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Mistress Carrie interviews Billy Howerdel from A Perfect Circle

Nov 18, 2013|

Billy Howerdel from A Perfect Circle called to talk about the bands Greatest Hits package, and new Live Boxed Set. We ended up talking about You Tube, Nine Inch Nails, and so much more.

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-- scary weekdays three to seven on Boston's rock station WA AF. It. I'm great thank you for taking the time to talk to me today yeah of course. Are you in California I know worry and yes -- -- Sherman Oaks you have a lot going on you've been a very busy guy -- a greatest hits and a live box that are coming out this month so if you've been working hard he had a box that's been. A lot of work could not get a for basically four records -- -- the live concerts stuff previously unreleased stuff they -- a lot the month. It's started off in 2010 when we got together in and kind of brushed off the cobwebs and complete tour of 392 -- -- the city's West Coast. Every so we've ever played lives. And so did American armed lives you know American arms -- thirteenth step nine he motive tonight. And we recorded that we thought we put it out at some point and restarted you know the response was really great. From that tour is like a club to her small theater tour. And since the response was so good that we got to put together. More substantial to work for the summer of 2011. And recorded. A live concert at red rocks which as you know amazing venue in in Denver every. And I've ever spoken to that's played that venues as one of their favorite places to play. It's incredible it's incredible to see a concert as a group it's incredible play Contra -- either way you know it's even -- future. Great. Places -- you have this incredible downtown and view to amber for a downtown with a host cities KBC. From the distance and it's it was really -- grain -- whole show -- attitude. The Korea and the atmosphere that in itself you know just scared you. About stress on stage running around that. Looking back at the edited video. I'm really proud of that show I think it's really great. Live representation -- to the -- put them over the top just being in place and reigning its you know sounding good news Los. So the greatest hits package comes out tomorrow actually and it's called com 360. How do you kind of decide what old songs and then what previously unreleased stuff -- you guys have got a lot of music that we never heard before. You know I've never really had a -- of besides that didn't make the cut. Whatever we worked on when it's released so I mean I've had to. I was considering putting out the demos of these songs this past that. Really what did he came down to visit there's a deluxe version of 360 that comes out as computer tracks from the -- record. So. Yeah I mean it's fine down there is this the new song that we have was kind of patched around these times -- of the shows in 2010. And the studio version just it seemed like an appropriate place to put that on the 360 release since we were releasing my personal. -- There's a lot of people talking obviously that you know Maynard is busy making his line in May be possibly making a tour records so. Now the you've got the greatest hits package and the box -- coming out. What are you gonna do now are you working I know you do a lot of studio editing for other bands are you working on other projects. Aren't ashes divide putting out new rush to buy -- record next year and just finishing up record for that I know. You -- you know worked on both sides of the stage both actually onstage as an artist and then. To the side of the stage as a tax firm in you know a huge list of artists. Can you imagine the tour is that you work on before having access to Twitter and the Internet and YouTube and pick that you have -- Powell. Yeah will be a much different thing is much more personal like little little things that happen. Just like him coming here today and I guess this is can he can. Like somebody just hit me too. Just having like let that bootleg tape of him doing it to -- back in the day. Whereas like that and you passed around you know literally the cassette tape and but CD and you know now it's like everything is so available immediately all the time back and the littlest thing was so special. Coveted and you know clicks I think might have been tighter because they just took awhile to develop and you know you know it certainly adequate within touring and there was -- few people you always run into those kind of happy torrent community that you could be in Osaka Japan and probably to somebody in apart on the street that you know it onto. -- Janet Jackson and a I can't imagine living in today's daily having access to that and being attacked and coming -- to critical. And you're talking about you know to show a red rocks in the pouring rain and that you're hoping you -- gonna fall on your ass in the performance now if you do know it's like from seventeen different angles on YouTube within ten minutes of you falling you can't make a mistake anymore without the world finding out. Yeah exactly. Yes and you know you go back and kind of quantify -- banned performance like it back. Does too but it's so hard hit like that odious and terrible using YouTube videos that yeah. AFP iphones don't record audio museum holding their phone up recording like an entire concert. It's like let's just sell like crap just put your phone -- enjoy the show. Yeah yeah I -- I've been guilty of a little bit but I try not to. You know I I've I've been taken 3360. Pictures that chose I just went because she. I can see blanking on this the other day went to goes to the Staples Center and see who -- Staples Center and Alec -- some. Who me I also know Boston. -- keep track of what's going on over there. Well I I saw that showed it was a blast it's amazing. It's amazing individual or just it will make any Ben jealous and your case. That's 38 DL ED screen that they did like that kid down behind the drums and then in front of the drums and then in front of the stage with a Q I I could never. Seen any. Liked -- for ever is -- yeah it's and I expect. Nothing less -- Portland from trend that's probably the pressure and obviously export resist that agreeable time. But yet it's it's ridiculous how destroy angels and other -- illiteracy that earlier this year. And had something similar to I think it was a nod to what this became known smaller productions scale. Just such a great idea and nicest people pushing -- -- you know visually. That was so wanted to ask you actually because of the Nine Inch Nails -- I went to the show the Arenas packed. And they didn't play closer to band's biggest hit and you know there are people on line saying well you know he's trying to redefine the band. What's your stance on and warning to play the songs that you know your fans are there to here. But then also. Warning to -- kind of make your own creative statement and define your own band based on the set list to choose. I think it's up to the artists is completely you know up to you you're there to experience the band not -- there's one song that's you know the I know the culture the way things are moving like a single based. You know I'm a fan of that -- from an industry that band well it's great that should be the door that opens the kitchen into the band and not be the only defining moment of them. I don't if. Well Billy -- really appreciate you taken its time to Karmi today have a great set of holidays and rest of the year. It's just scary weekdays -- you just seven on Boston -- station WA AF.