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Sports Queen In-Studio

Dec 10, 2013|

Sports Queen In-Studio

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I'll -- your hot gas in me I have experience -- -- -- -- called -- fine women. Who -- fox sports but LB has discovered sub. A couple hardee's who LB just recently did a television -- -- ladies. How far -- are you. Well I mean I -- it's cold outside there's snow coming in -- in some kind of one -- Ayers served can't be users something like that. You know way I -- go that -- and your boots where I can kind tweet a picture of it pretty spectacular. Are you happy -- -- and -- -- -- this is like you're laughing in the studio well in my briefing LB told me to come here and just like. Poor Christian yeah there's a regular briefings. -- life that he. You know why do better than not a role appear in my underwear okay I'm good at that moment you turn around so we can yelling yeah. Like your face off with a yeah yeah yeah. Amid the look at it now listen you guys meant. I'll be you you did -- echoes so you're Nadine omni -- sports clean -- may be in the sports queen and you are I know coolest parts and tax all the sports princess that you -- -- -- -- normally not see -- -- want to royal seed are you sure your sports were -- good but what what defines US ports world who don't like what. One qualified to be sports were we -- super fan now and we give them lots of good luck -- weighing out eating champion yeah exactly what they mean it all because of us -- the do you like are you well versed in in -- in sports of course. LA yeah I'm right where the sport -- -- -- -- -- the reason why where rocking RPG -- -- today just because December is a very special month for the -- this historically. Since 2000 airline we have the winningest record with 47 insects. Since 2001 south 47 and what 47 when you okay thanks a -- is a lot of monster -- -- -- the month that an actor or 60000 in the wind and and now how many of those happened at the patriots who -- don't you do get into -- the pages home field call so lets you and let. Yeah the -- that was called what was -- -- -- what was called before they stopping okay. I don't know I don't know I think you know that -- the -- yeah. -- actually -- on Sunday I know you're Iowa is indeed the rope yeah freezing my blood. -- and the Tom Brady of course within a a fantastic comeback. But -- -- just not doing -- they need to without doing not and doing what are they go the lady to ran in the beginning that talent around like when. I mean I -- -- are we giving -- -- -- what I did you know. Well. -- but it's too close you know not -- -- Tom Brady hit for that final touchdown when McCain and Evans isn't. -- For the final post and we just FBI -- that we just simply be throw that ball. The last of split with the I don't like so I guy when he arrives. At court square and. Screen doesn't please you -- yeah. I'd like these dual the only time you're my -- found out -- do whatever you keep on winning in the last few seconds -- -- -- but it also giving us -- anxiety everything's held -- Yes yes that's going to like to point -- and something we talked about the other day. You don't have to know crap about sports out if you're hot embargo period and it doesn't matter what little out of what Danielle over his wondering -- in -- -- -- -- You know I don't please may as well and then I don't know I just. I'm more cardinal and asking me hello are you even gonna ask me and number eight is. Oh Yahoo! is number eight number eight on my Jersey right now know that team member that will never get traded and that is me all costs and Gerri. At Jersey now crazy it's crazy nice what do you are playing nickname Ellis. I get nervous when and when any woman whose nickname is crazy like why why why why did you -- Name Craig my name is crazy nice because I'm so nice it's crazy and I'm so crazy it's nice. Send CNN not -- to me I'm just doing anything ninety and to help. Anything I'm involved in this trying to help out I am well -- crazy nice is a take on I guess we -- college here. Wicked nice wicked night we did not recognize a loss. Now tell me it was on and -- dirty water TV with the guys correct yes yes and and you have you guys have a show. Yes Tom how -- we find the listeners who would like to hear your. Unique take on sports how could they find you guys. You go on to. WWW. Reform our radio dot com -- me an -- New episodes every Wednesday night at 8 PM and then every night at 8 PM more than a re air that same show. And then until the next Wednesday night we get a new one -- and then we also just