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Joey Kramer of Aerosmith In-Studio

Nov 8, 2013|

Joey Kramer of Aerosmith In-Studio

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WA AF dot com. Joey Kramer of Aerosmith who looks fantastic. And I see you look younger every day as I -- it and not be looking for anti event I'm really really well I'm downwind Aerosmith will -- you guys you relate with South America or Jews came back. The South America but. Earlier this year rouge we just finished up there in Australia New Zealand Singapore Japan and Thailand. And South America position and now we're taking a little bit of time off and then we're gonna go back -- in May to do Europe and then we'll be back in the brutally US today. Well done next next summer the next summer yellow arrows July and August Aerosmith tour United States now how would have been what it's been a couple years you played here in the -- that's Alicia -- how they're regular house Stephen -- and everybody is doing so good it's silly guy I don't want to talk about -- waiting for likely. Like what's the next thing that's gonna happen like it yeah everybody everybody is really good yeah I think we've finally gotten to the point where everybody understands and appreciates. What it is that we do how we do it and when -- what it's all about now how blessed we are. To be -- would do we do well only to like thirty years for everybody electric and a little later than ever have to. How -- -- ice is the working on a solo record. And that's what I hear ya. Now do you think he'll ask -- -- guys -- like the plan on editor I don't know that yes that's meant to be seen in Kenya but I really couldn't tell I don't know a whole lot about it. So Joey Kramer is now on the poppy business yes sun and and tell me how I assume you love -- I am and completely addicted to copy or fined until the government bans it and I have to -- on the black market. Yeah I play like it's like our Tehran you know it's like -- in the copy business. Well you know I've always had a passion for coffee I've always -- coffee. And it's just something that I've wanted to do for a long time because I knew I've always wanted to have my own business -- know but I never really had the time when the energy to do it. Because my whole life was taken over harassment. And so now we're having a little bit of time in between the two is are we doing. I'm taken advantage of it and so like now I'm off. Aerosmith time wise -- -- the -- clock and now I'm traveling around on the road doing me usually meet and greets and and in stores fruit from our profits for rock and a rush from. And it you know it's fun I love working with people. And I need something to call my own. And that's what this is it's like not it's not the first thing I said he people who we go to do like retail deals is that it's not. Just another celebrity putting his name -- something to make money you know on the CEO of the company I go to all the meetings -- medical decisions. It's my baby -- And so I and I'm really enjoying it. I agree this idea and I when I was like an idiot those board meetings. That there are pretty interest and we love those guys have given us a lot of those guys are pretty. They're pretty amazed when I walked in the room you know because they think -- just by reps are going to be yeah like that's not the way that it goes from Nashville on February dubious quality not a bad that I mean we just had San Diego I was just -- Michelle's -- scenario NASA and you know he made like a good you know hundred million honest tequila so you do the right way it's it's not a bad business to be and I know. Do you did you Purdue tasting. I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and change to it would with all the beans and I -- does your dad did so -- foreigners at. An incredible show on Travel Channel it's a -- this guy and I was just trying to go online a final two dudes name. But he travels all over any fines being straight and whatever company west and he go to the -- you know yeah -- and they do all on mic mixes -- -- like. Thirty little cups -- copy -- And I -- amazing to be able to tell the difference yeah. But like I could pull all the coffee that we shall doesn't it doesn't go out until I give it until it gets my approval snow and it you know and and the coffee is roasted and packaged. And distributed right here in Massachusetts it's often in North Andover and so now do you have you ever sampled I don't believe you you offer it. But have you ever sampled a copy that is made from the excrement of the monkey. Knew I had -- Would you that I have not sampled the -- that comes from the interim government and -- lucky you would not interested in that at this time if not from I've joked I am not just that that I I am I really don't have any interest in monkey. -- all right Joey Kramer of Aerosmith this although that would be a good name for -- monkey