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Hill-Mail 11-22-13

Nov 22, 2013|

Hill-Mail 11-22-13

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Now each -- returned to talk. There's the Hill Man Morning Show presents hill man. Well catwalk -- On WA. Half from. I don't know -- there -- yeah there were -- -- for them. They get the opinion here and one Indiana Pacers. It while being the only air traffic. If -- -- -- it Goldberg draft pick. Hill mail messages today brought to you by wing men wanted dot com visit wing men wanted dot com grab one million of your closest friends. And come Penn national aviation academy. Wing men wanted dot com or you could call 80292. 3228. Double duty machine old. Now that Hill Man Morning Show. Dutrow big feet and do the girl told sports director Matt Light there at great. And -- now it's on its way out of their way to wedge castle it was higher girls really just stereo that you're you're you're you're being fair value -- us around just southward really hot -- token hot you just yet and I mean they're knocking on the door -- I felt like Cano -- a whitworth and euphoria I think she was like she would do both jobs she said yesterday I am now murdering his stuff must -- Maria says. -- -- the -- -- studies the -- did. Crush on you don't forget -- covering only grandiose smug know their anatomy and Nellie wanted to fill in for Danny Allen and and -- had then you also aren't you know -- actually she's out there and I'm not gonna go to know Daniels an -- it's a -- -- -- Julia. I hate these women are crazy. Eyes yeah I quite like. General -- and I noticed my -- and not that silent a lot. -- every election of these women had a colony and they're just too embarrassed to say that employ different like it and actually Aaron -- it that it flaunt it was. So you're an honest woman. Here's saying that you when it comes to the elders or whatever you used to bikini where you are you are purposefully showing CT. Actually got the only the only reason why wouldn't dietary changes that I got the jet -- it mushroomed up. And -- yeah yeah but beyond that beyond that I got him so much a lot -- -- I think and they're getting it goes and goes along with the -- -- giving -- -- -- -- wanted to be like oh my god you know that's discussed it knowing what. The difference between wearing a bikini at the each wearing underwear. The teen years are more revealing but -- And zero Julia like your attitude where you from -- Okay -- and good enough to have a -- -- -- feels just right of those -- my issue reds aren't actually the. -- -- Second there he threw me and want. -- -- -- I get a fire that expired during the inaugural -- -- bonfire. -- bit -- that we've fired though they are okay -- And now it's a fireman itself but he -- anybody's. Help answer the -- out of -- American ladies and digital only. Thirteen older. You know what we're gonna show. Birdie coming in coming. -- a gorgeous she really is -- -- -- Maryland lately yet channel seven we appreciate your coming on mourners -- and I think she said to be on next Wednesday came. With a little update on the new house on -- Thanksgiving -- Thanksgiving Jack and some funny drawn up thanks given stories and she say yesterday that she didn't have anywhere to go this Thanksgiving yesterday and a there's anybody willing to take in -- whitworth than perhaps any of the other channel seven it's beauties on Thanksgiving they'd really appreciate it. We need 48. -- -- Yeah yeah it won't. Be here I can't get can't check signed up. I can now I'm beginning -- nine million dollar and that they can earn back my pocket. And I -- wondering if you used in tricked me into taking -- wait it out I am I kidding rated it. Happy solid gold debt in eight report saying the word. Anti puppy can pick up but they can't. I appreciate. You might say it again their mobile thank. And let you spelling and grammar errors on spouses let's ask everybody doesn't care about products is -- -- -- agreement. A Texas says that dud Julia woman who just call this the kind that you're afraid to take home to meet your parents 'cause. Have no idea what she's gonna sentinel and parents -- -- you -- your parents and she's watching a -- -- throws they how's it going growth in the fridge drabs of cocktail at a sits down at the 21 older. Yeah Marilyn Monroe myopic -- live at the world here. Up by now you look just like silver. And that -- that. Well LB was asking earlier this morning because of the extensive. JFK coverage since today's the fifteenth the anniversary of his assassination. Why was it other than the assassination. You know why it was such a big deal was more -- -- was -- -- great what are you zoologist and we you know they don't decide. On whether somebody was a great president. For like. You know sixty years like -- you know too -- yeah but you know we went over some of his accomplishments number one on my list was Maryland and well and -- After smashing that and -- remember there was Air Force One sacks every every American -- does -- with throughout yeah yeah out ready to go Frank Sinatra caused doctors. But the driving in pretty