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Are You Smarter Than a Big Sully

Tue, 3 Dec 2013|

Are You Smarter Than a Big Sully

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Are you ready to play are you smarter than appear to handle her this morning and it. It is 733. Call this number and Omar will line up for the game 617. 93101. 6179310. Wine to. 23. I have tickets for Queens of the Stone Age at the Guinness arena. Coming up by -- December 13. If you are a winner today during are you smarter than a pan handler this guy. -- -- Several years ago. During the comments on the common segment that's correct his name is big -- -- -- to -- what is -- what what does he do out there he's just a panhandle oil exile by the Charles River down on the comment collecting money trying to get his way back each single self. You know when it's wintertime I guess this time he's at some hard times so he's he's gonna be living over by the so tell us what he's living in time where he's going to be living as well let's let's meet big Gasol again on the show. You I'm bigs. All this stroll around the calm in trying to trying to keep -- long. She's still alive but my home with buddy Joey and machine one the other night later in the got up and you don't. -- trying to collection at christmastime than people -- give Amalia Dragic some. Christmas cash -- -- panhandle amount. Iran -- Paula brand the interest to keep on her own. I'm I'm I'm homeless I got no place ago -- and it's you know what pisses me off. Some of the Vietnam veteran. And try and find -- place out here no mandate it some people think -- a baby killer because while because I I was not Vietnam veteran and arms and now and it's just terrible -- just now walking around a common look at some of the where that money over there were the big -- big -- that keep me on that night right there. To go over your doctoral homer on gotten OT -- home. Not so they can either of the gum that you know because. So I I don't know much about it your -- -- going. Allied July and -- Yeah here I was I was here for the fourth of July wind and I heard an explosion quite a jump on the ground right dot L I was back in Vietnam. -- -- You just I mean it's got to get blown. You know you you get blown out of blogs sold today February good. It blocks all your -- I'm saying right. This is just -- pumped up well there. So early Elaine McGill. Many of not happy with donations that are coming -- -- -- -- -- happening now you know that was -- -- hand you know I guess there was a -- and mobile I had a lot of great -- the cells are great since he always does he really -- -- it's time they had a guy can -- I think I really like Kennedy's is a good -- exile hello hey Chris then. How are you go. It -- Texas as this sounds like 2006 months minus the S service in the military and NASA packed all right Kristin according to a new study the number one thing that man bragged about. That does not impress women is what. It -- their vehicle years. A lot of lot of guys brag to you about their vehicle and now my corolla. Let's see if you are smarter. Then today's -- similar. According to a new study the number one thing that -- brag about that does not impress women -- dot. I have and I'm Harry just NT has I don't have granny out on any key. Are -- hairy chest and still aren't Baghdad I think that's auditors what are you hoping to get. From Santa this Christmas I'm all over again Justin now -- July cannot put gas in my. Kerosene when I got out the words just to keep on. Donna that Charles River when that wind blows a -- in the calm and the Charles River is worse you I'm actually been down there or not. Three blankets -- made into TP. It's not too bad once in awhile you get the best somebody comes guy jump on the back and their truck and actually put the night and ask. But I've basically got its its core of the Charles River where the wind blowing. And then not many of men who -- mumbled an -- on May be when he went when he gets out of office and we get some new one and now. -- man who won't even be able asleep down the jolly dribble knows. Current -- about the you can borrow his lean to do in the future if any minute plans to crash. Now let me brilliantly without -- media and all three and a three -- and Mary doesn't believe that is being asked he does a good guy that. Danielle what's the number one thing that man brag about the doesn't matter to you one bit. We know it's not money for a only what is what's the number one thing. They -- he. In the rapper ability is that it doesn't translate equally to every woman whom they've got guys like amateur champ Mike first of my whole -- Second of not a. Again we'll say good -- well I was number two number one his name dropping. Dad and found they could care less about the yeah who recognize loved ones right. Number two numbers exponentially your -- about and number three how amazing their kids. I'm Stephen and I. My son is -- match -- -- sell out back and I acknowledges and post and I think it -- you get it might dig down and it's he had shot out -- of captain of the football team -- team red. -- Here's Scott hello Scott. I usually didn't find this guy at Pinehurst and sort -- like my father a little bit -- -- a new study found that the best place to find somebody to date is where. Who are new study let's see where kids do nowadays thanks -- one point seven years old -- yet but Wi-Fi hotspots like Starbucks coffee shop local Y Fy talks and Starbucks. And I place let's see if you're smarter than today's can't handle -- a new study found the best place to find someone to date is where -- is almost. On almost all of that the pine street in a great place to find out -- -- somebody especially like me would goatee and and no Leo and it. You dwell would be able find someone in there easy and it's a great place for a date which is a good place for homeless person to go ahead of sexual relations. Well you gotta be gavel will you be called the police issued by the you know I I go around by the jobs -- of Orange -- my -- -- out my sleeping bag and and mountain go go right there you know. Who is no other place you're going all -- you don't have -- and on and vote. Get laid out here or over we've got to go find it a place allied. And -- my TV down left Giles were borrowed the bag on the whole pick -- truck now and the ending plays like in golf may be over our house I don't -- Romantic -- on -- sport. Work is the best place to find somebody today work. Well usually -- viewers while positive techsters right you should -- big big selling that the -- data camper in the backyard to deliver that hit me and I'll means Tennessee. Ought to do that allow big Jim. Morning everybody -- how are -- Powell and according to a new survey over the course of their life. Time the average women spends 44300. Dollars on what. Make up make up let's see if you are. Smarter. Then big solve today's. Panhandle according to a new study. Over the course of their lifetime the average woman spends about 40300. Dollars on watt bulb -- probably on Bruce. But well probably make up -- -- that and then have there's some nice look -- women out there with some nice to have enough it. Close and they got these fancy. P&G out of pocket books and column choruses. And that the anti -- -- -- in the you know that they walk around one but none of them -- The fancy women don't Kamal what I mean because hum I -- -- our Vietnam -- and -- jacket on him and you know the date and then I'm just some -- because I got no he -- And I don't peek in my mouth at all just a big tongue big long we -- on what is your go to move trying to pick up only eighty. All eyes showing picks -- guys don't -- almost got our mind me if I were shot Vietnam enough. I -- -- god almighty I had six operations on my -- I don't have a kneecap. And it runs all the way around them to my leg and tell my ankles doha why lift up my pale -- a lot of go -- who. And then she might via an animation -- doesn't -- not to big on the second and before you know it weighed down at the cal drivel. What if there was -- there. Are selling he would get him some -- Our annual benefit to gets only some TVs obsessive about it instantly you know place vote every -- -- crash that's big -- here are smarter than the panhandle --