duty -- Nokia that -- the actual actual name. And probably something that has happened backstage in some -- had an Aerosmith show and I about that you're -- I -- it was I'm not going there you know you go to the right so you're you're joining us. For a few appearances which I wanna mention. On tomorrow you're going to be at Roche Brothers and marsh field mr. Hyde and so that's from noon until one my old stomping ground yeah really he's live in Montreal my W has lived all you guys are all self assured -- will. Set for Steve and his I actually Stephen was on the -- Australia's funny when when we lived and we all lived on the -- sure yeah me and Brad. And Stephen. All lived on the same street really yes. Yeah and and I really I can imagine what that must've been a life it was it was ridiculous yeah. How ridiculous it is just Venus still has his doubts. Out there. All that you know he he and Antonio wins it's the live here yeah addressed the risk of gone. Death spreads in Nashville Joe's employer I'm in Austin you're not -- do you -- Massachusetts at all I can't say that I -- -- -- -- -- I miss my friends yeah. You know because I have a lot of old buddies from here because I lived here for forty years yeah. So I have a lot of really good friends here. And I'm here often and I still spend a lot of time in Boston has bought them always be home for me yeah. And you know that's where the band is from -- -- started as it is just my routine just -- But Austin's not so bad but Austin is you know it's funny with a -- then you really don't know -- here in Texas yeah. Because the geography of Boston is very much like New England alone is only without the -- -- yeah. A -- Houston ally that we'll Houston and Dallas and much much more humid and hotter and remorse and -- like yeah where is Austin I live in that I live in the hill country with -- hill country death. And -- then the geography of his very much like new England's group you know what's been Rolling Hills green grass trees up farms. I just -- torture -- little bit. We have like a 101000 square foot house time. Couple -- site indoor pool. Six I think now. How does -- -- that's. Tom how cars yet now right. Right now for. -- car yes I get anything no I did you -- people whole lot more cars but you know you can I can't keep up with them. You know like when I lived in Rhode Island demarche -- had a ten car garage right now and it just got silly yeah. You know -- -- only drive wanted to -- that's correct and my my love for cars is just you know if it continues to grow the and there's so many out there to try and so little time to try the men and a button that I just you looking forward to what do you want to do you have anything right now what would you want. -- -- -- I don't know you know I've I've had pretty much every -- out there and hitting a thing. But yeah the one car that I stuck with -- which are working on my life. Four or 51. Is I have the newest iteration of the a reality RA. I had the -- to -- ten -- that I just I just took delivery of about a month ago you like that being on the awesome at the end yeah I yeah I look this -- you have I've had Ferrari's and limos and I've read everything there is out there. And it's the friendliest car and drives the best of Iranian. -- Joey Kramer's here when we mentioned. Again that rock -- -- -- to copy you can meet Joey hang out -- Joey try to copy I would assume -- -- -- at Roche Brothers in marsh field -- field that's news that one tomorrow. And then. -- Roche Brothers in Roxbury. From three until four yell c'mon you've -- yes that's what is it I always like to ask this of the rockers -- you continue to play when you've had great success you've made a ton of money you probably don't need that money anymore why not just retire. And enjoy your life instead of going on -- Well because that's what we do that's what we enjoy in life -- it's that you know for an in Aerosmith. Because. You know because a lot of different things it's never been about the money for us. And I think that's probably. A lot of the reason why we're still around and you were around and will will look at on our 43 year. And and still the original band still the original five guys has not. Not now other than this other than the stones. When who was around when you guys started if anybody that can say that this still around now it will not not only just being around that but with the original line yeah there's nobody right nobody is there anybody nobody that I know of Miami and Jerry in the pacemakers and now I. They'll have pacemakers could help them be serious there's nobody other than you guys and the stones. And the stones don't even have the original episodes really it's 43 years young lineup yet. Have them it's amazing if you come to a show today like we we just finish up America we just did. Ten or twelve of the best shows that I've ever seen as -- yeah and you know the band the band