good -- pretty pretty awesome though Cuba Cuban missile crisis did dude did stand toe to toe to rush guys wanted to hear what really got lucky -- it was a 5050 shot but that way and it just so happened that you know what. He was lucky. He got lucky he said you know what we're gonna see you're gonna wait -- believe nothing's gonna happen well that's a jury -- -- student. Yeah BD fifty Julia -- it like I wish it was obligated the other half. Yeah located -- he and I but it it was a isn't my concern they have their own nuclear there than a sub that was ready to blow the -- over the water what they were doing was they were delivering missiles to Cuba Russia and and then we we blockaded harbors so -- get the missile parts in there to finish been evolving over I'll let. The whole freak thing and -- ball and until now you know the -- and only -- -- -- he got lucky. If he wasn't like he read none of us have probably BM we wouldn't be I had John F. Kennedy was great it's kind of like every time for the last ten years where you said I'm -- if I don't get more money -- and then act Entercom says you're not getting more money and -- Okay I'm staying then hacked off -- -- -- to -- I'm like yeah that's that's it. I'm not leaving any embargo on Cuba really needs to go I don't know I just think no I wanna get a political white. Why don't wanna buy it quite react -- like everybody product like it is that we used to care if there was a Communist nation in our hands had. You understand that but fishing when -- people that they do yeah I usually tell you I. Cancer usually kills people for no reasons that I products we want big guy we can let's let's let's as people leave when they wanted to go visit the relatives over half Florida's though he does he's a good guy and I'll cancer. Now you're at it we used to be concerned if there were Communist nations all around us because we are worried about SNL U -- Carolina -- no we're not worried about that anymore hello Ariel. -- Ariel. Another another great name by the way RE LL delta air -- W couldn't read it to -- what's up Mario. I guess I'm -- certain for Eric and chemical composition that the only obstacle or. But that's the thing that popped into my head is of course it is also get those weatherman. There there's pour a little local school today. -- I. Don't why can't you can't hope to help. -- sent out a contract -- critic of a lock us out they built okay. And they call the little -- -- bigger issue -- question I think the upstate. Something what did you think it's funny that I like our hopes and know about it if it -- -- -- -- out. I like walking around with a target sluggish and you don't know about it's funny do you that yeah. If that's -- if they're not doing it on purpose and they don't know about it. That's why it's a problem. -- -- -- -- -- Caddie area and. And that out of that area had a great deal. -- -- I by the way I'm definitely not -- -- your oldest Merrimack -- -- is pretty high it. By -- it's classy it's classy she's got -- these she's got the Arab DB intimate the on the Manson gays look you know objects a while back in the day that we're telling people she's got the -- straight haired. Probably on massive. I believe that they also have the same. Blake white supremacist tattoos there are right spot yes because I -- that when a swastika. So what is he 79 years old. Maryland -- it's Maryland Charles Manson is getting married. And he of course of the Manson family and Sharon. Tate's the actress who was murdered. And others and so this woman that he's marrying his 25. Years old he remains in prison of course. They both have bomb oh I'm sorry. She got a matching swastika tattoo you have to go a lot of his you know -- he has his on his forehand and she got herself 12 as an area here that's that's so cute that is true love for me. Could mean for her yes maybe you might have some -- to buried somewhere on all the money out on the American today reality that you Crimea. I don't CSR on this. Two weeks and he -- old. Put up with this country. Can't smoke we need richter -- -- to not pick Gordon backed up that they can. And that will probably I don't know man I cannot imagine next step now Warren next up pornography. This woman. Mayor and moved in next to the prison where Charles Manson is when she was nineteen years old -- you'd be close and -- but a -- yeah -- that's bad parenting like -- something go wrong with their thoughts and risk their parents -- around forget I had parents that I know I mean you know maybe -- are doing well maybe -- -- bumpers and she's rebelling and if you follow. I mean you know some of us would get upset -- fired you know kids came home instead. -- -- my job -- -- working hard enough how does it feel if your daughter comes on the says I'm marrying Charles Manson like every do you feel like you really filled there are reluctant candidate. I know loser that. Stinks and unique DN. Yeah. I'm gonna meant. -- in London now. We back Monday doctors told her she can come back to the shell on my -- here. I'm -- here I I texted a picture of the woman who was marrying Charles Manson not to not to -- looking