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Hillmail 12-11-13

Wed, 11 Dec 2013|

Hillmail 12-11-13

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WA AF dot com. The now each YouTube and -- talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- may help. Am I the only one who actually hit a bad -- On WAA. -- there are some who is a -- does as soon as we get that would -- mail live you rise up as well all right I SR OK this is -- yes solo shot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ed you are popping up a -- I had on its previous bout that site -- you bet well. There -- no -- -- the best guys you're cement that I I think having goma now you don't you know it's like yeah yeah kinda. You're you're fired up. But now I'm up there and it's where can you gotta get -- you're left flags you know you hate it think it's an -- but it's not move him but it is no limit is not -- and I think it's critical. Well you have to get mental it's like like the Super Bowl right in the got to get yourself mentally prepared for. Yes yes it hit a sense I never really ever -- that kind of pressure when I play those. You know we had a fairly hot over. -- you know quite. The feeling guilt thing. At the big playoff games I mean you know I have a thousand to all the way you see all jacked up I go agenda I play guilty IB wanna play your top affected -- and everybody up whatever they wanted to -- Here are the best film will messages of the previous 24 hours. Keep -- 6:45. PM. That I would you -- -- you know you really do have a radio. Spot and and you all could you haven't they've got twelve I think -- win more than like that it. And that you'll -- lots. You're almost somebody has got to hang in there a few more days. Literally. And it's the first day of the rest of your life and this as the saying goes. Tuesday's 1:28. PM. Well Opel. They're part -- -- -- well I -- here Florida. The ball -- court order to get them. And just let this. I'm gonna get a visit from Santa that's good -- -- -- -- about that -- that was correct yes I believe that was that wasn't me. 754. Old. Both black people can daily -- in the process that wouldn't it. See all the people the other night but don't let it. And that's why -- that's true this is your dad and that is that is true. 740 shoot aliens. Into not -- Political -- going through the gate bridge. Those special people. Loan -- in fighting amongst the BNU assistant producers icy reality you know. Well. I don't know about reality okay. Are you allowed I mean I don't know about you know requirements but we are looking very hot today. -- for either one of those I don't know either one of those who qualifies. Think twenty old who called out it's it's bad day so it really all over neck okay. There -- -- will -- -- big -- right up under that big of a July. How about -- day. Apple didn't get this one's not god no I'm no doctor could do -- anymore what I gonna make anybody do what you're I think the I. Well that's here concert. Right let me -- the zoo I think. I think that organ. You know I think that we may hand up keeping you up there through Saturday at the donations really -- in the -- I don't work for me that's an extra day of may not about the that the but a government that -- guys leave me a little more intimate than the. Twenty times he had. -- didn't get a this WA AF also provides phone in the packet plain old fighter I come around yet but they've been hit. That was scenario. Wouldn't go after that it's called parenting not -- yeah. I took that that did not -- minority im gonna come on C span some. 2000 -- -- -- -- back to the accident that go back to the debris of bumper and the mile per hour race craft and. Why is it. I have to put everything on the on the -- if they get ready you guys wanna lift me up don't have all the stuff on it someone else can -- to me we can't wait wait we can wait wait wait a -- don't don't worry about it even -- don't want them. It's taken -- what you mean they walk out of the beavers are you know -- did you. I'd done this -- twenty. All. OK you know getting out cannot cooperate. They have a weight limit. And that it. -- next year she'll be opening round of Islam where -- have -- particularly I'm gonna have to expect. 707. AM. This is inappropriate. Without music I want guys but it black at a funeral. Am because I'm white -- -- yet that's I'm new music it might blow off Paul. And that won't it's now a shirt kind -- will be. If you would like to be he will be officiating -- you know he's probably a declared himself to be. Some kind of beneficial representative of some religious. And I would assume that the certification in line he's announcement that. Albums called eases me. That I defaults and that's not declaring yourself to be the head of a worldwide religion I don't know what is. It's unique and can't. I -- more yeah more local. I kept that aspect flack saying. But that those -- people. That there but I think their guys had no idea we did do a thousand bucks a guy. Three and it turns out their record for the debate is the world's biggest game back. I knew you going into what we did at the thought it would have been up at the Emmett -- -- like 1000 dollars. Now is that you know I have. I just thought of something and we now for the first time ever. For the first time ever blew and held he has offered up. His deal -- low hanging fruit -- Natalie got a low hanging. Don't think the bigger and he's got out my back. Actually I doubt that actually it's higher up -- -- low hanging fruit and after that -- solidified -- -- -- Yeah that was hard economic round -- -- I actually had yet to dig out went up I didn't know where this year's that I thought well it -- -- but it's. Really we should you know actually we have. LB we have noted that you first use that during this event in 1990 says -- yeah. I TC 1:27. PM. 40. Open it. -- character gonna get a little bit here but reality. In just when that happens yeah I. -- is on the phone I think Gary Edwards for the New Hampshire food bank that's what a parent. Yes I what's going on. Not much I'm glad that you brought forward it guys there like I make this picture right galway that we had a fake you out. I've worked as support for the ball so bad for about bike gears now and still. I don't I know the difference it makes they're not just in the field that looked around Christmas but still after Christmas people you don't forget that don't make me. Still don't realize that you people still need help well and that means. -- -- this really goes a long way to help out a lot of families. Well I you know there's we have a lot of listeners in New Hampshire a lot of 603 techsters and so. I know they will -- donate them and -- there's the opportunity to help out people who need it. Sign up there just like they needed here so we we really appreciate the work that you guys do and those who are texting WAA. 220222. I'm making a ten dollar donation and a lot of them are doing enough already so it's stain number one and but. We have we you that now you guys end up serving. The the whole entire state of New Hampshire. Yet we don't allow. L tomorrow I'm not actually going to make deliveries to Lebanon Claremont new report for audio out food pantries and shelters throughout that area. Go to every every week we -- we go to different parts of the state make deliveries to you know all of a sudden you know stop president and pantries. Throughout throughout the state. It will nice work by you guys are happy to include New Hampshire food bank. In our fundraising this year for rise up against -- aren't. They got it didn't have a great. Have a great Christmas. Okay you -- that's that is Aaron. Who did you use the C word on this program and I'm if I am glad that he did pull away Matt. It brought a great with. -- -- quick question Oreo or that can't tell that can't argue that -- -- I take -- half. -- -- let somebody try to pick up a couple. The guys OK so we can joke about. I'm. Appears that number above you'd like to be on this morning's 6179311. AA 617. 931122340. Can texted WA AF Ira motor group tech -- which -- 971. Of them. And we are here and in Brighton in Ireland a beautiful thing Brighton in our studio staff as an LP are out beginning. Rise up against hunger it's our annual fund raiser for the food banks. We have done as you heard earlier you have done I should say something. Some sort of fundraising efforts for the Greater Boston food back all the way going all the way back every year since nineteen. Nine -- six. Captain had a motto. President of food bank was in here earlier. And it was. Very impressed with the fact that we are creeping close.