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The Hill-Man Huddle with New England Patriot Julian Edelman

Nov 27, 2013|

The Hill-Man Huddle with New England Patriot Julian Edelman

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Okay. There Hill Man Morning Show cruising this football. Catch them threes and bay hill man -- six. I don't. Patriots Friday in Boston patriots Wednesday since we're not working on on Friday and the Hillman -- today it would Julian element is presented by SP ally. -- -- Tedy Bruschi did get affordable dependable life insurance from SP ally. The company that is protected over one million families since 1907 visit FB ally dot com today. It's also brought to you. By Herb Chambers Ford would locations in Braintree and left broke her chambers dot com. And by attorney John seed attorney John C specializing. In it do you lie. Defense and you've talked about highlight reels -- was on Sunday night this man making the catch extending the ball into the end zone a play for the ages the greatest comeback ever in patriot history. Not New England Patriots wide receiver Julian element joins us here this morning on the Hill Man Morning Show what's up buddy. -- -- -- -- It's. Almost Turkey day began excited. You know -- is it kinda incredibly exciting and the Mountain -- my family all the best. Where it's always nice to have a Turkey day. Yeah I know I mean if it's exciting and you guys are -- in the middle of the season you come to my house is now well -- -- reviewing -- -- over -- players. You know I always better teammates this year LB I'll be gone dark he's. -- now -- beat up by -- excellent. You know it's it's it's foreign because -- hang out certainly out here but that little bummer because. United spent -- -- them -- Thanksgiving been like eight years but as part of that part of me. What -- any kind of like -- as a California. Guy that any -- specific regional. Specialties the you have on the menu like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My -- my mom makes. This red cabbage. They had all -- under. I guess -- -- for awhile so that's what -- might very well and no big dream bean casserole. Fall classic. In everything you know dictators -- am. Yeah yeah yeah and and -- this so it apparently fight between Vermont my dad about. How to make it great yeah I mean it's the same thing being every year but I'm night and panic I hear about it particularly. Apparently brawl. They big round of applause for you would be a Bruins game last that I heard does that text there says you're warmly received last night that make you happy. In foreign you know I was in connection goes to great game music yen. Yeah there was it was suitable. Yeah that's right the in in Detroit tonight some are not the it was -- Sid the -- the pens and now has Sid the kid pulled the old lab tied it up with point two seconds to go yes and then you know 34 seconds later -- -- crude. Went upstairs peanut butter and and then won it in OT against it which used up pretty cool because it was a comeback. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because living up that it's more about bulk beef fat help. Well listen I -- know halftime allies. Food you know did you guys go into that locker room. Fully believing that they come back what one of the great comebacks in in and in NFL history was possible and be honest. We knew we legitimately win and they hand that we we can. It was kind of like we we really played terrible and you're moving the ball up and down and just you know about things were happening there put the ball on the ground including myself up aren't. And that we we just kinda had a reality check guys. North of where -- -- later on solid all 111 play. But you're gonna go I mean because you can really coaching it and because your turn the ball looked like so. You know we just went in there and guys I think very focused and still competent because like a -- move the ball and you know he said that we had to keep Austrian together and develop a rhythm and and take care of the ball and it was a sweetheart with those conditions but we were able do that. Now -- you talked about -- -- on the ground during that punt and you know we did we. -- well I have a bit of both Pittsburgh and their fumbled it or do you just do you avoid looking at Bill Belichick when you go back to the sidelines tonight. It well. It's definitely pretty terrifying -- you know above. Alex -- in the game and I was in a moment and then we got the ball back thankfully and you know I think governor next place well I reliving it it. Back and ending tonight. Ask because I was I was in attendance in full winter gear and how they beat a I was down near the sidelines arms are like three rows off the field -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wow. Am I just want a good idea. Was it -- -- -- there for you as it was spur of brawl months. Yeah I'm not going to be some more that your parents say that was the easiest thing ever like those -- In. It was it was pretty miserable like a lot. From your remedies like and here we we're we're very cold. It -- part of your body was it's pretty decent because all the warming saying the dialogue and all that is it was just. It was harder to rev up in any -- period and then sit down and you gotta get warm again and that you know TV timeouts as well and I football. You know you -- out there who feel bullied her into the rest -- -- you nightmare invited -- that