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Hill-Mail 12-3-13

Tue, 3 Dec 2013|

Hill-Mail 12-3-13

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Now each unit turned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- may now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On WK. Okay. The other night. Don't mail messages here WA AF in WA AF HD one less robust than WK AF AN WOKAFPHD. One of Brockton Boston. Seven there he -- AM. Well technically rendered obsolete -- they want to send -- I would hit it. But look at it it's it's certainly hit the sooner you realize what you lot. Independent. More time I ran out you know a lot of people ask me they -- I can't believe -- is leaving that job. It's you know. It's it's a great job as -- -- -- you know he he -- not able to spend time with my -- because. Com and I read as a -- bad because as I think it up at 3 AM so again I haven't sleep over that house and nice things that the that the Stanley thing I give you credit for that. I want to spend more time -- -- -- guy now and I -- float and anyone's let's be honest I wanna vote I don't wanna work anymore now we've -- in radio is a mentally tough gig and long hours yeah. I don't want to do it. As I hang out I wanna wake up you know what I I'd like to tune into the Hill Man Morning Show sometime around 930 I'm not gonna. Don't listen whenever a lot about -- -- and listen and expect them -- I can't add on to say it. Video that's the best I want podcast when I wake up at like one who and I just roll out of my Dara. Itself like any -- revenue is nice somebody screwed up as excellent yeah -- -- and hello Glenn. Hello Gregory let's play. There -- chat together agree and I'll be unanswered to draw into the stuff I still think anybody would be you know what ticket. Clear to it space I'll let you -- as a perfect except for any Flacco to send their own grownup. Well you know I saw somebody like a privacy person aligned television last night talking about how. What's gonna happen is al-Qaeda is gonna get a bunch of their own drum beat -- good and I yeah they're going to be disguised as Amazon -- -- let me know and you know and. Do you wait to see LB -- -- put black smoke coming out the back and cover it. What is it got a lot of. -- don't think they are making great point win when I when someone has no legal drama. Who knows but he's flying the illegal drawback as opposed to the Amazon on -- You know -- that was an underdog is a -- -- And an area need them. 748. -- I. Man you. Our natural we're cultural war fought for a treat farm has a true power -- -- -- man. If it weren't for a full -- -- -- -- -- loud -- -- out. I'll even go. Yeah man I didn't girl he goes dude what -- -- and everybody in the people who. Yeah. -- Well it. And just needed jingle for in the new John company and -- this wherever you -- right -- ever averaging. The angle now. Students in the east and all. Great -- story. I think we'll have to wish and that is a very happy -- and you know I don't think I have looked at Troy and that might also -- -- here. Interest. Am not a real not fake fake -- that's faced hastily. Katie Lee. The dots that as a blanket and had a picture of his late father stands in the ankle it. As it the does Dan have the flavor saver full full I am hopeful flavor -- on the boat. Big smile and now he's such a nice gets pretty as a picture on the toilet that's just that if somebody else had -- decked out yet that's really cool we resolved now Obama. Unfortunately the blanket that she got for Floyd has her nude on that path picture and they get on its implied here yeah. -- let's just sleeps and sleeps under a blanket every night. And 21 he had. All warm. -- cook but it could grow -- -- -- what did a good job at picking on me a little less popular -- -- they hope. Yes those Santa. The NORAD website. Shows Santa being escorted by a couple fighter jets. And -- a wind bags are very upset about this they say it's encouraging violent spots in the heads of our children so I have to -- The photo. The NORAD website which -- I believe kicked off today for Christmas and how it goes that kids. Go look and see -- follow Santa's progress all around the world -- -- gives -- the to the good children and -- around forever my kids when they were young used to on the NORAD site and track Santa's progress and now there people are complaining today because there's fighter jets there -- more integrated talk about like my kids went on the website there are like oh god enough viewers you -- -- at a someday someday it's. -- 23 a warm. And if that -- a hundred that you don't even like crap. But I. -- hearing what are at all. -- -- That stinks 24 all. -- -- -- -- President and the president art in her book. When you know he's been in Madison. The. What do you think that these similar not observed that just to be any time there's always been too hard Playboy