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Hill-Mail 10-10-13

Oct 10, 2013|

Hill-Mail 10-10-13

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WA AF dot com. Now each -- returned to talk. As they Hill Man Morning Show present -- may help. Who's been aware. Yeah. It is days. It and you. It handles. On WAA. Says the taxpayer wants to know TV tag was he had the name television show. Before you were before you got to hated that game much pressure can -- -- is tedious job yeah I felt. That's that's I'm just -- sense is this episode that we can't. You kids up for find. What do I mean the man who is allegedly brown allegedly pretends the caller game -- and on television and asked grant what about mercy. Another great yeah mercy painful terrible painful game. Don't touch meaning of the mountain. Core rate I rated game. Great game. All right on today's hill mail messages brought to. By Barrett's -- mentions new second attraction at the cell dared -- try it it's the terror you can't escape. The only place to find your Halloween thrill is Barrett's haunted mansion it's on route eighteen in Abington and right next to the Abington ale house. Fallen in London -- I want to call the best as he then they let you know that I love you I bet you couldn't turn. Even through as the balls can I mean I own wants me. It's means -- good form or if it's true. About Indians sunburn and certain errors probably have to call that -- americans'. -- -- out of -- -- the screen so he earned nine. Hello Kevin. They're Smart guys -- -- so lucky it didn't -- Picked picked it up when I wouldn't deliberately kept up slammed against -- -- -- -- currency. Little slow we didn't know the pain thing and spin it. The guy that -- great game. Capture the flag pretty good game is great game I enjoy capture the flag pretty big game we've -- gotten forty older. Well they don't let me and we expect I expect what is it like they might expect the white. That's probably -- one. When that hit -- but. -- still forty years old. And that -- The president. Talked about how I -- But. Yeah. Can old. I can't get credit that you can't stop calling it the end -- Never pretty gross video on our winners as we start. Not on our sites on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash W for -- -- -- -- trying to -- -- -- -- masculine to -- -- the -- in Minneapolis -- -- station. And nine old. Got hit it like it though that it is today. Anyway so what Katie. It's relative committed. I think at that you know. Her love it -- a lot -- I think our database that can protect. -- -- name is champion. How does it it is and. -- only 11:39. AM. -- that they -- -- it -- really certainty yet but this is one of the most important idiotic thing the -- At no point in your rambling incoherent diatribe really close and it could be considered rational thought. Everywhere -- into the radio is no number I haven't heard a week you have at your life to make an effort is wonderful. And -- Christmas yes Aaron -- Madison yes I love your stuff. To -- it absolutely -- -- like and it. He he he used all. You know the honeymoon is over there and love it today and for our -- -- government takes and -- when -- -- Talking -- There. You know it would then somehow post a guy tried to get out of a speeding ticket in Utah. Going a 111 miles an hour and he said he had explosive diarrhea and any kind of fun about the -- that led to a topic about. He gets discussion about going to the bathroom and some woman were appalled that the other women go to document from their man to man. People have been married they've been married for seminary -- and they don't. They had parent parent LB's parent where -- doesn't want Asians -- finalized veto it doesn't get as a personal at the president's there's no. Doesn't mean you -- in front of the life her. On the and we address a little. Yeah. I can't I'm not one of those Dutch army guys and I and I got -- -- somebody asked about that isn't a -- CDC and something. Yeah. I don't want to oversee numbers are and you mentioned. That the never heard the chairman and now. The -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Kanye West -- that -- -- is. Independent. On the now since the. I'm -- resigned in Jimmy Kimmel last night they have a long running feud yes and it Kanye went on a bit of a -- Wants to let you know now Marmol solely. Create thirtieth. Kanye West who is the most creative person in the world. You know -- -- creative genius and has no on the way to word -- and that's supposed to say that about yourself and I say things that. The wrong way a lot of times my intention is always positive and people say well you signed up to be a celebrity -- -- It's like you know and I understand -- I was -- gotta get your money it's hard out here -- -- but let's have respect. Please -- that you do help me get mighty paparazzi you know six additional people out fresh outfitted this is what I'm here to do so mark compare myself to Steve Jobs or. What Disney Howard Hughes. David Starr Michelangelo. Da Vinci by Jesus or whatever is I'm save these are my heroes and now even at the celebrity bubble -- I've reached the ceiling and the -- paparazzi talk to me in my family is just suspect lost so you don't say we bring something of joy to the world when people hear my music they have a good time and I should be respected as such when I walked