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Singer/Song Writer Scott Stapp In-Studio

Nov 6, 2013|

Singer/Song Writer Scott Stapp

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAA asp dot com. -- Is that I'm not positive yeah -- -- -- an arena will probably ruin your Mike and what are your microphone. I know you're navigate get out of -- policy it is not in my movie -- I got out and you grab and you can grab yourself and how what's up. -- -- -- -- Gaza wants to know if you wanna sit or stand -- -- anyone else -- -- architecture is not really using it anyway as a stand how aria good man -- than good to see who if we didn't. I'm trying to think about I believe that Halloween party that we have at the Roxy and sure like in 1990. But did maybe 999. Was one -- First play for this radio station. I think so man but a long time and the last time I was here we're on top of roof. Yes like I and I hear this stuff yeah it was that that was the colony again opening at the colony NN yeah. So -- welcome to Boston got out and and the record came out yesterday solo record in -- That the engine -- Also suicide by the way -- I have a music his mom spends a suicidal so the song like that he he finds meaning in something like that knows crazy -- we can commit slow suicide and not be suicidal and got -- -- after. And you know. How do you end up one when near what was different about doing a record you yourself and finding you know guys the work with the and stuff. And and to do some of -- I think I think there's a lot less. Like having to worry about standing in your lane because someone may get upset her or anything like that which which happens with playing you know Brothers. Over the years -- that knows what I do keep a year you know I mean. So you know you get the kind of push yourself and your creative limits because you get to fully dive in and do at all. I have guys that you're working with that is there who are just wanna make you happy. And just. My -- fired up their part of -- do what you're doing via our way to do right ahead and write down on the better part red zone good and and they're not concerned about play. You know I want this part is I -- you know stand in on us -- normal it's not a it's it's not an abnormal about a band but it but it's cool to kind of branch off and and have that. -- -- project at this time in my life. You know because I really felt this record. Is exactly what I was supposed to be doing -- my life right now and meaning what meaning well in terms of the you know I wrote my book last year. And and that was really. A big growth process for me and and just get my head screwed on straight in Indian perspective. And that kind of led to this record because I finally had lakes and clarity and perspective and to look back. Honestly. On the last ten years in my life opted usual it was a simpler it's a deal on through times like that going -- you yeah you stop you right. While this -- I warm welcome back kind of feel that way about the last one years. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't -- it's a little -- 02 hours are blurred. And sometimes you need a process that and and and I definitely had a chance to do that in and when you when you're going into it was like you know what I'm not gonna give myself any slack. Not gonna give myself a break here and discuss. Look at it like everybody else in and actually beat my own worst critic who really can give you some perspective and that really impacted me as an artist and songwriter. So I'm here in music. How's it in sobriety realizes that -- you're you like -- it is -- and I have my days yeah you know -- that had a good time party -- Me. That he must admit I don't wanna go there just aren't removal -- and then if you usually off the -- -- it's not. Happily ever after this and I didn't have a look at me you know you're doing great yeah. -- -- You know I had a great time until until it turned bad yeah. And you know I mean -- check it out on YouTube you know I'm sure there's some clips on the -- of my glory days throwing it you know it's been the best. Best thing that ever happen in my life for a you know I found out how bad. On how crazy allergic I was that alcohol and every time I've beaten drank. I'm broke out in handcuffs and end up on the 6 o'clock news so it was like I -- I can't Anderson Torino and you know doing it. Like I can never give up breaking how. Is that no no -- -- it's the best you feel like you you have you weeks -- Friday comes and what exactly the rest of the week it's like Saturday at midnight because you still got an outlet to drink yet and it's all I don't know you know I know it's second and take you know what I mean need you. Did I don't mean kids it's awesome you know -- a spasm and we have so much misery you know and -- not -- regular work well bring me like rock bottoms there you used in there -- I don't Iraq smiling I'm like -- there's -- tethered life. Well into one snap away. I've been there you know and like when when you -- get to the point where your leg you know I'm gonna die. You got to -- yeah yeah you know I mean obviously you're not there yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Always up until around 2002. When you know just in a dark place man in and just turned into trying to feel normal. And and that's you know it got worse for me my shows suffered. Because of it you know in my mind they were awesome. Yeah behind it and and I -- -- -- in the back Blake who. