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Actor Stephen Root

Oct 9, 2013|

Actor Stephen Root

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WA AF dot com. Stephen Root is gonna join us momentarily those of you are boardwalk empire stands or words. Cohen Brothers -- I mean No Country for Old Men. Mike Hsu is. A huge now -- brother -- are you into a huge and we look we love -- we've had Stephen Root on the show many many times that you love them on. And I especially. And the fan of -- that means on boardwalk empire which Steve and they show. How our party great great to have you on again Gordon talked about love love avenue on the show how is. This season and I I think that I may have been a little bit concerned about pay as it as boardwalk run its course but. It's pretty good I mean what happened on Sunday I don't wanna spoil it for anybody. But what what happened on Sunday was. One of -- henchmen was that was pretty good. Now this this show is you never know what's gonna. -- -- on this show and Terry Porter came to means -- to do it says nobody's safe on this show you know we don't know you know what's gonna happen. You know until. The end of the season and you won't know either and we don't I mean they just campus but give us basically are saying we don't seem. The script and leisure avenue -- for territory. Who is secretive. This besides Nike who has been your favorite character on boardwalk empire. Well I mean it's hard not to but what about the kind of following last year. Because it was so great the that's -- a -- you know a couple of shows on Broadway and he's he's a great guy these kind of coming into the zone as a as a start now on because there is tremendous actor so I'm really happy for him. Was it was a great character play that absolute absolute great -- there. So you guys don't you have no idea what's going on other than what you're doing that's interest. -- Much else -- out world world kind of piecemeal and now I'm flying in from LA to do this show in New York. And a lot of people are coming in from different places there are some people obviously the New York but it's it's a really. Really well protected children terms right. And it's okay -- me because. Your you're you're doing quality stuff always so and that's what you wanna do as an actor so. Be happy to be there. Being the home where I keep waiting and we got a little glimpse of it on Sunday I keep waiting for Boston the Boston to get involved we've kind of been left out and got Chicago. Chicago New York -- I don't good. On the you know on the East Coast what about Boston. Agree with -- -- But I know and when the when when when this when the FBI guys it's going after Nike was kind of laying out the crime syndicate Boston was on there some kind of hoping. Maybe because -- Mark Wahlberg we'll have a little -- a little -- -- never get to interact with him at all when it comes to show. Are you know we don't get to see much of the executive producers consider -- mostly movies to. But yeah there are often on their own stuff but. We've you know every every once in loans to regions you get to see everybody which is great. Well -- -- was talking earlier about DreamWorks dragged Yasser Arafat's. You -- must enjoy doing that as well. Oh it's fantastic it's. It's what other you know great. Great to animated shows them in DreamWorks as. An unbelievable job of animation on the ship out much better I think and almost anything out there -- similarity is good and I wanted to just thought you know. Yeah why I have this idea I -- give those the people would do or die -- a good time incredibly deep don't sell yourself short to be the people. Down that debt narrate this. Are an incredible cast of characters with -- atomic energy and I are -- I told these guys earlier army huge factors in my -- -- three and a half year old. But it it's you know it's up there with Toy Story NIC just Mars. There's no problem whatsoever. In the mortem department or entertainment factory apparent to be there with the kids. Well I thought that they'd love to hear that because it's it's it's a lot of work put it in -- and a lot of work and its it's nothing's really paid off form. Especially this this season coming up and it's start off well I think is gonna get better -- -- That is HBO did sign you guys who are a couple of different shows did you did true blind you were killed off the true blood. Now you're on the boardwalk empire well Libyan on the show. Well I just decided newsroom majority here well. So I'm I'm really really enjoying being in the year HBO camp at the -- that's. It's gone it's being on fire hit theaters. And just Steven here and I mean this -- with the ultimate in respect. What you you're one of those guys where you -- in certain roles. I don't realize till afterwards that -- you. And I thought that the brake problems thanks try to get into the deep in -- does that you're just watch in the the character and not many. And I was thinking about when when China when doing some -- feel like what did I just see him on and it was newsroom now trying to many