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Hill-Mail 12-4-13

Dec 4, 2013|

Hill-Mail 12-4-13

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Now each you return to talks. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- old man up. What were all ordered the jaws of -- -- -- -- -- On WFAN. And -- There is so old saint neck. Gotta be gonna be coming down here chimneys yes. Here are the very best film -- messages of the previous 24 hours. Suite 20. And -- Hypocrite let me tell you -- pick a limited edition the format of the morning show alarm clock because you're always going to be you. Well known fact that you really they get in a the example that I'm more important you mean 730. I'm in between -- and -- -- you're in our character. And you. China and unarmed combat alert into. And I'm glad I'm punctuality not a thing -- -- -- -- times out we don't we don't stick to it -- schedule unless the -- it's free it's free flowing. And free flowing when it comes to the schedule from. 09. Hole. I have a question for diet and -- You know might -- like the. You meet him there. Ladies supported you for years how long you been married four bit. Police security cutters and what I think he's in a belated breakthrough. Between people -- Identify problem I'll pick these black -- And that that tackle Brent died in -- And that it. -- -- Well Massachusetts man you should be proud of according to condom purchases. In 2013. Massachusetts ranks fifth. In the nation when it comes to size of John -- North Dakota men. Of the final day of the characters being dismissed their carry in the lumber there but. And Rhode Island. -- -- Allen is an actual number two you Rhode Island guys off. Tackle some. It's so special message but not Massachusetts. Number five when it comes to size of the the the mail John can all country. Unfortunately. Mississippi. And that being number fifteen and it comes to to Johnson self. -- crater -- kill them if you take a trip down that way. Good morning he had. And they're about -- think that we're in the pot I hope that they get it to. They -- here I doubt that he is not that the pin number one and number told the cabinet pick it not being a picnic. And yeah but my dad that I gotta match with the biggest fears and win. Looks bleak tours all. -- next -- Over there and they're here yeah. In the message logging. And say -- -- That's said during the discount to stay here. I think adding Jacoby is a bomb that you did they -- is -- -- 120 yeah the six years we lawyer at the five miles yeah I have I had 120 million. And you say no for a couple of extra -- As you elect really going to be that different for the extra million you get a get -- -- five males six Mel yeah. Most it was thirty -- -- and I don't care what it is they want you hurting -- trust what investor money in Boston and you don't. But I love I love people -- spaz you have a never never had a massive amount of money opportunity. Number of their life. I I totally take. 75000. Dollars -- -- marathon I -- -- not a lot of upgrade that's on the -- is why you do would you do people in Major League Baseball because he's awesome experience any earned it he earned it he's out okay and he's a turncoat or and I hope becomes the Boston he gets booed out of a town I hope we take is again multiple World Series. About it you staffs didn't get squat. 386 years and this guy's imparted to championships. In the first half his career -- he he what he does know you squat now what is the. Obligation of a professional athletes spent as is that this day and night it's in good guests who -- one -- their whole entire current debt should be but it yet after Jacoby Ellsbury. Was with the Red Sox from the beginning has played here for a really long time up pretty good player so the Red Sox have given him a great opportunity to showcase his talent laden stuck with -- -- program what he's been -- brat cry in a -- pulled rib muscle some -- the dynamic continue to go back to -- even when his batting averages and Beck -- you know forty steals a few bases and still -- -- and -- -- yeah and that they step up. Many say you know what I'd -- MAQ and multi millionaire went off to a 120000. Dollars again. Now now you haven't got anything for me collect yourself and you lost in the studio yeah. I'm going to the yankees' yeah. And you know -- don't you know you know it's awesome it would it would die mentality. I think it's great so every mediocre. Pro athlete plays on a team they never win squad guy but there but they keep paying him. To be mediocre many years to plan -- team for fifteen years so what is so we're gonna do from now on to build identity in pro sports. We're assigned like out full roster players don't ever trading anybody. Whenever billion team making a better than I you know this is the deal is the guy won two World Series he earned every bit of that 153 amount. Well who would you say when you look at this city. Who is who has been loyal. 