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Listen to Mistress Carrie & Robert Trujillo of Metallica

Sep 27, 2013|

Robert Trujillo is a busy guy these days. Actually, all of the Metallica guys are! They have been running all over promoting the new film, Metallica-Through The Never which debuts this weekend in IMAX 3-D! He's headed to Boston tonight for the midnight screening with me, and a theater filled with WAAF listeners. I asked him today about the press tour, including being interviewed by Stephen Colbert, who's idea the movie was, who approved the Metallica Ugly Christmas Sweaters, the craziest Metallica idea ever, what costume he wears trick or treating with his kids, his love of football, and how the band commemorates this sad day in Metallica history, the loss of Cliff Burton. He was candid, funny, honest, and as likeable as you would expect! Such a great guy!

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-- scary weekdays three to seven on Boston's rock station WA AF. A Mistress Carrie what -- And when I am really hoping your plane isn't delayed tonight I'm hoping it's not relate to make sure that it happened. We we we we we protocol of pirates so. And be ready for you on a media blitz for this movie Dave you go to the premiere in Maryland. What's it like 1098 and then you got to -- appear by midnight. We know we're in we're in DC right now and then. Ordinary introduced the film and then I'm gonna jump product. It's an airport to buy a plane into -- you guys. But I can connect with -- then. And hang out their energies that are this wonderful adventure movies. You doesn't on this huge press junket and I've got to ask you. How how do you keep a straight face when you're being interviewed by Steven -- there. It's very difficult because the guy is like a rocket ship. You know I mean it's one of the few times that there is actually some lead -- in. Speak faster and and and actually very. You know very very sharp and witty guy he's so clever sharp that it's just hard to get a word in edgewise. We couldn't do it and we try and he was to honor and you're so honest. It's it was a it was total amusement of your time ago we had a great time over there effect. When I watch Tim asked James if he could still keep his anger up at his age. I was like this is gonna go one -- two ways he's either gonna get punched or James is gonna laugh and I didn't know which way it was -- Argued that there at least I'm James when he says that I was actually units stage you know with Viagra but -- he'd -- Up higher on. Fire up oh yeah he cut scenes up starts in humans and you couldn't stop laughing and couldn't speak because and -- So. Alberto which exercise its goes. The train for something like that you know you view you've got to be -- your game to be that quick witted. You know there was some sort of training. We gotta talk about the movie because it's not the first time Metallica has done something in their career that's made people golf. They're doing why it's who came up this idea was did it come from the ban or it's somebody -- TO. Well it it started out fifteen years ago in IMAX films. You know. Have a meeting with Metallica. And brought it would be really cool. The time IMAX is making like scuba diving films or other sort of discovering their parents -- -- And the technology wasn't quite there yet you know so that. What a person in the Belichick doesn't serving there was another meaning that I recall. And it was with NFL films and and they pitched the idea as well but again you know the three cameras are way too big and and it was way too expensive and our management actually. Came to us with the idea again about three years ago and they have this big meeting I remember it was some like Ireland or something and they sent -- this incredible stage you know on paper. And and you know it is kind of blew our mind they wanted to celebrate the past two hours in the theatrics. You know that were related you know master -- it's just -- for our even death magnetic was thrown in in the next. That sounded great but we wanted to do the narrative so we were like well -- that's. But we definitely be -- director and entering and and narrative to intertwine. This body of music and to take our view viewers on the adventure. What's craziest thing that you guys have been pitched by somebody that you said no tail. Because the list is got to be pretty long of it cockamamie ideas that people like you -- don't. Well you know we've we very rarely say no you're crazy ideas in fact. We're pretty crazy so we take on the challenges that become. I remember when Lars. Valued at -- must have been about Europe Africa maybe two years. Where he pitched the idea that we -- clear that you wanted to play at the Fillmore in San Francisco. To celebrate the thirty years and that we should fly and you know. Members of various span from all over the world the play like one song or choose songs that we're talking you know Geithner has. Bringing in indictment and merciful fate you know Brussels say live in Denmark and rob how foreigners in Birmingham you know half the time and you're. Who -- -- -- you know sometimes you know he's down at San Diego Hugo but like are seeing user Butler -- -- You know people flew over from England it was crazy and I -- number one how we can afford that. Number two I mean obviously you know show up -- -- a small venues so you're. It is that they're really hit it's not a money issue so much -- is doing something for the fan you know that the end of the day that's step follows them through. But I thought I was pretty crazy you know. You know there's all these adventures that we take option there never is definitely the craziest but if you go back to some kind of monster. I mean that's crazy -- -- to bring him still root. He transparent. And it's just insanity but I'll I'll say this. The craziest thing for me definitely was playing San Quentin state penitentiary. And that was my initiation. In June the world that Metallica my first year. It's -- and states and it's such that would be crazies. And you guys said yes to the Metallica line of ugly Christmas sweaters which almost made me fall off my chair when I saw them on line. We actually had a huge discussion about that in and the -- excess -- I would management you know. Wonderful -- middle management. Manager's name is mark writer -- way it goes sweaters are disgusting currently we don't want any part of it I believe like collapsing -- Then you know I stayed neutral because. You know and when they get in and