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Hill-Mail 10-23-13

Oct 23, 2013|

Hill-Mail 10-23-13

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WA AF dot com. Now each year returned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- may help. So more what are emergency. I felt like I don't know why couldn't do it. On the UK okay. I hill mail today -- do you buy the beer summit harvest fast get your tickets now for the beer summit harvest fest it's spelled. At the park plaza castle it's happening Friday November 8. And Saturday November 9 sample over 200 craft Beers for tickets go to beer summit dot com that's beer summit. Dot com. To -- 1 PM. I -- group points to make a point. It -- and I want bill Grady -- But it -- my outfit. I would be more productive and would be media -- thought. It's. We learned yesterday that smokers. Due to smoke breaks lose about a week of work a year the -- though view of smokers that work for you. They're down about they get an extra week of vacation basically faith based on tells -- based on those smoke breaks. Pull -- twenty old. That we -- timing -- awake and architect track good luck and -- win back while Arab Iranian cap. -- -- I don't think we'll expect trophy planet do you live. The ball made his bat big bat would then governor of Missouri and of course the old legal seafood clam chowder and -- I mean is there other food that we're known for it and clam chowder now that's about it. Not about what Turkey's we have the first Turkey sets and then nothing embarrassing now that's an animal thing yeah I can't thank you can't kill and slaughter ally Turkey apparent racist or the World Series -- -- and moderate he -- W -- doesn't care be in Cincinnati concept it's been answered this from the shopper and a so -- Saint Louis offered up or Missouri offered up some cream soda lose a shot -- -- -- let's. -- -- What what else was -- our -- oh polar. Polar beverages out. Hopefully as the orange dry yellow on the Minnesota ever created through -- the polar orange dry and then exits from dancing to your elite company all right. And let me not -- is that the that the two cardinals' assistant. Made a -- and from the archdiocese -- -- Which what are our colonel offer up oh about is charity it's for charity hunt about. Whoever. The loser must give the winner -- hundred dollars to donate to Catholic Charities I mean giving that gets him there from the from the pocket of the the -- -- certainly not at that you think that things in the nation -- expected that hurt my. And and -- and where is it in the it in the Bible that it that that gambling is is is is advocate I thought that was sandy is it says that at that amenable. San -- here is is the is the cards solid and more is that cartel in favor of food. Of the casinos I mean I'm there's one of the burning bush wins a hundred bucks I don't believe. Gambling is akin to bypassing work in the Bible is frowned upon mean doesn't seem like the right. Example -- that if you're religious person. Stinks routine all. More than a minute you know -- -- application we didn't beat or did all the other block or before December that it. We'll look at right now. -- go to LA LA it's his game and go to the united that's -- midnight you know what are Lester moves pretty quick it. But my Michaels takes a lot of time on my mom mom -- -- I need people who can plan the now it's burial and let you talk. And technologies get the best you enjoy. Two weeks police woman -- I have no word income cable or worked in urban ethnic. Yeah. Oh and blew it. He happened. So. Government workers who were furloughed are also in many states allowed to go ahead keep -- unemployment session that -- that's why not. Well it costs and yet it back and that. -- the double and the double payment thing Marriott. You were furloughed for two weeks and you also get to keep the unemployment he had your back and he basically got paid double for two weeks off. America they wanted to take orders that they currently don't have that. Thinks we will all. Our other -- -- but -- -- about to -- night. It will -- -- cardinal got that right and and and I. And you. Know. -- he thinks it will -- old. I. Don't. Count. Or ounces has been on me this we haven't heard from -- that's -- an arrangement at all times. They're gonna make you this Linux that's fine taken a break. Open 24 old. Is that you can doubt that north bend over at the Mac -- Eli how wanna hear this too is that apply because he's well I. And that -- I could -- him not through. We don't know we don't know the facts in that story polo match. -- -- -- -- You get pictures come back Ben Affleck has been -- certain. I did I did I -- We explanation for that yet -- that was all over the place last night I would what do what it's. It's an uprising turned on Boston that he not get good seats as though that what it would have what's going on and I did it I mean it's. The jets defense is probably something like you know is somebody told him that John Henry was. Using the product in which. Workers in some Third World nation were not paid enough money maker -- and that's lies turned on the -- I believe he blames the Red Sox for his marriage -- events that day they were you know according each -- love owner Red Sox games and now he's as good as going to be married -- who what why now this you don't remember what all the photos of those to him and his wife. And all the Red Sox games and -- 2007 -- here and everybody else at the Red Sox get. I don't think -- like four broad and Michael wacko Lokachokyo I definitely didn't -- there's no seven series with Colorado. Connecticut had. Again. We're -- it's. It's somebody else it's attitude guys you know. Yeah it's only that they didn't muted now -- we're not county no one of these days gonna comedian comes -- right it may directly jokes arm and he's gonna fire -- and you guys are all gonna laugh I don't try that once again someone whom. It worked out Tampa. I. Guess what I -- I think probably that's got to wrap my head around it if he's wearing a cardinals sheer. -- play shooting a movie I got the explanation he's shooting gone girl in in in Missouri. Which I have recommended as a Hillman book clubs let them on the show many times unbelievable bullet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- business that there's -- -- gatherers but but that's he's doing he gets he gets a pass on that. Seven movie old. Great -- guess what it is. Get what do you do any good. But -- -- -- -- -- like they were there and Gaylord Perry the US go to the world parent. And then pitched how do you spell -- flags today after an aircraft you can't miss the minutes read this picture about. They'll get everybody alarmed he doesn't know these actually from the movie in the by David Ben Affleck at 730. Old. Greg accurate but at the -- for Colin little peculiar yell will be that we need a drink -- think I'll. And that -- now Mellon. I'm hoping that she goes and those good nice. Catholic university of some might even though I'm not about -- worst place to go out there -- to some kind of our girls the girls I don't I don't want and do not want my daughter Julia going to college. 228937. AM. A big -- turned into a little ridiculous I think you're. And that message. It's beyond me and as you have been called annual millions -- That was Ralph midnight so you Saturday and Sunday -- to mountain. Fourth annual great New England barbecue festival to benefit Greg -- foundation so feel like pulled pork brisket ribs. I did you name the barbecue barbecued chicken. Whatever whatever whatever can be barbecued will be barbecued we have a -- -- days we races. And I am hoping -- shows you don't show up for the big -- at all it was really fashion but the circus they're not showing up there yet but -- a pig races going on Saturday and Sunday live music. Craft beer festival. Oyster festival. You can have some ways these some oysters as we and as that term. Just to drive Daniel crazy some oysters out -- so we'll see -- watches him on Saturday and Sunday cannot help us raise money for the Greg -- foundation. 7:37. AM. If that's true what they expect the what -- are bigger and at the. And let it well. I can't believe it but that's what's going on in the lawsuit over a nine -- one passes zero. Result of a football game 701. Old. Eight granddaddy was talking about as he -- -- under constant in the -- start. But they really got to meet that -- the one -- -- ball. It's. Let me. So in our heads. I'll spasm and it's simply just a reminder that -- -- anonymous family. 707. AM. I completely agree with that all children -- -- there it. Like Internet security I am certainly I'm gonna say it and I'm gonna pick up girl.