on the street don't. Asked me a question about self police on -- tabloids don't try to antagonize me -- you know what it's not safe for you when the zoo. You know never think that I'm not from Chicago for one set yet. Oh my god I'm sure there. They're clapping for that. I couldn't agree resembled the Michael Angelo I couldn't agree that album that. He's absolutely right Bill Gates. Whoever -- that Steve Jobs -- it's. You are you sure you respect artists that way we're how many of us listening to some kind of -- music get you to get by it up uplifted by it pumped up about it I got it. -- -- Bruce is pretty talented. Compare them to Michelangelo. You would now bring you Bruce's music is background break that we can -- that. Partisan makes song set that the president has more number one hits the Michelangelo had number one paintings. Well what's there's only when they're in ranking paintings back in the red. -- age there but I just -- and yeah I won't hear any musicians work. Thought it loses the challenge that I don't know who caught a pig cell and a guy he's such an empty bag. He really is I am just what a complete -- that as the taxes says. It's he has a rather feminine voice who this person points out. -- was a lot of interest on seriously whereas the other guy -- you should I think I'm ready opinion and I don't know that it. And I guess I'm not from Chicago. OK what does that mean I like -- if you David Stern and as -- says how do you throw David Stern in there right with. They -- through the NBA commissioner in there -- -- like Steve Jobs that now Michelangelo ally Al bottom. Thank god it was set a ceiling get a creative genius what sort of reset -- It has been the title that it is I bring him to go like a way permanently. I mean -- It's just. A little bit alarming. I am I've I've had it up here who is entertainment west oh god on the phone yes got. I actually took but you know I don't -- what I want like our continent where a lot to do but not really or thought occurred I think that -- -- Don't want to name dropping them in a one time gain name dropping him Jesus god allow them. But if you really did -- have a favorite but then that. Do you own -- Michael Jordan LeBron James one on one. Yeah. LB says Brian Brian way better than Jordan there was a bar fight in which three people got stabbed to and they Wear it and and they were discussing this topic like politics as it got better every eighty Montana -- another one and I love well people get fired up about -- answer there is Brady. -- I really am yeah of course not yet it could be my -- and never lost the super ball now horse Super Bowl victories. He had he hasn't. I guess -- loss to the there's lots and I would there were true. In the end it's almost the body of work and that's Phil Brady's name is atop Montana's name in in. Throwing stats. In -- she and and -- I -- Marino never won a -- right so that's why he's not a conversation -- and if -- Tom rays on top of throwing stats and I'm Maria and I generator like your work -- -- -- -- one pregnant again in vote them like someone's then it's entirely accurate -- greatest radio gridlock when it. But you know what if the show as a number one then my -- don't mean crap. -- simple. I think it. It's but it's just it's the same thing in sports you Tom Brady makes those Super Bowl. Well guess what they have one of the greatest teams -- -- on sixteen and help a team sucked that it -- -- when you're -- you know that you you time since so much garbage went. I'm just trying to make a point then no one -- know Dan -- you don't but most people don't now I think we got some help. I've got the gloves. It was at an -- that poll was miserable it's not. It this whole decision broadcasters -- say that. Open you can't be equated broadcast. Yeah probably don't know -- time in. Guys. What about it. Bass imagine if Tom Brady had Jerry your eyes says that taxes this would that would that -- different. Well yeah Jerry Rice have been accurate if he didn't have those great quarterbacks are yet to great quarterbacks who's talking in a diploma Montana. And and Steve young and anyone can get pretty locked up I -- mr. I might want to pass and I. If you're -- if anybody good -- this is. -- another guy's making the point I'm just trying to make this point. The guy is saying you know Tom Brady would have been awesome he had Jerry Rice -- well. You have to consider the quarterbacks that Jerry said he would Joseph Montana and Ron Amadon to the best that's true so that and he also had held the you can't just it's not like I Jerry Rice played for some. Bomb quarterback can have those amazing snapped as he wouldn't have if if you -- with someone. Thanks for more than -- and think there are able to pass there at -- let her out there that aren't they fight and -- now. The owners and it's. Not complete passes the. When Tony well -- he thinks he has an effective use this morning. Simple epithet -- know the moon -- and that aspect of his own -- early yesterday and who would -- look behind the Rutland. God help but -- is heartening fact of the beautiful from the falcons defense instead I get couldn't get that simple thinking song out of my head into the. It. -- chipper damper oh dear Kemper damper tackle 480. Yeah. It looked flat cap -- think -- it did on. If you wreck in lectern. To -- the kudos Reston went -- yeah yeah -- the.