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An Amazing Call From "Lucky"

Nov 14, 2013|

An Amazing Call From "Lucky"

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WA AF dot com. Hello Sean. They whipped up so what's up let's let that are not acute via -- that -- In the game knocked out I was in -- that which this guy emerged. Yeah it can only on the I think it does. Somalia alone -- -- -- -- you've -- don't need to double. -- -- About what is it was bullet and how you lower your. Bet. I'm sure it -- parole violation that what are armed robbery and rob what is what did you wrong. I do rock of Domino's Pizza yeah. You actually get the -- -- put a 140 -- -- electronic we respect their. Belt -- it and I got it yet. Now have -- Have you reform yourself what do you what do you. What do you do now what are you doing now. I don't hold out favorite position and I actually get Social Security of that injury. Yeah. -- my clay is a good period of time in jail and now you guys nine on the Social Security would be with the disability. I'm apparently -- but -- he had the lieutenant -- slow isn't it. So what Robin -- you -- -- and you do. Fight this plot to set and then -- and the Atlanta the -- -- the disabilities would you tell him back to relieve. Some. Olympic. -- -- -- is that what happened it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I don't I don't I don't -- greater -- -- greatest greatest state in the country right. I mean this is the greatest state in the country to come all the mentality. Middleware company's backlog at government particularly long wait -- check at eleven yeah. -- Gigi it's fun to -- yeah. The -- Danielle wants to know if you get a ride to the methadone clinic. Absolutely I would prefer it could Pataki if the company yeah. What -- additional opinion not only do they wait for it. Sure I can get out. The public limelight kind of. Yeah yeah yeah. All -- the bubble and yeah well. One of the media room this yeah. Yeah yeah because a lot of -- -- -- Yeah that would. Go over. On the pump pump takes. Pace and where John where you where do you live. It I'm what I would like it would be possible that we can occasionally check -- -- -- on the show to try to get the disabled criminal opinion on things. -- Night non -- Obama -- what kind of Polonia. That's actually an Obama. Well I how shall I remember -- Now the no I -- a little east. The many. Reasons behind me like easel do you birds over hills is I was down there. I'm -- it out. We want to wish I had an exceptional well I got -- got a prayer outside yeah. -- so wait a minute this -- -- -- -- -- I just want to spend just got an. Open yeah. -- just and let me just recap here. So you being here -- -- -- rocket dominoes. You do you do five to seven and we are smaller where were you. I was -- Well Paul more -- Okay let me get out and -- on the disability because -- scam back injury in the and the guy you're gonna. On the flip yeah -- actually just had surgery two weeks ago I'm like. Yeah and then you actually are -- members and I would do. And then be and any other house buyer and you got yourself the new house from the from the insurance. Yeah -- and I got to tell like artistic life style on the that this is this is the life you lead I'd like to have you. If possible be like a regular caller on out. But what -- -- -- very few people well yeah I'm not a guy who enjoyed not going to work at. -- That. And I am lucky -- you -- -- -- to -- Connecticut a guy that should normally aren't aren't. If she eats and it's. Exciting. The whole way of time that the only. I'm honored you please read to eat greens whenever you drop it took time magazine ads. You've been bad -- It.