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Hill-Mail 12-10-13

Tue, 10 Dec 2013|

Hill-Mail 12-10-13

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Now each -- -- talk. There's the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- made out. Go bad pick -- -- that it. People aren't going to stop -- at the LP which could not be a great. On the UK okay. I think he'll jump off it'll make it all the way to Friday. Rise up against hunger for the food banks begins tomorrow morning sponsor for help melt the ice bath -- -- OK here are. These -- mail messages. Of the previous 24 hours -- 11 AM. Can't I can't kick it ends -- intact and actually today how the weatherman turned you don't -- don't purple it. -- -- -- -- -- What actually picking -- black bag while I'm at credit that lack the current black anchor. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Governor release these state employees getter I mean I know that they would be a prime date for that. Because there's going to be some snow around like it last year was six inches young guy and so that's -- maybe but this is two to four I mean lord knows. What kind of tragic things are gonna happen if two inches fell piloting -- -- a few. -- You'll -- Potter book caught the ball the -- At -- link. I got to go. For 200. After. Have a big gash in his honor and that we should -- you -- what did you -- CM and make a donation of the end after the food backs on now. By get this book and you're certainly -- out. That's not a nice thing to do -- brigadier general going away party of course Aaron I want you can't say I'm really -- -- and that's what everybody is bad Lima Hulu announced careless whisper again. -- 7:40. PM. We know you're leaving the show but I wanted you to know that we cast the vote -- competent you stay. It is although it wrote that there won't show that there it. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- I see that fortunate -- beer yeah bureau beloved radio personality these people love you they're going to miss you. Winds you know when we come back to work after the break January 6 or seventh or whatever. People are gonna wake up Ringo where is that man I love him I have I miss them -- -- still has it everywhere anywhere -- -- more than 38 PM. It -- turn to you hey. You know what hey. -- and it. And create their current air ticket came -- and -- it then you lose every new week AA. They're all. Good day. Every and everything we can't hear game up in the air. And news -- And that message that's gonna happen every time going forward on this program. The bright audio cut is played seamlessly by a producer yes people think to themselves you know what. I missed that little guy hands than we're used to play the wrong audio cut. During the news -- I don't know where -- as well Greg wonders what exactly you're doing and don't like for action. They'll be no for a 52 collapse while everyone around you drive it well a while everyone around you tries to figure out what you just handling. What you're possibly -- -- -- -- had a my time all of the stuff but I say in this program is futures and -- years ago addressed. Years and years ahead of its time best ever want to damaged homes -- we won't realized we won't realize the relevance until until some point later on exactly yeah. And and. Doesn't when he grew old. They can't make all big and out aired out they kept that how we get out -- now to -- -- I've got healthy -- he had it how -- -- know that neither did not -- Nelson Mandela being -- -- nobody is Joseph Carroll reports are well on its. Rosen up all your employer you love death -- but I can't imagine a special. Twenty -- all. Our interest or met out one. Or battery or edited out. They weren't. Going to be so quickly you actually -- -- -- -- -- to get pretty. It's -- they don't sound right. And now and the jury definitely for end. I might try to hire this -- asked the -- lined up to that as a child I just hired these sports queen then yeah Canadian nickel on canning says those who -- -- -- this group. They both in their pantries died a very big 11 -- worrying -- super -- -- on them and did -- did it their advance immediately it would of analysts and political world where Brittany plus -- showing -- articulate. LB but always books podcasts until. Nineteen -- -- I love this whole you know -- is bad and is critical moments over the years that you know. It is and memory it is remembering. Okay not clips I thought I can't -- -- -- -- it is by the way I enjoyed that that was changed to. We recycle many items that simple. -- -- -- -- -- You know you have another -- please let go all. -- -- and it. -- -- -- -- guy in China. Out shopping Christmas wise -- -- with his girlfriend. They were out shopping for five hours and -- she she -- where does this happen insurance. And we. Because people always wonder whether these these international story yeah. Wonder where you wonder whether they're true or not it was the golden Internet are golden eagle international shopping center ice I don't know the correct pronunciation of the of area where it's all right it's -- obviously I'm gonna happen there are if you look so the guy ain't she would decided she was gonna -- for one more item and the guy lost his mind. And jumped off the fifth floor of the shopping my -- -- -- broke him yeah because he couldn't take it -- -- group. People couldn't believe -- -- I -- issues you have yesterday you really -- you're like the -- Marcos of the of the Greater Boston area graduate minute keyboard freaked out I should displayed in and shadow boxes as decorum at home down there so airliner beautiful woods. It's. I don't people in shadow boxes. 49 and old. Well. Where they are already clear that quiet and Bloomberg won't -- Big race Big Five K on Saturday to benefit the -- -- foundation. If you like to sign up we could do so on our website the Greg -- foundation dot org 7:20. AM. -- -- that -- I -- -- edit and now work and it could take a look and talk about how much of that come -- walk. Good -- and joke. Who cut and out you know -- new. And that -- Buick cognac. You guys are both. Like police officers -- like fighting a war 7:15. AM. I -- great people and Greg I think I speak also picked Gary what they say Cody. -- Q I know you'll be -- we'll look if you were going to commit if you. Now. And didn't. Get a guy -- had X three days for you Gary yeah. But -- -- with Jackson and Al legit Gary Jackson and says about the weeks 21 AM. Am I can get hit an eight Gary. I'm not and are. On the -- cash is it you know he's doing the daily trash pickup service over there in Winchester. Quite -- -- quite. Quite a business development after. -- first it's 7:21. AM. Am I the only one who could hit that we've been. And it did not know you not know him quite a few people act like an actual clip you're happy listeners readiness drew back and -- May WA AF supposed to make it WA -- preset on their radio and they're reading many are happy. Many feel tires for the word they Philly as variants are safe and manner during -- many of your failures smiling. Thanks for any treaty old man. Wrote it I didn't didn't. -- -- Normally don't call. 100 message.