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LB Rises Up and Spaz Selfies From a Car Accident

Dec 11, 2013|

As Lydon Byers starts to Rise Up Against Hunger a car flips over the median on the street behind Spaz. After checking on the passengers Spaz tweets a selfie.

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WA AF dot com. -- shooting day. With -- -- -- yet he has had a minute what you want what can we get caught O'Brien we're not taught to look -- -- are you kidding me I'm dead serious threat Alberta British beer company. Oh my god I'm dead still -- -- running over there right now are gonna let you guys go I have to go I don't know if that's somebody -- but right front a British beer company I thought you didn't predict like respond to things like that I normally I don't put it right on him at a golf OK -- I've got they guys and I like to exact its. Like oh my -- -- -- -- if so if you lose but I have I have four fender benders last year I would right now I didn't mention that he kept dropping food. On the hook -- Expressway out of people you know you gotta pay attention especially the AA effort to its of people that aren't BA efforts right. That that that. -- popular thing. All right. So we were gonna. Raised both of you. LB do you wanna go out now war -- -- -- when he when he comes backer Q. I know I did you why whatever you think's best all right let -- mean. -- the world's eyes the wind just picked up all right yeah. But the wind is blowing it's twenty degrees. LDL bad he can tell obvious freezing in and guys about. Rise up into the air so so are so you're standing on that the platform right now correct. Yes okay. On my Dewey Gerry we're gonna fire me up their Tibetans might be gone Sunbelt yes I love you guys the middle way you know obviously we do this and grabbed the -- Lips of off time so all I have full faith and these guys. How last year was not too there was like thirty mile an hour and so. There's so many thanks Chris dead I feel like they're backing them on -- feel like I'm twelve years old again get radio stayed on the farm. Won't take your twelve enhancement plan yeah well that didn't believe you do yeah I've ever and away we go all right so I'll be as bright right. Ten feet thanks the Sunbelt rentals to. -- -- thought more about money. To me today. Coming up on the expressway rush hour traffic people have no idea what's going on. Guys on its Vaughn didn't. But if like what they would schedule or not he's not near anything needs I'll be yes. You're there you're right over the expressly provided to -- this is awesome I'm right where if you. If I'm right. If your orders if I can come up mass stabbed to get an ID three sound. I'm right there. I -- -- a couple days you -- not a quick look at the -- Medicare actually had to -- -- But I'm not as fun I had not can't get downhill but it became the great job I might call it gives good positioning man. Whom I had literally I am at sixty was different bank and I. And I'm gonna be literally almost right beside -- this -- on top of the building the Greater Boston food. But I thought I go from you're not even an area Bob -- time. That's pretty -- man. Com somebody just tuned in want to go to -- I was walking backwards get cleared the BP well all of that is imminently you'll do is they didn't need a minute -- got bicycle down multnomah. And then -- injured up -- up there with the all right so you all the way up beltway and now I'm not a -- to subsidize it does it stand me up there we go off. Well. All right well mail and express my -- and -- I'm sure. Well. -- -- -- As they -- just -- them like five feet back and forth outside. Mean if you do think this they get a ball I have this issue again this year -- but the data. If it blows over I would be on the on ramp India express I saw. If I hold on there really a survivor I have to pop up legged -- and get out of the way examine your small black card I will not die now getting hit by a car. Africa Africa that is just so random and I'm you know I mean yeah now we that we don't want that we do we do not we do not your bike go I wanted to decoy were people like death LT I saw him -- It was awesome you went up. He totally new ways that it was us. This is vital to the ceremony even know me they -- me when it comes out. We'll be nobody here at work has hit by a car in the -- more so I look at that loss -- -- life so so -- died this is so cool this is like I say I'm so excited right now. You literally it serves bigger Abbas the food bank and I'm right before about. -- right before that OK so yeah when you're driving down the expressway right now. That is that Quincy -- Braintree mass may regret it must have you'll you'll see I'll be -- street through your -- show him some support. And as he can tell he has freezing cold because it's only twenty degrees out and so we -- he's giving up his physical comfort. Not his this mental faculties. I would have my first two million of you gotta tie it off the field will dump truck loving men and by the way. -- great -- so Boston. I tell people so Boston well LP says thank you for the many years but a Dracula I think at times a good Indymedia used some loaded expressed second I can do some air traffic control. This is really neat man you can play he can bring some planes and from what I'm. I was so far down I was by the tank so Boston was irrelevant to me yeah I'm literally I can't way. Lesson. Two -- it right right up Rogers I -- where it's on. Tell -- won't -- he will now not come down until the donations go -- he is up there for good not coming down at night. Not behind going anywhere he is there for three straight days it and so. Our hope is that you totally understand this sacrifice that that LB is making instead as a making and the you feel like you can sacrifice as well. And donate. Well the Greater Boston food bank in the twister county food bank and the New Hampshire food bank self I want to thank Sunbelt rentals they got -- be up there which is no easy task. And and they are going to get to pass up there. As soon as death comes back from that that what sounded like an awful car and a bit. Not involving tests that no none no none involving -- he went over there to. A Texas says he's as thousands like Zimmerman. My -- -- -- are over there I'm like this yeah yeah now it might be gone hey Josh Romney -- settlement money could -- people -- So this. -- this is John yes hello John. Good morning jolt it outdoors today and I looked obese bad. Was -- not been reported over. I wouldn't expect correct but I want to bring up -- are getting like politely but it is not -- directly to middle shelf. And it wasn't there and it thousand was because it was just keep it -- -- thank you back. Yes that was unbelievable. That you closet and what -- it was -- -- driving. Dave and we were all hot and the guy drive and hit yeah you know hot is the -- it's what you were nine young calf. Was taught as an opening you don't sleep you think outlet store later he hit straight on UK and pop went. Well it was crazy is GO everybody's okay now everybody's okay. Z I agree I agree that if you don't actually picture -- -- tell -- I didn't something by the all the former president. I thought I did Flacco -- perfect yeah that's. I'm everybody's finds that the cops that they're popping here. I've -- when I was in big man I watched an apple and probably the product. Is on your mind but the guy is okay eight. Data guys okay -- was -- he was with dealers and now that whatever -- listen to go there right now. They're all like job. -- -- it should do duck at a guy's OK and I to look like what kind of involve Democrats because they were at the median wow -- -- there as a kind of problem which stopped what the guys I immediately -- somebody that was in the top behind it. But it was a big -- -- this is -- and that's the -- -- that suicide itself be I'd like that -- itself -- what they've flipped over a -- image in you you are. You're unbelievable I just took a look at that -- There's video I'm gonna a matter react let's put up a quick video and re tweet that so I just I just retreated that. I will also we'll also be tweeting. Pictures. -- up hi I'm his. Burch got ideas and -- -- in my hands it's so windy and here we. My hands froze fairway Saito or my hands up and then I'll I'll treat the pictures up a ticket pursue the building. The city of Boston South Boston. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A -- that that that.