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Townie Throw-Down: Melrose vs Wakefield

Oct 7, 2013|

Townie Throw-Down: Melrose vs Wakefield

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WA AF dot com. I don't appreciate drug addicts at nine towns as. Her home. Hill Man Morning Show trees and -- as you're wrong. Downey's road now -- yeah visit hello our own. It kind of accident and pound. And the winners. Of today's count me throw down between Melrose and Wakefield will win a pair of tickets for six flags New England. And the biggest fright fest ever Fossum on right fruits and zone on its a big one today. Melrose. Verses and Wakefield. I think we got a couple. All lifers on the phone a couple of G counties will start off with Kara Paula Kara. How well how else. I'm curry who now are you -- Resenting Melrose. Oral Wakefield. And our. Mill. And Adam how old you care I am I born in Murray's partner. What what section of Melrose where you born in I was -- in -- Wyoming area it is. -- and and what you do care. And I accident while you're going to be up against Obama today hello dom. Thought -- born and raised in Wakefield. Or is it okay -- how how old you Don. Thirty under. A program yeah. Great orasure and amber went beyond I'm. Gonna dominate your little about it. And what where you up what what part of what partly feel great sound great and everybody. That. Well here we go you guys on the game works care are you ready. All right. This park which is shared between Melrose and mauled and his home until wooded nature areas as well as playgrounds of barbecue areas and several baseball and softball fields. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cleveland and now they're different form look you'll look at the bush is -- -- like they're applied. Hot dobbs. All. As the Disneyland. Of the northeast. This park closed in 1969. After being open only ten years. That would be. I know exactly where they're still I don't remember a great that it could add. -- Yes how could you forget the Disney land of the northeast. I remember what does that does our pleasure I wondering about that at. Pleasure island hardest. Part about me Greg I'm sure it did I -- he's done. I Ontario -- a one nothing lead here are. And during its 96. Season. Of entertaining. This group plays several shows throughout the winter at memorial hall in Melrose. -- -- Make them Derek I'm sorry. For the Melrose. Symphony orchestra. Nine. And that he's not an excellent job I get an opportunity viewers are well below it. The doors opening and -- Although part of Wakefield this neighborhood is often listed separately in maps and atlases. Yeah. -- And nailed it Kerry -- green -- Seems from this movie were filmed at a bank on main street in downtown and Melrose what film are we referring to. Yeah. That it's. -- -- about Ben Affleck crop victory I'm sure you. And upload it's I mean yeah he's good -- I did his cousin's. Winds. Didn't your short tees and went. Now this. -- -- -- Let's the smoke. Are you probably should -- a smoker I am not. Chattanooga red or so modest. And here's a tax that says ice where do you. Pine -- is a wicked nice now. Parents and I don't know I -- -- -- that kind eyes as Tom -- and it is wicked nice now until it is not now it's all right dom you need this on for the antibody. This is known as the best kept boating secret in eastern Massachusetts what's the name of this club. Well -- -- -- up yes that is that doesn't reflect yeah you're right we asked why is that question clear -- that we haven't died. I -- ready to -- Melrose high school has been built or rebuilt how many times. Want one that's. Built or read read read a lot. A rebuilt ones -- -- -- there were two of them I'm sorry answer is five times. Organizes the -- How come your third year in nearly turned to do I didn't -- out and and a private legal action. Market real well -- The idea that that turn you into. A wild woman later on in life can. I thought I Danielle is -- big slut and -- can't you know that doesn't get over by. Here we go about rewriting up. Wakefield of course home to Kayla Harris and she was the first US woman. To win a gold medal in a what and then she won the London Olympics. What weapons -- London. London. The last. I don't know what spread. Georgia where people don't shoot -- -- you're. You're that's right -- the collar the timing it's rare that we end up with a time but I thought. That you have that are. You both are gonna win your -- they're going to be winners well. I just you know it. -- that that puts that question but not a lot of questions all right I mean you know only -- only allotted for for questions not appropriate. Though dumb I get one extra one for you Barack. What's the name you know. What's the name of the -- and an annual fundraising festival on the second Saturday of June along lake. -- -- Its second. I don't Arnold I don't I don't I don't go to those Greg -- don't -- got a little things come is that it's already -- -- a little -- -- commitments. On the fast the bull by the late component -- -- I think it's -- -- out of it. All right well -- and Kara thank you learn how you guys there are some nice work today on Tony thrown isn't brash. Saddam. Job well.