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Mistress Carrie interviews Buckcherry

Oct 29, 2013|

Mistress Carrie caught up with Josh and Keith from Buckcherry, after their set at the WAAF Halloween Thrillogy at the Tsongas Center on October 25th, 2013!

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So welcome to the Zamboni around you got like a posh rocks are dressing room yeah -- Zamboni you know it's well -- as well -- What's cool ways -- -- me what does that vacuum. Yeah. Yeah who went moment. I'm Mike pack fell out of my draft. We you like where one apparently I'm -- Just from -- health -- Israel. Iraq -- it there eight. I'm staying yes yes yes and you didn't Wear costumes like I was what did nothing -- -- let me know. Would cost -- and ask that you have customs and I. You know even on -- crazy. Couple -- schedule you can just got back from South America. So you are kind of like getting through the jet. We had like two days home to let it happen. So we didn't get together we apologize. So everybody you talk to -- about the difference between -- West Coast thanks East Coast chicks and the chicks and South America where you just -- well. You know here in Brazil don't. You know there. We got any name from Brazil really does hold them but still. It's it's unbelievable. Yeah yeah yeah. It does -- I wanted to ask you guys about speaking of and it venues on video because when you guys were up on stage. Thank you very much he dedicated -- his son to me -- and that I'm standing down parents TV was in the economy because I was tweeting like downtrend stage taking pictures. I started really listening to the lyrics of the song I'm like. Just jocks -- because yeah it does not at the end -- -- -- I thought yeah that's -- Yeah look at our guys are he's dedicated to you because you. We'll -- first big stations play this song. Well I have to be careful how we Del -- I battled the whole conversation you have -- at. Yeah there's certainly over the Internet. So I here's what the Red Sox colors we have to talk about cannot like a bandwagon thing at kind of guy I was -- bad before. Walk in Pittsburgh in the American League team all the time when I was gonna say you felt the pain growing up how I felt the pain happens -- got. Most definitely he's song. It's like I'm sorry I'll call them back to these -- He is so now it's I mean this is poised to do some sort -- that bit. See it's too bad you guys weren't here yesterday. If you had left the Brazilian asking kind of gave her yeah you gonna try to get tickets are thinking. -- many games that went up on the ball park. It's like a movie set rightly -- it's it's. So I want to ask you guys about what the greatest hits package yeah. So I know I thought can't you guys wearing on stage I had read out. Did it make you feel like old or like retrospective when you sit down to actually put together your -- greatest hits package that's. It's a big deal for they have to make it long enough to actually have -- -- songs to put in the greatest hits. Yeah you know -- just staying -- and we're always growers in the process of writing new songs are touring. When you're constantly doing you know time just flies by and we -- thinking about -- like we are we have like seventy songs out there so I think it's time. No it's just the ones that made the cut. That made the album nevermind album music you guys have -- together that nobody even heard yeah. Yes there's a lot of cutting room floor and backs he's talking about that right now because we're compiling yeah. Many here right back. Hopefully let out -- march. We always talk about other songs that we want to revisit the. -- -- -- Can I ask you about your hat. Yes because there opt for induction into the rock and roll Poland Spain is a hard -- of fine. Straight -- -- is probably best rap rap rap record ever made. Huge fans and it's a really eclectic group of nominees this year and it's like Linda Ronstadt. Kiss. Her on hello cool today and that way -- like that really weird group. I think they should call them. I'm hoping it's kind of -- they mean when you're talking NWA public enemy and that the hall in Atlantic just awesome. I absolutely. And we argue about that -- We'll get deep -- up for induction this year I finally this finally you know but I mean. Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Beastie Boys both made it before and it really. They wouldn't exist without and that I think I mean it in the -- I mean it's one of those things where they just put the nominees out and then literally let people might think that over who gets in like that. I'd say yeah he is octagon like it would be unbelievable. Yes but not before it let you know I wanna ask you about your gold mines more than yeah. Just -- I'm playing. It's out of -- They're back yeah every Sunday do you read -- leaving here yeah and -- back. I'll get on the my dad like about 5:30 in the morning for drivers meeting -- -- -- -- just -- with a bigger yeah you're really tomorrow. It's fun it's fast. Have you it'd be taking you want to feel like I am I -- the track them. -- watch list and you know I think a lot of guys sell music that balance. Trac ball whenever anything and it comes out and actually walk and coming Ramirez. He's not how bad they don't see some of the videos that you might want -- winner on that sound mom yeah I got sixty miles an hour. And it's like on your -- think that what I'm doing basically is rewriting. God it's like the purest form of racing and everybody starts before they get. Cars. Is that like the goal someday and I have a -- carry NASCAR's -- saying you know it's it's a hobby that I really. It takes a lot you know. To me. Is challenging in. Does not answer. Get me out of -- -- it's. -- While he's cart does that mean your odds that you come back to Boston in game six in game seven if and when I went shopping working diligently every day. Plus sometimes taken voters -- got a couple of days ago and -- went -- Iraq that I didn't certainly you know collapse -- -- -- we've been reading this I like. Literally it's bent over a decade now Sunday. Show. Right. Now get a cold and yeah well and sick the night. -- -- aren't well we can't figure it out for coming celebrating my favorite holiday -- yeah. And I think that's what's -- the videos on WA dot com. Asking for about ten things you guys did -- Sox. For more exclusive on -- -- keep checking in at WAS dot com. I'm gonna put the penis shaped microphone -- yeah.