donated the role as the -- -- who would you play a newsroom. I thought I was in general that. That that got them as a guy who revealed the the that we were actually using gas here yes yes yes yes yes news. -- Wouldn't say it but don't say it and then -- was edited and in the on line and what a great show that is I. They -- great great writing. Again a chance or what really top actors and that's that's that's what you look. Has there I mean it seems like when it comes to television world we're living in a great time as far as drama us. Yeah I think so too I think some of the best. The best work being done on television that's why you see a lot of one of the stars going to television now because there's not much better than you know. Breaking bad justify it and and stuff that's it's really really quality. Yeah you look at somebody. -- well. Let's take Robin Williams who's gone to television this sooner or. Even Kevin Spacey and and and that show current that for Netflix which was incredible. I guess it seems like and I don't know if that if they're paying morrow or if it's I mean is it is it that is it is that the guys it's easier to guys and ladies. It's not that you know because sometimes it'll take you know you take like Bob -- valid doing doing just a season on boardwalk it -- a chance to do really good work. First shorter amount of time. And in yet be able to get into a really juicy. Role for awhile and then you know then go back features or whatever so it's not it's not so much -- -- it's it's the the writing and the ability. To work on something really good for awhile. -- -- -- more like you know you're going to be killed them and in western hockey. Yeah and until we killed in the army at your way that you kill anybody yes she'll do just talk about what's really the important issue here yes. When he bringing back the character of cling on captain comes out of from the pro Star Trek movie that. But the -- yes. It'll help me in that role as the -- just come off of doing a lot of Shakespeare in New York in the eighties. And the denture is exactly and -- I think that in mind you want you to some. Or for Clinton and it was hard to speak over them. So the fact that I could not concede and step and and do Shakespeare it was it was helpful to time. A lot of actors actually say that Star Trek is kind of Shakespearean. Do you very much. I felt like -- -- want -- and all all of them anyway it was huge and the original and. He Neitzel scores and it was just -- Josh yeah I'm wearing a beautiful you right now she's got a whole lot more that the that the Obama. I don't think that the and then what about your favorite the Coen Brothers where Willard who is that you working on some of them they don't know much about what they don't. I would love to work for them again it's been awhile but. See them every once salaam. He's been doing a lot of play recognized -- -- he's got a couple of things I'm probably now. They just keep cranking them out and then -- great people and I was talking John Goodman. Last year now -- normal. And at that point we have done he invented many of neither senator have you talked to the boys -- you can work for these ones -- got the call. You kind of thought well I haven't undergone many -- and he gets like three and erode I'm jealous and jumped right. -- well he's another guy we're talking as you -- about enemies he uses the -- in with the Coen Brothers he really brings -- the best -- yeah absolutely amazed at these tremendous program there for him. I think they're great. Well DreamWorks drag in this appears that I can see it Thursday 730 on Cartoon Network -- an atlas rocket -- very true and it's a muscle man it's -- John Watson as well some very cool. And -- -- and we we will we will see you again this season on boardwalk empire. Absolutely -- -- -- are you there are you gonna do another episode -- any time soon. I would love to any -- -- No. Is is there are brighter. Ten catalog who was on QL Whitman and I see in The New Yorker I want tomorrow but yet I'm. I'll bet to be on again yeah probably not. Those units and everything is fear bank dentist really that you you -- that's probably my favorite -- are. He announced that Stephen you don't talk you mean you're so calm I feel like you could solve the government shut down right now if you went up. And what do you think you could edit -- and like to interject with a minute if if they take my phone which they don't sit on really and then got them. The phones are probably should and again that that's exactly you can -- -- can pay the gas bill coming into the room. All right this is some money in a fishbowl fine thank you and thank god and good luck and good luck for the sucks you know evening -- -- -- -- would -- like when you lose your. -- the year of the beards. I liked the idea I think they've are always like them they're they're they're the bad boys there's a level of the Golan. Kind that we you know and then he's gonna do Detroit in five minutes ago had a tiger went OK -- yeah. -- sandbag areas as Stephen Root here on the Hill Man Morning Show WA AF.