bunny else did Berenson and outside -- there. What are you talking a -- yeah I'm -- well there are important -- -- commercial on TV holiday season out just smoking on health as well. I you know sometimes Santa's helpers are somewhat attractive that's true boy that that -- elf has big boobs nominee who. -- -- -- Kid hey how -- this guy. Like and how are nothing here I don't know how many children and I don't aren't any power over the cap. And I don't -- -- Another point. About the amount yeah. And then now I did not put on on the hook. -- -- did have -- -- you don't have a husband and have a boyfriend I have no children that mean that the freedom to do whatever the fact I want and yes I have a lot of cat suit with the socket. Stinks he or Lauren. I think elderly and all I. Act battery pack and Yang moo big union and the white they have red lion that got a career come problems -- -- Behind -- lost his mind that it -- -- and I because the lights weren't working the way in which you only get out here relates to learn excel I think -- your typical you know do -- as I was finishing assigned him and when you don't pretend you don't want -- and fixes it -- Asian Cup commitments to stop the song in the and you -- a smaller reserve. -- it's -- and -- -- that person and -- that person. -- -- Forty treaty a warm. -- -- he you know has been proven he won't ignite a little news yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- And the men that pay well yeah like the kid man but what time to argue minority called when you. Surely he's did you similar reviews aren't knowledge all. -- -- Okay and. -- -- And there. And. People all. Food. There's two. There. And. But. Yeah. Nicely done to hand nicely done -- is man. You can call me god when -- -- about I know god I don't know if you can hit twelve Obama and puck. -- a lot of it is illegal pot and a triple Nickelodeon women only it's OK okay. And nobody can right now and I did OK okay. Yeah. The only ones. Corny. Xxx single women to follow him my winner. And you know who doesn't I'm married fluid I know I don't think nobody wanted to sausage fest on Twitter candy and saying warning that it what it is ten times worse than anyone in the way of moisture Peter clearly oh really that obviously were -- the happy owner -- -- -- I -- anyway. That and hopefully it's a sudden -- Eat any. That you don't let -- start there weapon that that they Mario brother blanket -- -- inadvertently. Or that it is. Like Luigi. Magnolia the M 620. -- old old. They don't talk about it that's leaving -- -- quickly find out what you read that Caylee getting a little bit about what he thought that -- he starts to -- that that I'd never let it. And then what did. The people with somebody texted over instead you know it's because -- -- is advised lasted forever you know feel weeks or whatever and somebody said. He's not leaving because of this time he's leaving because management made him over the Michael pima hone. Kerry big -- bit and it's like yeah deal you know I think you're about -- -- the thing that down. Somehow management would say -- Dallas and we have to let you go in five weeks and he'd be here every day county. Let -- OK and yeah Harry the eighteen dialogue and I could threaten the -- -- I think you're -- if that happens you still have to Michael -- that's advertised is your money up. -- The nineteen old. -- -- that aren't accurate I'm -- and aren't -- that aren't you and the message. And the sudden he had. You and any game. The actual. They have -- our lead. Hurt me really. -- true. -- the -- at the big day today but nobody plans isn't really taking out to dinner now. About birthdays and I think out digitally and on today by you only can I mean I'm happy to go I'm happy that I have my birth payment is just another day no big deal whenever that's of people -- them -- winning the I'm -- I don't. The -- is that Italian media -- I know there are no money you know -- I can I always say that Hillary's friend you know don't buy me anything so I don't have to buy you anything that don't invite me to your wedding night because I don't have an idea what you have is management. The same thing on the -- where I don't have to invite you over it. About the says some kind of you know special. There is some kind of -- this -- some for your birthday is since then you know learn how to not provide a way to Reno public relations -- I would like. Honestly if I can have one thing on my birthday is PC I plan isn't just that he wanted to wanna relax heroes and let me wrap myself in the blanket that you've -- me of my father. And wallow in myself pretty balance that's it. Leniently mean I'm I'm. Amid a down. And I'm I'm I'm I'm currently going to lay a bipolar low just please leave -- -- I want -- I was born there column name is with the it -- that problem. More than 28 AM oh well. -- -- Rock Creek Park art and the message.