just keeps getting better it's like. It's it's weird now how long do you think you play for. You know I don't I don't really see it that I don't think any of us really see any reason to stop yeah. I mean the only reason I would stop this because I was physically incapacitated. And I couldn't play yeah. You know me my job is really physical. But that's one of the things that I've always loved about it so I've always been able to embrace that. Yeah and and I I love that it keeps me in a certain place and ATP on now and it keeps your blood flown and you know rock minerals what it's all about so when you ask me. Why -- why don't we just sit back and retire and enjoy life if I retired my life to be over like he'd like all that oil and even and then to even with the band even if I left the band. I would I would continue along the same lines doing the coffee. Because I'm dealing with a lot of the same people a lot of fans and I love dealing -- people and I love our fans -- It's all about the fans is that if it wasn't for them to begin -- The whole thing wouldn't even wouldn't exist in the -- I. I guarantee you this is a text from -- the -- from over Russia Russia's been around just -- line. -- Like she was huge rush him. But dot who somebody's it's easy top also has been about -- he's got -- -- about the same time as he got is actually they did they did yeah but there's very few act now do you feel like. Worse after a shown now that use dude just because they'll like me I get up in the morning -- on -- aches and pains. You know are you. Like do you feel like an athlete after it like it would like Tom Brady after a game well I. You know basically amateur -- I'm in the gym every day Monday through Friday. And I trained really hard to go out and do a tour so that basically what I'm doing -- my trainer is and I train harder in the gym. Then then the amount of energy I expand on the stage to by the time I'm ready to go out on the road. Doing -- show is his whole life easier and at the end of -- -- at the end of the tour. Now I and I feel really good. Can I tell you a recommendation again just assume -- cup by Iraq -- to -- now and I. Yeah Giuliani gets Lisa -- O'Brien yes. Like I do I have to say I do drink coffee before I go on. But you know but I don't drink enduring yeah. Or ask their -- put you know I I feel really good. You know with the band is just. We're we're peaking mean you know for -- guys that are -- range. You know I think we do pretty damn good. Here's here's the Texas as if you had to play with -- one of the following would you pick Justin Bieber Miley Cyrus -- JC. Rihanna or Elton John. Elton John well. I'm via Xbox I thought that Elton John otherwise none of the about that. Would you -- would Miley. To work out -- -- -- to keep it working. Yes -- -- -- you know that's a Miley just works nationals and she is no I wouldn't amount to. No -- -- -- toward Pittsburgh. All right and then what about the bomb what about a new album I went with what they so tour next summer here in American. Well we just released an album that actually a year this month a year credits that would -- we do you are you guys in the studio all the time Mario. We're now in the studio we're always what we're restoring order to work and yeah. Because. You know this is a whole other conversation yeah but you know where music is going since we started you know in the early seventies. There's just you know it's a little too disposable for a and we do a record like the last record that we did. Those songs. Will become classics. Just like the ones that we play now. Simply because they've been around so long and people like them as much as they do but it. And most backs are not selling. A lot of records yeah you know there's only -- I mean these guys -- -- and opposable is that we use the bully you know the Justin Bieber is and then he may -- edges of the world. You know those on his nose directors and I don't think anybody's going to be listening to those of fifteen -- twenty years down the line a pace that they're having their fifteen minutes. That's what it's all come through now. You know there are no there are no actually I heard a ban on the radio last night in Texas. That just knocked me out which I and at which I never. It never happens to me and the band is called. Vintage trouble. Showing no you know Asia now then I think -- I think they're young brand new -- from club. Tomorrow night play. They've played once on this primary is that -- it. -- So you're -- music industry this is interesting to me because I mean music industry wise you have beavers and that if somebody looks at Bieber. And Kanye west was Angola's while you know that gigantic selling so many records and dead but you think that those. If you cannot gigantic in my eyes when you -- for me personally yeah because when it. Because to me something something that's gigantic. Is not a B&B it is it is technically and I