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now did you end up Blake did you blow a lot of money oh yeah yeah yeah any I guess that played against and how much. And definitely definitely in the seven figures in the seventy. Let and let up buying the did you buy things and then not remember or buying them all you have and I made a lot of friends now to -- -- and wanna hang -- we and you know spent a lot of money. When -- drop like 75 -- minister -- yeah -- -- well. That was in South Beach now. Back here remember the name now. But you there we know -- I took all my friends many I was like temporary. It's solid yeah. And I put the -- awful then yeah yeah. Yeah I mean that's meaningless. You know I mean I was miserable you know and and you know but it is what it is and and I learned a lot man and and you know not had a chance that kind of reflect on all that. And and turn it into. You know what I learn yeah and how to make you hear. You know I got three beautiful kids and and an awesome life your -- life and thank. I'm I was not an outlook and three Russians very beautiful -- -- I say yes and and posters former miss what and New York, New York yeah -- -- I met her actually. New Year's Eve 2005. And I was down in South Beach. And my -- pulled me out you go down for. New Year's Eve you know we're and blows did it you know you're like going down and -- it for some reason. I was in kind of one of those moods where it was like and this. Singing doing it for me tonight. You know it's probably a bomber and other people. And so I I decided to say you know what's up and going back east you know so I leave. And I'll never forget the scene in my mind I'm looking back. And light everywhere it's party on the strip you know just a mob outside of every bar right and it's just me Stan announced. You know on the road. Gonna get a cab and I look over in about 45 yards there's this. Beautiful woman trying to do the same thing in the thing that stood out of -- is she was closed. Is that South Beach no one -- to. -- -- And I looked in my buddy any looks and he looks and things like dude. Look at this series got you know I like three chicks scantily clad you know late -- -- back and nothing and Eva yeah -- comment sounds like Nadia that's the kind of girl I want. And then of course my body runs down there and -- done and I don't -- is that's exactly exactly and and you know the funny. Thing she goes videos. Really I worked with a sister for six years get out of there and so you know a huge you were -- I think -- -- Totally I played that -- that all the whales again that you can have you know your little sister in the yeah. I'm gonna. They were awesome while Scott Stapp is our guest and group proof of life was released yesterday yeah. And if you wanna Biondi who call 617931. And one -- six on 79311223. Or you can text us the WA AF by remote group text line is 97107. Here's somebody did some work. On your house. A win to win -- there I love and went in when demand is there is that was when I lived in Orlando when he lived in Orlando they want and there's still playing golf as much January at that -- they said drugs. Drugs that drugs dread is that the name of the -- yeah we played their dumpster dumpster and you have played there quite a bit. Until my son began to walk. And then had a daughter and then another son of you know your time -- -- -- eternal office goes -- yeah I don't necessarily worked on us. So a year yeah yeah. In my closet. And I religious -- create the. Column year this -- there once and now. And when you look at the music industry now in what it would what you're you guys -- Crete -- we formed creed in 93. And 1993 so that's. 3321. Years years ago dollar when you look at the music industry analogous Texas says they would they want and always think of Kanye West. You know I mean he's he's definitely an artist that says what -- fields and kind of flies by the seat of his pants and you know and I don't have any hate on anybody -- And so I anymore I don't really. Yeah I you know it will the only time I did as -- some -- mouth off when I was drinking and I you know I just problem in yeah and you know made sense back then ran well Miley Cyrus. You know I mean as a father. You know my number one job is to keep my daughter off the -- And and -- and yeah you know and and you know I know he's not helping. You know people from working -- and so from a father's perspective. You know you're like -- Billy Ray you know he's -- pissed off -- he's kind of weird to and -- -- so you you know what Danaher -- wrecking ball. Now realize you know me in my life have these conversations she likes that you talk about like pull MI you know our. You know and but talking about how her boyfriend situation and then she's going to a problem in her -- in the you know and she was just kind of lost and so. You know I get it from that perspective so I try not to the judge but I tell you -- You know that was in the -- coming out of the ground at the awards show electrical bolt -- right now. In my mind -- -- Scott -- is our guest here in the studio in brightness is -- yes hello Kenny. Editor at what's going to just one of Salem huge tree and not. Scotland outlet that stress I came out arms wide open -- and that was torture or child. Yeah was it was. -- you -- -- -- I -- -- if you emotional but my daughter my first daughter was born at that China as well and now. We're not science in the army literally that that we got mark. In every time I hear it Cilic in the connections in my daughter which I don't spend enough time -- but it's been really a wonderful side it's. It's really been something special more than just decided to -- the meaning behind it that I can relate to and I I can feel what you are writing with the Canon. Paper and -- -- as -- say thank you thank you. -- -- -- appreciate this scenario is it possible to be most like proud of one single sign -- -- -- you know I am in a cell is that it. You know that song had the most impact on my life on so many love. You know professionally and behind the scenes is I can relate to exactly what he's saying. Because that's what that song means the media in my relationship with my son Jagger and now my daughter Milan and Daniel. So you know that song definitely. Means a lot to me is Daniel upset that he doesn't have one of the celebrity -- a kid named -- And you know it you know it not yet and now on an idea that. Yeah he's a wild man so you were you writing that and feeling like. Kind of like -- guilty or like -- migrate dad 'cause they drank into the wind and my can -- back in the day when I learned Alan you know I wasn't hadn't progressed into that. Place yet you know just a regular guy who drink Beers and his buddies and and like he -- remind me to expand. Do you know blood. You know I just I just didn't wanna be. Light. The father that I had in my life and so I was expressing. You know my my thoughts about being a father. You know -- -- and what I didn't wanna be like in what way. Didn't wanna pass down and I you know of course all of us as parents we don't want our kids. To make the same mistakes that we made. -- so that's kind of what I expressed in