humming bird you know guys in life in prison colorectal. Morning element -- wants to react. Not hard to think. Art critic of the JFK but I was lucky not though it was legitimate site but I also -- -- Those are trying to liberate begin freedoms through black but in the country when things are really -- But it isn't that. I think -- JFK in a perfect example the harm that it was. Bill Clinton be in the thought that he was and -- sort of a new people on the Republican but as well. I don't think that's pledged -- have anything to do with whether or not someone -- in the white out there and their -- they expect it would end up losing part of -- candidate then before we Buick. -- you're up on the outlook but that was the one guy who called bin. The other day on the Bill -- and try to defend them but I went back and watched it and it says all of it everything about it just wrong. It's in it's indefensible Muslims that did -- really is that I I I I accurately say that because. I thought I saw the whole thing and when I watch it literally made me. Is it that you have. I mean I don't think. John Edwards giving you should have been president even though he I mean he -- -- was very close -- being president but he -- -- -- -- I was -- -- -- -- was -- -- -- just. I mean if that's not scumbag I don't know what is everybody out there that that's what's he got on my watch is nice I think Michael Palin -- and yeah yes but we can't do we look at performance of the term. Other countries like I had you know what he's a great lead embodied -- recent chick that lives on a country oh. That doesn't show moral character that's what they -- go on their confidence. Right -- don't have a guy that's why we're the greatest army in the world Berlusconi Berlusconi used in Britain and you got this back yard they removed Saudi princes heavily 87 chairman in their harrowing event be singled. I would be OK with it if the presidents -- single -- if we had a single president and he was out and hooking up with women. I'd be OK with that don't. Have a married to be married any kids in my living and live in an awesome Chelsea sweeping down the hall you white on the alcohol like you hooking up at the odds of yeah I wouldn't it be great we have a single president numerous national and other leaders. Okay guidance to get out defensive assignments -- -- if he was on -- stuck on the -- both of them. Certain who stinks Ian. Outlet center on Saturday -- the cigarette. And that and it was not a -- now. -- marvel. At. No smoking cigarettes outside that's where we're going in this country came and have a getting accused have a cigar outside one golfer twirl on the rink or in the common man -- -- button no not out as human beings sometimes do things like -- On Saturday he mean after it was over after you know I went out to western Massachusetts and relax and it was marvelous marvelous hello Mike. There -- contracts. I think -- -- no regular agreements bad on the up on the president sect that it's it's not so much the act itself it's. If you eat people put a compromising situation it. I reject your character. Well listen there's a story today which I think is amazing considering the the second man mentioned in it. But. JFK. And Gerald Ford. Both had affairs with the same with the same east German spy. Well below that Britain is out of -- yeah forehands and its -- sort of an advantage it's a true story amid the fact it but it. Well it. Yeah I was pretty good and bad guys that -- honestly was hooking up with them to get secrets but it probably. I'm not a -- go -- distance. But Gerald Ford got sloppy -- job but don't let blindness. And president sloppy and it's not on the button and a new. Filled I mean you wouldn't I mean if not don't look you're either -- It's an absolutely dynamic public activist in -- if they want to buy dot there was. Anybody that was straight missionary and a true to life I would have thought it would probably like Betty Ford on the -- Luzon and the bill. I know about him is that he felt. Obviously when he's walking out of a plane trip -- found -- -- -- -- DE book the well is that plays and that was it used these that was his thing it was a you know felt closet there isn't an already that the country but it was an accident -- I was kind of -- -- -- -- -- -- So -- -- that they found man in the world and I think out there and -- It's true -- Charles Manson is getting America but Danielle is 7:19. AM. I hit ball LP go out on that I -- my body created and I look forward February. -- -- -- -- Into how birthdays action. And now close milestone it's not important guy he -- you remember the nerve damage or the party that thinks. -- 9 AM. If it gets to go to Google are all doing -- play. Yeah. On the -- Jose Canseco goats would diapers on in his car. When he was pulled over yesterday -- them. 70. Cute older. -- Urquhart we are I look at what. Over in London then I'll talk -- and a doctor reports jingle all the -- five K for my foundation December 14. So we want them all and. I've read that line has utilized multifamily -- jobs. So basically at least thirty days. In the metro chapter that is --