plot we do video. And and so LB was our first -- so aren't dirty water -- people live about the mission oh and we. Posted the video of it so you log on right now you can go to the blogs and you can actually watch the shower OK can I just wanna say that I'll be. I will always remember my first not yeah. I do what we want. There's -- -- version I am I think all of your. I personality volume Fred I think you know -- his brother and the whole world would -- broadcasting -- -- hold the -- you guys -- going to be phenomenal. I'm not tell me and -- I mean I -- you -- and I thought -- -- myself but I'm you know all our outlaw lap and it. Now listen what do you make of these Sean important incident the other right. I you really kind of let me honest I don't -- -- and he had to ask you. Know now. Not -- not a hockey is to spread love you know I keep it and I don't know not a not a hockey fan. Everything fan but you gotta understand I have literally ten jobs now so I cannot pay attention to each and everything and so people need to understand that that I'm not gonna be a bit -- tell you who's imagining you know with the historic figure at this point is the top right. Today I mean it's you can't you wanna stop me you guys are going to stop mean you know I mean I don't claim to be all knowing I -- and a super -- -- And it's if it's if it plus if it's reverse cowgirl it's tough to see via TV ball boy I am I correct about that -- -- In my -- and credibility that. Is it and I dropped -- -- -- -- -- It is that you don't have to go outside so what is that you do ladies what are what is so I assumed football is your favorite sport Nadine. The sports media -- what about. -- volleyball and baseball baseball I have the Red Sox catching the Red Sox a very hearing here riots -- -- -- -- -- -- that -- -- -- -- tramp stamp. Are you doing all the Red Sox that the with a nerve agents. And what's the what's the -- -- -- is that this is sports we. That are not none whatsoever what does that say it's tribal with a couple -- well. This it was symbolic I'm eighteen and I'm going to say yeah -- getting attacked soon. It's. And while well I did that I played it what about you Mike and his favorite -- well and I seen its quarterly on me of -- I'm not I'm normal and -- finally had the same time from north or are you oh you're from New Orleans has so you'll hear it now your patriots fan that you -- is like the patriots don't let them play when they came -- here. They even as so let me see -- just when they play each other it's like -- nightmare he can't take them. The the raspy voices. I can tell why are you shocked I tell LB enjoyed doing. Paid navy and I. Like Baxter Max who cares if you -- Rangel now for a short time there -- welcome to my world guys bust my balls on farm belt now Ellison have either review ever or never slept with a professional -- -- -- absolutely not would you. Absolutely not I had to who would you pick if I absolutely I do we have to lawyers. I don't I don't around the public side women who would you if you have to who would you sleepless. A professional sports plan yes Dominic go lands. Talk radio Monday. What about your sports princess. Well my boyfriend is actually a pro and any fighter and I honestly with them the times when yeah. She has dropped she just drop the bomb nice day and the courts is an anti any more heat he says only screens and act. I'm actually is that -- feels defensive managed well -- -- -- -- spyware really excited about our second guest on our show which is not UFC fighter from Boston John doomsday how are and that began at and that airs tomorrow night eight and now former radio dot com Halladay -- interview -- -- -- and I don't know maybe -- always different. I can't always the first I thought it was not a Big Ben yeah we've spent and I love giant upgrade yeah he's -- arteries awesome with him about. All right ladies Willis and it's been nice to have you come by and below cool lomb will sweep a picture of you and then if people wanna find you they can find you say one more time where they can find you. Eighteen go to my website and -- we'll get them to every -- the sport and -- -- -- -- I'm my problem I would say Disney Jean Michel dot com Chris Hill. Crazy -- on Allentown one out -- that went through with the crazy crazy -- winner is ready to handle is acne Dina crazy night out that actor Nadine crazy nice -- -- -- -- -- yeah. -- -- -- I don't behind your child nice to see you doing here they. I -- prediction. Prediction on this Sunday's patriots game that and then they are going to -- and I play well. I have to find that out. And.