this. It thoughtful book you know they had you know that we had to deal with it and you know a lot of about football team that record cold weather like. Would you rather would you rather playing in extreme cold extreme hot. Extreme thought a three month high on a very good car with seven. Because he. You know lecture. Your body your body's able keep it going army that the but I get a lot more about it -- cold and miserable that while the Jews. Where a lot less America's -- and that's a good thing. A -- wants to know is Bill Belichick leaves the pom pom hat on while yelling at halftime courtesy take that -- What what it is clear those earmarks. -- -- -- -- on our New Jersey where's yeah when he was he into an absolute -- mom marlin atop the patriots are the talk about -- Actually I think he may have bet on two it -- At that at -- -- well hey I mean that he that he shock even you guys that I think you shocked. Mingo who is actually participating in the and the point us with the taking the win comedies did -- shock you guys with a call. You know I I I was sitting down and panache bothered. You never really affecting gas. And coach let you experience and -- able. Preparation equipment things like this and more. You know what your EE called you you're gonna it's gonna hit it is all he's he's probably been in this situation where you're probably research and her. You know -- yes some going on or he knows. Or you'll and it instincts usually right. Was -- do you get a chance to talk to Welker at all. Spoke -- is in the game all of them we just can't criticize and and let that at all -- Adrian thanks. And proper IN FL yeah. Can I cannot recognize that that apparently. That the do Julian element of the New England Patriots are our -- I'm sure there's a lot of I mean think about that he he was you know it had a great career here and I mean there's got to be a little bit extra pressure on him when he comes back in place here for this game. You know I hadn't experienced that situation. I can't I couldn't say that. You know real -- heard about the defense yeah the last because I don't really play defense. I now believe. Well Houston Sunday. Trap game to a nine but they bash from planes are pretty good football. And I you guys that I can't take this -- and obviously need one more win in the W call on the air seized -- is your guy's going to be off. If it. -- really cute scene last year and then -- -- expert -- -- this year and you know the game. -- -- tricky everyone's -- and everyone can beat anyone or any very slow you know that I'm sure. If we don't if we don't prepare right and we don't execute our -- You know he's seen -- can be -- They're good football team like except they were there and put up last year. So you can't take them -- You know will be going into their house is that you -- also Margaret. And what effect that you -- You know we have yet to be and start today and -- prepare as hardly ever do because. Like he said you know it could be black. Only five games left. Every game it's harder because. You know if it appeared out of it got an important for the Gaza in the third quarter per playoff spot and it's it's missing is well. Can you think that kind of all of -- That's. And I like them all and check it and hopefully Tom Brady won't leave you hanging on the on the on the on the conduct checks. If they didn't get -- did you get higher and that everybody got a pair of -- from from time to do you want. Oh yeah candy you get a first flipper and a pair who -- -- it. It with the Taliban and possibly the best with a -- the locker yesterday Taloqan early Thanksgiving -- thing our Christmas gifts or what's what's the deal there. I think they're couple weeks back up and I could probably use. You know. Surprise the team with little albeit. You know and they all make X. He -- people aren't sure in the next how we act clippers. Now I'm Melissa and calculate it happy Thanksgiving enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner over at Gus goes he does and does he like god is he kicked the remote over to the -- like -- because tortured -- And me that that the. You know until dropping it in if you are -- And then we vote. Or that is -- hear like I am I am not going to be here until like tomorrow we will tell him I noticed it just out -- did you opt. A lot and looking for a job I mean yeah yeah it did it's available when it during the off season he's determined to do that's. It is like he'll -- -- case like oh yeah bad movies now. I want them -- -- my family as my and we -- this is the last time dollars billion yeah I know this. Early in my our guardian readers if you like some pregnant or act or act like it out and Iraq that -- yeah it's scripted yet we will Greg wrote this whole you know three month long -- We played last year I listen in like three months he's gonna see you out somewhere and you're gonna go whom who are you about. Used to be spent like there are very. Happy to have back but let me -- if you need some trash removal give me caucus that's I'm moving on to do on human waste removal -- it daddy here now here -- your take you dedicated this situation hopefully it and moving on and it doesn't go above. -- -- -- -- really nasty and unpleasant stuff O'Malley said what's up I think it's all right -- Willis and have a great Thanksgiving congrats on another incredible game for you and for the team and good luck on Sunday in Houston and I. -- he had a new guy there's Julian Edelman.