidding. Knives and whatnot but it will order it was I you know what you were gonna forget you're Don -- just minutes. And then you -- and it's a new button we installed. On a regular listeners can stop it really admitted -- an honest to god that if I couldn't believe it I don't know that -- I I would know legally I'm. At what's the game show where everybody present the -- -- decides what an answer what what was that none of them died -- wherever it -- and we we gave up novelist is when you're story. The negatives and I doubt most realistic it is generally get finger in the hospital I don't know you're not. A -- that's about it does it. And it is sort of a perfect. Victories and only it was it was it was it was 70% to 30% because -- all other injures them another at the whole concussion mania. Is as bogus they'll concussions more more her last season seven -- the concussion for the third it is ready for a 100000 kids doing that 70% of the injuries were -- wherever they were lower body injuries. 30% -- upper body injuries and only only -- 8% working Cassius it's it's a -- and security act week and Peterson that never my -- Yeah that's found it. I'll probably go to the study in her feet and who let me get it you're against that Paris however I don't know I don't know JJD the -- and could well -- you on the show a little.