21 team -- -- Tom Brady -- Brady and IRS said Paul yesterday that scumbag also went into me a lot of golf equipment -- estate obviously -- -- are you had no choice you could you always have a choice for your -- has to make a deal they'll pull tires -- -- it's day to go to -- going to be a -- mistake he did decide -- -- Then again you're here and I -- What all laid out the window the comeback we don't want you that's sort of what happens on radio and Paul Pierce was the ultimate Celtic. He actually said you know what. Trade me with. Kevin Garnett so you can rebuild because having me on your team is gonna cost you multimillion dollar -- dollar and we're not gonna win you any more than ten more games whatever. I'm I'm going to be and I Celtics hall of fame I'm gonna be the NBA hall of fame night I will for you. Go play I don't wanna quit BAI hey you know I don't want I'd end my career but I also I don't wanna I don't wanna sync my the team -- this may mean famous. Now so we're actually doing a favorite of the Celtics knew about it and let's not forget that snake minimized to a that was interesting shocks. Wanna lose. Furlough. Hold every -- whopping 200. Only about a thousand dollars and you talk honestly when you're making over a hundred million dollars. You Marty made what's the extra money. Honestly balkanized what is the extra money -- -- loyalty to what city year to an organization that took care unit nurtured due to get you to the port you can make a hundred million dollars to flip him off. -- techsters says. Big poppy. Has stayed here his entire career by media didn't stop -- right now he's got hit by a -- poppies when it and I it pains me to see Davis. We'll run down as one of the greatest cost and that's on players and I won't -- time. I think he's going to be a bomb this year and this is a huge issue -- I am now going. I know he got -- bad Larry Bird. Kevin -- -- are tied on nearly every book. Wrong -- -- -- left he did he might look I did they not I'm not important to say you left it there fighter I've -- makes a good guy can play and I think yeah I met this eighty played nineteen years he reauthorization. Anyway and Colorado your picture up guys and after they look to let him go winning -- think -- -- I'm happy for -- My in Iraq are you that your guy -- been the position. Hello Fran. -- well it looks up man to comment but trying to pick me up first -- typical bad hypocrite. Pete leaving it ain't right edit her night. -- but don't get over it but he's so out the -- about -- at stake -- people like in the state taxes. It's great fear that -- in every game that. -- -- -- And I'm going to make it over a hundred Mellon doesn't matter anymore I would rather it doesn't matter after that it's like that's enough now you -- see it now he just wants finish at thirty million so we can go drop you know -- a strip club or someone you know who we haven't mentioned yet. Who's been here his whole entire career. In its prior Tehran -- burning and pat -- see again he's married. This is Dan hello Dan. So what are -- the morning everybody it's aren't that far more spectacular tour. Open and you'll all left hander favorable -- that goes. -- this guy no -- make everybody. Is trying to stick up for a bomb that left to go to the crime now. Bad I don't think toward that end if they are volatile and as if I'm at station offered -- a quarter earnings. That some would say. It would -- And W celery and I've got your two seconds yes you're right OK go -- -- -- that would -- anybody. How dirty could the pain and let it restore order and Internet Derek and everyday you come on then -- good. Jacoby Ellsbury sneaky. Because he got off to too much money from the Red Sox now that's garbage that's telling the Red Sox go after itself but let's start every single one a bit you know what. We should have a Jacoby Ellsbury Jersey burning rally because the guy is that much of a storm -- turned his back. On every single Red Sox via -- guys -- the World Series C you'd probably what everybody off on the dot a couple of -- I. I I would subject. I can't call about the Yankees. You know ever since -- content stadium haven't won one World Series. You know I mean -- they're willing to -- -- I mean I you know they have is that the reds are threats to have a payroll over 200 million dollars directory payroll this year was still pretty high and yeah it