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Are You Smarter Than a Gamer Nerd: Madden 25

Dec 5, 2013|

Are You Smarter Than a Gamer Nerd: Madden 25

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All right if you would like -- rule for in yourself a fantastic prize to finding out whether you are smarter. Then a true beamer neared death. Then call right now. 61793. -- and that one man at 6179311. And two. 23. And Omar lol line you up for the game this morning. And Anthony. What was perhaps. Is final paved public appearances last night over at -- in Braintree. With a a bunch of gamers and a national Madden competent yes and I think it was probably the last time I'll get turned down by a New England Patriots -- Tompkins was there yes yeah and I asked him I -- -- -- After the event would you like to a get a drink and things that -- -- -- pretty much word for it not not not -- gonna you gonna get a practice tomorrow. I got -- the buy your stuff to do I -- sorry but I gotta go ask your dollar fairly nice -- you know I -- you're a good symbol over my grand dad yeah I'm I'm sorry I. And I appreciate the -- now the game Bernard is whom this guy Mike. My he came up here from New Jersey -- -- -- special -- in that -- I'll tell you guys about and the greatest thing about it was he was and before -- interview before is not a -- yeah he's -- in -- -- Yeah a Doctor Who lost his -- got our first game Mary first let me play field goal it was awesome because they actually have guys -- -- -- -- and -- -- -- -- they're -- the game play and I don't like the -- -- in the game at -- Yeah but it's allegedly let's meet this game Bernard. My name is Michael Mercado -- so amazing cinematic world actually came out today and in Boston -- my first time here I'm here to being the best buy ultimate video game showdown I came back some from Jersey myself I travel winter in the in New York one on Monday. Competed over there. Came -- like top six over there you know came close but no cigar. I could get a lot of -- leagues I compete a lot in that online tournaments I actually travel lots of different states to compete a man tournaments. How much time do you typically spend playing Madden oh say about thirty to forty hours a week -- -- like almost like full time part time job just practice and you know my craft a better and be able to compete allowed these. You know a young up and coming guys have been around for awhile. Give corporate it's gonna miss Molly's got quite girlfriend. Yeah. This stuff like we do is monitor that I -- and -- -- tennis and about that. Thirty to forty hours a week. That's why we got up and job playing Madden couldn't it -- LA Brian. How are you Brian I'm Brian what have felt coach's name does not up here. In recent versions of Madden NFL because he is not a member of the NFL coaches association. I. Might it might Ditka yeah Ditka high. Let's see if you are smarter. Then today's game murdered what NFL coaches name does not appear in recent versions of Madden because he's not a member of the NFL coaches association. Bill Belichick -- Bill Belichick is. Is -- he's like what I kind of do in the -- game like you know you can adjust to make adjustments throughout the game. He does make things happen I -- the swagger on the sideline you know I'm not a patriot fan I mean. He's on silent with the hoodie on you know cold weather you know like I'd like the rest of the guys are like -- like a swagger he came from good genes when it. You know when it comes to you know coach -- tell me a little bit about your in game adjustments. Mind game adjustments and come in and out of tournaments are -- -- -- my opponent out so I'll come out already -- off at the scheme that I already do are ready. And are kind of see the guy falls where my opponent falls for a of course we keep trying to -- but if my opponent is surprised me with some new stuff that you know I've never seen before having a hard time against you know I do -- like any NFL coach in real life would. You know you gotta make adjustments you know. Maybe send a little heat off the corner you know put everybody drop -- buyback under cover to cover three zone you know on that thing about these new matters now you know you can control everything on the whole field you can take this one -- -- put -- in his own quarterbacks by job from deep. Double cover somebody but you only have a couple seconds to adjust so at the end of the day you still got to grab the stick things they're gonna make players. I could probably -- in any NFL locker room tomorrow going to be the head coach from the eighteenth he and Belichick exact I guess I just I love this time again at the end of the day you still got to grab the stick things they're gonna make -- yeah I. A that's bear attack -- -- good -- this -- He didn't get energy he's an end of the day you still got to -- -- -- he's gonna make -- -- now that you -- grabs against Hillman just like real life that's right yeah yeah you're right about the the answer the answer was Bill Belichick -- hello Ryan. What's up Brian. Ryan what system was the original Madden football created for. Cool I'm already very month. -- -- Let's see if you are smarter than today's a gamer nerd what system was the original Madden football created for the Apple Computer itself. And it is that seriously called John Madden football what's it like when the new man comes out every year. It's phenomenal man I mean honestly. Everybody it's almost like Christmas from -- players when July cuts that's gone around the corner by gets like. You know they get itchy fingers everybody wants Goodell wasn't a with the new about the game and everything and then you know when August comes and they released again in the game drops you know. It sells millions of copies every year you know you got your average -- player. On that just -- every day every year because it -- love the game of football who love the NFL they wanna play with their favorite player that they see on until Sunday as. On the you got guys like me that you know take it to the next level and on. You know we compete in these high you know high level high stakes tournaments and that's what it is I mean it's and a -- -- and the today in an electronic form. And it's obvious to act. The apple two computer meaningful game half life on this thread is yeah. And again -- the spirit that's an unstoppable and the today and an electronic -- you have got on the bottom of the hello hey Shane. There are allies issue and -- what football team that John Madden coached to a Super Bowl victory -- and. Absolutely not do much epic game. Yeah yeah everybody up to today. Packers I don't know that the -- -- These guys are playing in depth -- -- real life any better player in their own -- -- yeah. Let's see if you're smarter than today's gave Bernard what football team did John Madden coached to a Super Bowl victory. Oakland Raiders LA raiders Oakland Raiders -- -- well another raiders or Oakland the raiders -- one house was John Madden James. Boom that's all I know he's a bone. Any at all I remember him as the hits as boom all the time when he is the commentary and he's said all time in Matta when it came out so I thought known for that and go to Oakland Raiders which a team we're a team in terminal and about my proposal they were alive and ample sun hasn't watched football Dallas Cowboys. But on when I play the game competitively -- -- either my cowboys. Seahawks to the really good in this in this year's game and actually today innocent today's tournament on the whipped out. The vikings -- agent Peterson fans out there that are listening to starring none but. I will represent you know -- when the guys -- actually. Well he can represented AP -- says there is no passion left in this country anymore this guy 38 a forty hours a week yeah. Dominating math freshening he's just slashing it just like the bill -- Jack.