the breach of that song. Especially don't want doesn't give me the same is kind of guy nobody is not a policy details to lay people are hoping that. -- -- -- -- -- So that. Actually put you try really hard to be cool. And are you putting so much effort is being -- -- that come naturally. The puma thing. -- -- -- changing your life I suppose I would say becoming -- and I don't party had a good time tonight for a just as much effort into being a I laid back dude following it well today. You know what I think I think when you find yourself you don't have to track. You just you just being you just are yeah you know I mean so I have to think about that kind of stuff like that do when I was in my Taiwanese. You -- your perspective. -- me. Changes in life like that things you thought. Like in high school like delay yeah you get like 56 years later your leg -- while we knew what I knew now. But that kinda happens in life you know as as you get older you look back at different times in your life and and your whole perspective mr. -- I haven't let you know I think I think. What I find with people is you know I'm still repayment. -- I'm always chasing. And then you you you quit that you -- speak with that it's stops at chase. You know every -- all the time -- I think every you always feel like you missed not yours you -- you know what's her body you're welcome I'm not there what's going on warm again I'm gonna chase chase chase -- Brad who's -- in the win you know you never again never gonna -- it. Dick Dick -- you bomb getting in fights -- hero Fred Durst. Our men in red army and Fred Russell and you know he's a great student very talented very great director. I guess no one has gotten into later on in his life. And you know he he kind of backed down from that. Yeah you know he ran away yeah he ran away you know knew what was you know I don't area hit accurate and you know I got nothing but love for him but you know when you're all fired up into morning's low testosterone you know -- -- in match. But he -- about us. As well so I muscles say that's tonight Austin -- until yesterday don't worry about it -- -- bill. Hey Greg great -- Le Carr and artistry geologist wondered can -- not be the most memorable Scholl you clay including like audience. Involvement never been. Most most memorable DNN one that stands out. To me I I believe. It was in Kansas City, Missouri. And 42000. Fans were there. And for some reason I don't know why they everybody. In the in in the crowd decided that you know handful side. And just start grown up in the air and this is like 42000 people. And so that was insane. And it was awesome and they you know every single person from you know. People in the front row where the act in the same as the people in the back -- that was an amazing show. Just for the record I agree Goran nine Kansas City has Tom flurries Thomas yeah I think our listeners -- forget and his response. -- been there Scott yes I have I was just there a couple days in Germany. And to help the yeah. So how are you -- staying in town for. And. -- I leave here I'm jumping on a plane in New York to new York and then now being in New York this afternoon -- them jumping on trained to Baltimore now. So busy time right now and then -- -- what's the what's the -- Proof of life yesterday yeah Scott solar record. The second second 12 wants. And then. -- -- -- -- You know I think we're at a place where. It's just kind of there you know and you know I've grown. And moved on to like a different chapter in my life and you know and I'm making the music I really feel like right now that I was born to make. And so it's there. Now but no right now it's all about proof of life. And you know right and the next chapter the next season in my life can dwell on the good about a successful manly creed is. Fifteen years from now years whatever 67 -- can do one of those like reunion creed. Reunion tour things. If they elect big dollars right that's if if -- if they'll book me when I'm in a wheelchair. And I am I you know I'll be rock and I was -- guess yeah I was gonna call you doesn't have Jean king hit and -- keeps doing it -- yet because. You've seen those like shreds things on YouTube. Like if you check out it's like there's one creature reds I -- when yesterday and they're hilarious. And it's like. It's got to. You know a video of us Jana lives that there's some guy you know they took our music out. And so it's some guy make in the you know playing the guitar how he wants to sound. And I like and I like none of that stuff sounds. You know his voice on mine but so it looks like it could be coming from my mouth -- -- so that's kind of how I'll be check out -- Good spirits up yet they're going. Year. Only here. That's that's so people imitate me I've found -- -- that kind of -- and airport yesterday and then he comes out to me goes. Do I love your band man my thank you grown it seems like the I swear man every time I sing karaoke broke. Everyone tells me dude that I can do you do that after I got taken out of prudent. He believed you one now. Whom wound up you know I mean that happens in real time and saying yeah. There and in and night -- of course in my food that is awesome manager is -- haven't gone but I love him. Yeah exactly. It presented with -- is that you know my sense is that how I -- -- -- Don't like you did an -- crowd out the gone. Is that how you. -- You know that's an area yeah. That's kind of care teacher of myself but it's funny to hear other people -- and a -- Sing to me how they hear me. As did -- hear myself like I care -- -- -- -- and when he did this this preacher Wednesday it is a trip because they consider an unplanned all the sudden you're like oh -- a million. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tour dates in two week OK toward and I'll be back. Either sometime in the between the last week of march in the first two weeks April -- just check out you know -- stuff dot com and my FaceBook and Twitter and triple B -- -- -- -- you've got. Actually edged loot and the compact and in March in via -- that love to be him and guys are losing the lovely wife and -- I won't look -- I -- look right. Yeah it went in there yeah. I lost that got us. In -- Album until ours alone proof of life. Scott stepped thank you may think -- definitely -- -- right back.