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Inside The Warped Female Mind With Danielle

Dec 4, 2013|

Inside The Warped Female Mind With Danielle

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Let's go inside. The war deranged female brain. -- this is the assistance of the lovely -- disorder. And I got an email. Which presents an interesting dilemma and because people are what are we what are we got like 21 days the Christmas point to -- whenever. Because people men are thinking of doing their Christmas shopping I thought he might be able offer some assistance here Danielle. To this guy. Whose emails as last year for Christmas. I -- my girlfriend Sabrina. A bunch a practical gifts towels -- new bathroom. Cookware for kitchen etc. On Christmas morning Sabrina was infuriated. She didn't talk to me for the next two days. Well now let's go to do its -- and reports this to me because he says this this year he's thinking of getting her some. Light fixtures. For error. I guess for her home they usually means yet and he's terrified that she's going to be upset. Explain to me what is wrong with a guy. Buying pot like towels than island good cook Wear something nice. For the woman that he loves. Here's the deal. If you kit weary and you can't carry it it's not again right Daniel OK get drunk driver -- children I would the diamond on her finger you want to buy out all -- -- Thursday you wanna -- -- Pick up on a random Saturday evening donations over the knowing you wanna get a light -- get them in February on a random Monday for not the first Christmas I how necklaces -- woman bank it's not -- thankless it's just Christmas is to -- when you're giving -- Christmas -- -- and some people do enjoy practical Christmas -- I am one of those -- however I do like. It's I want the extravagant -- as well so you're gonna get -- -- light fixture I want you put it in a Louis Vuitton bag. Yeah you all come quicker it was not you come to -- and you come of the Christmas -- -- would be dime and the earrings the only vacation in men and he had the -- you're lord here. Gives come out after work here's the taxable woman says it's not personal. He never -- to -- Not personal life that's what she wants but I thought about stuff that you needed it's a Christmas and not an upset that you need to be known not for a while now. It wouldn't. You're relaxed and he broke I have to open up another gift with a pair of socks are sure harder -- -- always different package. Capitalism immigrants yeah it it drives me crazy I don't -- clothing and a rainy cold -- Christmas in Hebrew instead another parent tough skins playing straight. Boots then I'm honestly it and you guys would love to CS broke we pay the more engaged repay every single male that's not -- -- it should be afraid. And -- -- and parents we go -- do something nice like by you -- our new washer and dry out now and again all have an upset about it because that's what he could show lofty -- why should I anyway let them what you're skews it Caylee in the mortgage on the new house and media champion squad. Well for example I actually -- -- I bike I don't wanna say it but I -- a -- or something firm home for Christmas and Syria is because he's listening -- it's a welcome mat now. -- good welcome mat out. And welcome -- yes it cost me a couple bucks county -- or not but things like that deadline of may sound editor of the Athens -- does that have acute slogan -- just like home -- I read all of happily ever after that is not -- -- -- buzz here and honestly. Women just -- show stuff off to -- other girlfriends -- you me and they -- -- broken -- no cash -- -- practical things -- the -- you -- and -- I got a I got a garage door opener from Miami and last Christmas was not happy this woman's -- third but -- it on how to be in the garage door -- illegally in the garage -- issued a critical free and you think cat in the Iraq. Christmas to me and I mean there. So materialistic. And me to hang up it's usually -- five meany is the guy when a late. What guy doesn't Garrett played how about the guys don't waste of money aren't required I -- like fictional material. And he really got trailer -- -- -- Melissa -- is Ali is a worn out and Warren towel to dry off. For -- and until my wife and used those sick -- she goes and buys the dollars in so what do outcome the old adage it's the spot that count not -- -- I don't know doesn't exist today in the fifties are behind him the boot them out. Here's the taxes says last Christmas my husband got me a blend their I was angry for weeks. Well president by weeks I get a vitamin -- last year and I was more blender or Toronto the blender but it's it's -- -- -- -- you know I can over the hurdle of mr. Khamenei still. Yeah I usually go into that now. Every single day of course is probably use it all the time now she didn't get that amazing personal gift. What about a vacuum cleaner. And trying to get -- get out and yeah. Yeah I wish I had I got you a broad Brodeur the pigeons away. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So you mean to tell me this guy got two full days of keeping quiet thoroughly the price of a better Powell. Now I now I don't know Nadal had a lot of talk that way but -- a group of couldn't that. I think the number one Black Friday purchase at Wal-Mart was -- is the only reason I don't know why I may because it makes for great we have video and yeah you're given a way to Somalia Bagram via a great tells an ocean state job lot all the Delaney -- I don't think community unit I. Is there were a lot of it and I brought -- -- -- -- -- There's raids -- -- Saying I want I don't know Merry Christmas to you. -- -- an elderly couple that if you wanted it you might have been no matter what the quality ideas. Didn't that I remember the anniversary it's something nice and Christmas. It you know they were doing so well sold -- our anniversary equipment should be and he'll be what it brought. Now -- so you don't buy practical gifts like this guy bought for Sabrina. Ali I want quite that they want them by go to their web and I think that's virtually wiped its war they'd be proud that they get. And it appears -- noted that the -- expensive jewelry at the -- didn't -- something stupid. So Robert thought for the I'll -- it is that there -- that he got elected by the public profitability. I'm sorry Sabrina. You can just tell that Sabrina I'm happy with anything from homeland last that was like a diamond ring a twelve -- even then bring. I said I want -- split shank. -- -- -- -- And the sitting in the collar -- might damage the column polity boyfriends what -- this holiday boyfriend means a guy who's a complete bomb. And all it doesn't care. At the does give -- -- about the woman. But on the holiday need make sure she gets plough is gets a nice ring and -- a dependable bomb like myself then I get it gave the electric down your I mean electric bill I pay for everything but I'm a scumbag because I can't afford to buy a ring because I just paid fifty approximately a mortgage right. None -- -- -- what is ladies what is the what is the worst possible gift when it comes to these practical gifts that a guy could buy it. I'm guessing it's something that you would like the vacuum cleaner -- -- you'd have to do work is that yes anything that call live -- cleaning or tax. -- forced scheme of things yeah. And that's it but I got you some paint for that spare bedroom you've been talking about oil Derrick. -- -- The difference Palin eliminated so of course yet so our web and it's the most expensive here in the world this scenario the it ought to open the site let it. Good old PGA and a few voters go to questions some years ago. Yeah I don't know if he'd jump out of -- yeah I don't know if I don't believe it or not answering. This president added I don't know if you need it to them out of them I thought yeah. Think it's just again man's man I -- what I'm with a guy I am my birthday. I wanted Red Bull Red Bulls expensive I admire all the time it became music that's what you want fever they yes I want a case of -- red bullet costs like forty bucks I would be extremely happy -- and listen to this. Worst -- is is lingerie. A Texas -- occasion of the war I guys don't know what divided their chip -- -- -- lists you know didn't it's like. Accurate and in my mom's friend got a toilet seat former. You have people who -- in love I was gonna say. It was David Jim passed out on Dolly the gym membership I got underwear two sizes bigger than I -- against healing and on Arafat can't. A but -- Comes on Andy's the great one year Obama -- fifty dollar gift card for gas and she was this. Well I guess why is that because she's spending the money are ready for gas and is that -- So Merry Christmas at the pump. And if apple lawyer for him. -- -- With what -- -- -- just get to right away a lot Jamal. O'clock stroke and yeah. -- he's only. -- I mean one year I got fog lights from my car cowboys -- themselves. Oh boy back at camp and you're doing you don't kid you know like yeah you know I hate you island. On and I love I want I asked -- -- the Eusebio automatic gives you know you're shovel -- didn't you know it ain't Christmas paper cup finish and Elena indicated everywhere that -- -- -- end. -- a car scraper. We're. Paying -- follow. Thank you -- on is that into the 37 pairs of gloves and you know what you're. I mean like the guy who doesn't like get my underwear for Chris I mean I love the crowd on its. Obama gonna -- you'll have to go to the store go to the store room and he gets a fresh underwear and a black owned by Jason Fox News is no -- counting declines Merry Christmas and that's not a waste of money I got international and regalia and thank god that I would be -- that's what have you got your disappearance I just can't rationalize. You know. Did you pairs of boxers -- eighteen -- like you need box and my mom and all okay. I have a comment you made about our yeah. Yeah now I can't are back in the commitment -- -- after a cookware in the past you mean I want and I flatter -- that -- but. I usually get both I don't. So you wouldn't be like Sabrina. And -- no no absolutely not -- are you married or single. Now I'm hate you but I. Right so yet so add him back in the air and get out and that and yet I have no problem. He was probably like high five when you asked about that and -- yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. For lot of guys Sabrina who's upset or Sabrina is boyfriend anyway who's upset I guess based on what we learn body. All right nevermind all the L -- picture -- you better -- better go for this artist Jewelers -- go for the shoppers who hurled over the Gucci Bagger some kind of pizza jewelry.