understand what you're saying. But to me. Something that's gigantic is more along the lines of something that's not only as financially successful. But he is also are fully successful. And and and also means that much to that many people you're dealing with. The new cart audience -- you're talking about. Are the same audiences as the artist yeah and when their fifteen minutes is -- within not listening to that anymore and what they're already onto the next thing yeah. But don't you think that because I've thought about this don't you think that the technology and you know I'm talking about social networks. Owns these -- Smartphones. Like television and don't you think that all that stuff really plays a hand in this because when I was. You know in and when I was at a show over regional in the in the in the eighties. And I was an Aerosmith fan and and I wanted to get that a meaningless they're great at the great victory and an act well like I'm quite -- Joey -- how -- he'd -- he'd just gonna judge Joey Kramer's our -- from harassment when I was a young announcement can't. The only way active find out about why -- billionaire I think I -- anymore flat and how is the only way I could find out about you guys was to buy the album and look at the at that pat at the liner notes right and -- couldn't go on the Internet I couldn't you know maybe I could try to read something in my. Really -- I can relate so don't think it because. Has nothing to do that exactly so -- is secondary. So eventually ten years from now nobody's gonna remember without Justin Bieber was there you -- -- Justin Bieber very possible Strianese prostitute. -- and then and then in the process to you know he's he's this and places they shouldn't be pissed and I understand the wrong things by the wrong people. Well yeah if you see the -- I'd like to see you kick his ass quite frankly I'm uncomfortable. And I -- to -- that all right Joey -- I guess this is this is Jim hello Jim. There's still great. And that really is as close -- an amateur the big lie in -- got caught in old -- find it. Unbelievable. You love the -- yeah. Good news loves the -- yeah I got. I caught the core idea and I think it was the only you'll be in the public that. He healed me and drunken man that's my favorite Ethiopia Ethiopia. Yeah. Yeah those great those great but then I just thought it it'll give it a couple of Portland today that I think that all parents should think they're cute. That music today. Our kids. Absolutely but the basic data shall cigarettes -- sort of globally but that's all right we'll pull them all to get the different music I listen to. In the music you listen to music out and soon you'll never get sick of and a bit sick of the music my kids say they actually put that else that's sort that of course all need to look toward the attic of the absolutely. Absolutely. I think you -- that you -- never get sick of this music. Talent now. Now why I think it's I mean it you're talking about classics now you look at rock and roll and rock and country music is huge. More of rockets struggled a little bit it do you think that's because labels are not interested in and and in the in the lock John -- or there just aren't good rock -- right now. You know. Tell me rock band that's out there. Like Kings of Leon. -- somebody that really rock and roll. Yeah I -- I mean I mean there are bands out there that I like yeah. I mean I love the Foo Fighters down and I love no doubt. And I look I love Green Day -- you know but it's just it's just not saying yeah you know why is that. Why is that because everything moves on you know -- it's progression it's it's it's you know it's moving on it's becoming. What it needs to be. Who knows maybe we'll come back around and and rock and roll get you know really popular again. Like the band that I mentioned -- before when I heard that on the radio my ears perk up because it's like. It's what tweets my done yeah and it and and and I hear it I go wow what's that what's good usually the radios just like come on in the background you know because it's all the same. What you do it will be a monkey that monkey I don't eat cookie and -- -- you may prevent monkey you can catch it that's a recognizable name push. -- Yeah. Absolutely. You can't be dropping the F -- the public's airwaves. That's coming out -- and people are gonna be banning trans fats that -- you're swearing Omare Lowe. All right well listen. If it is my sincerest apologies there yeah. Yeah. Yeah how much lower my Joey Kramer yeah -- You know -- and Greg Ellis plays 75 -- Well listen we love you and we're glad he came in here and thank you Greg keep playing alive then and I don't worry about. What's happening with -- -- on general Aerosmith keeps going strong and and then we can't wait to see you next summer for a fact you are right and I -- -- essentially very much there's Joey Kramer on the -- -- morning show here at WA AF.