doesn't pretend it was it was in the -- I was still pretty guys. Though all right well Ellsbury gone. And headed to the evil empire. Immediately pentagon anywhere you asked the go to New York. -- That's an economic -- -- double barreled blow up the bad. I don't sentimental look forward Matt -- -- the code. That help our football team behind the Internet. And who will. I get and but I would only coach -- -- only put Meehan if we were up by about 20/20 five points genius. They guys they double -- get in there aren't you out of your path. And do me a favor don't foul anybody all right let's stand there and they've put your arms up -- That don't follow anybody seven. Twenty old. -- Khalid -- Barry got back I think there would turn that guy yeah. And now they hate us what your dad Joseph is on the amazing you know that's a Joseph feels out of luck if charges are for real about what he's doing McCall but it's that flat out when he yankees come to town does cause I was -- scumbag. Remind you about what have you got to -- -- one who took a group of greedy money -- -- Seven and nineteen older I. Kobe got great great player now. Great careers great that they're bringing it -- the -- that now. Under that its oats for about it are that's what you are out of all the teams if you went somewhere else I think I'd be okay to be be it. It's kind of like apple went to Clemens -- -- Ronald first any entity and that made accountable case like you know what -- -- Clemens like K Youkilis went it went on cement the Yankee fans blamed it on debut cat you know Dan -- didn't -- the express enough interest anyway I think here whenever who has that. Ellsbury can't blame anybody -- shows shows that deal hello Mike. And what's -- Michael. Doubt and it brought the royal. Can't there can't you know want to be that guy very clear -- in the way. It's they say it's a crappy dirty water so -- definitely critical piece of crap I had nothing to do with his music every little bit but no it didn't -- -- -- a Texan wants to know if you understand how much the insurance is for a Ferrari that's why these guys at all. But I have to make them to take the right ideal -- they have the make the most that they can't. To -- all. Moderate. Drinking at the end where am I don't underneath it -- Bloomberg keeps. I'm not a racist -- you know yeah my. My wife this is then -- outcomes. What happened out there and wounded -- that -- been determined yet although the police went to the football players home yesterday dental search -- gather some evidence potential evidence hello Dave. -- established. Special. Water as British UK would be better situation. -- I was offered a hundred million dollars a distinct hundred million dollars that's okay -- you know hey don't you mom and you cast -- Now I I do what I'm quitting because I wanted to something differ in my life but I -- the station yes. He also all right so I'd say you are right. Well decades out I really want to go just -- So I looked and looked on but they're -- Robert jukebox few weeks I ideology and money and money. Don't regular light -- all the medication like a couple longer a couple donated tents out that's so let me try I really can't be takes. I am actually actually inside turn of the year round I -- sorry not -- -- -- vision walking away from his contract it's my decision to leave. At the pinnacle of my career. That's what this is -- it felt like -- should do after winning the World Series now it was my decision to walk away with I don't wanna we wait a year when they say hey you know what when we're not renewing -- contract currently now. -- quality -- only -- -- adding -- option that you don't know that. -- -- -- -- I'll take aim at. Port 300 how accurate he read understandably. Ran out on the job. And eventually Wear now nobody. Netcam. -- yeah. Do you. -- -- correct Cochran and now it. Looks to me old. Might well. Know who went no he. Doesn't didn't we need them. I mean let's watch the video pop action -- great. According like because I made there but look like crap out there in the dollar and try to work every point I have witnessed this. Anyway wants to be the Obama fashion I wanna be you know built Obama of clothing of the -- it. Is the guy has a healthy self image let's sources put it sure does now. And you know Conway is favored by -- yeah I'm yea right your favorite person has picked up at the puck we pay tribute. He is. Look we aren't all them. Yeah no meant no doubt the didn't junk removal and demolition that. Or six -- after all he's been destroyed in new York and here. And -- And then it. Links between people and yeah. -- agree unity. And not actually has little to you that the.