vote in in the argument. Yeah I will see only do I mean I don't know. I don't know are you gonna Wear or sit there. Is gone to those damn party's by now and I'm tired -- scouring Wal-Mart for the ugly it's a -- -- Well I I -- I wore a Metallica one at least you know I would have a little bit a cred maybe. Right that's the kind of sweaters you would find it like the grocery store for like seven dollars. CVS next to like gardening gloves. Yeah the big lots you know. -- pop pop pop pop. We're gonna see the movie tonight it's the big IMAX 3-D premiere correct when we're watching. The movie. Can you give me like. A -- BC -- is are -- like little movie mistakes like Star Wars when you could see the wires you know with the with the millennium falcon in there like is there some kind of little. Inside movie secret that we should be watch inform. Well they're there and there are a lot of hidden treasures in you know -- even discovery and things my wife characterization that he had. The screen in Los Angeles last night you know -- was their present it and and that -- it's even notice that couples think there are shot -- be -- during memory remains were kind of like you know. Trying to get the crowd to sing along -- agencies should start -- because she's. -- it will bear that you are your book and and it. And mean -- even text last night that you know achieved it against such as watching Q let's. You know awesome it was planned it and it's. So you might want to check that particular shot. All know why I can get away with calling you Glenn Danzig. I don't go. I never put that together. All and all I mean that the footage from the stage about performance. Is it lie I mean we playing we're performing elements that's not like we're -- mind at work on emotion. I'm all that stuff is really pure and and that's one great thing about this film. It's that energy is definitely captured in bringing in in Arkansas to direct this thing and -- is is is you know that director of photography you know that they did a great job in getting energy bringing the viewers in the stage. So there's a lot of there's a lot of great moments I mean. Operators say that the crowd that -- hear you know singing doll. The background locals coming from the year you know you can -- Mexico City for that and. That's where you guys films all the crowds out no no we filmed in Canada but. Mexican fan base was so strong and their local we. We actually float it and some of those those tracts there's so powerful we get. What we it was before we went to Canada it's actually you know. We the we spent two weeks in Mexico City and we had he chose there also out 20000 people. So so every night that the most insane at -- crowd could ever imagine there was change expense. On the second level in about 151000 fans on the floor alone -- the largest in North -- There -- where we trying basically. To go up candidate shoot so. That was insane it was like an earthquake every night and you know -- Our management Izturis in the trenches and senators get ready get ready for -- -- out -- That was that was your Rocky Balboa chasing the chicken training. Yeah exactly totally you know about that as stating that they. So. Carcasses in the trees that are. But but but it. How many takes did you guys have to. Dude what it's just regular live concert in his city were every you guys are on tour you get one shot and be screw up you screw up with the movie it's in big way and kind of you know. Make you look good no matter how bad you screw up right. What you gotta figure there's there's at least thirty cameras and there's a lot of different angles and them. And you know as as great theater stages and as dangerous as it is you know we have to navigate that thing that. Can I can say it was ever a -- it was ever elect routine because after 200 shows things become routine but after just you know you know. He chose or whatever we have I'm not saying proper. You know it's never gonna be reaching just enough to keep to say. But at the same time you know -- in the moment and and where were not like these that this group at that point you know. And like exodus thirty cameras so you know -- -- cameras don't care right you've got another twenty that will. I know your birthdays in October mine is too do you get sucked in a -- Halloween thing like I do. -- -- get sucked into it because my kids you know my and my son is nine in my daughter's seven and that is their favorite holiday and now do you take your country. Yeah of course we take him to come out there and do. We have a an area where I live it's and it's in the now and it's really cool because you got that almost Friday the thirteenth and apply if you. And and we have a lot of fun and it not to mention that you coyotes. Howling owls and out -- Definitely for. You know brings another element few Halloween. And definitely have our one of our -- Holidays especially with the kids for sure. Do you Wear a customer when you trick or treat or do you freak out people when they open their front door in the bass player -- Metallica standing on their stoop. Yeah -- go and forceful. You know or metallic in uniform to bring my -- in -- Works all the time. Don't know what to believe it's actually is so. Like wow that's -- why do you costume dude there there. Are you Tennessee football guy. Not now you know like I -- it just says you know I I I lived down in Los Angeles we don't have football team so. I pretty much my fantasies have to go back to to the seventies when when we actually did have a football team and you know in in in the LA raiders of course but you know -- out I mean I have -- players and that's for sure. The killings in Nevada and kind of like the behind -- the times -- and that I do a football especially college football. Hoosier team in college. UCLA Bruins arrive here -- We do you have when Nebraska a couple of weeks ago and and worse you know so I'm excited about. Before I let you go. I put up on you know FaceBook and -- that I was going to be -- into today and asked people if there was stuff that. They wanna -- askew and you know it's it's kind of somber thing from Metallica fans but today's the anniversary of losing clips so. You know. What is the bands do you know on a day like today I mean I know it was so long ago but for the fans. You know it's still such a tragic loss and I know for the band as well. Right I you know I have already received. A text from -- you know. Definitely. You know. Throwing props out for for -- I responded and and I know that that they. You know move forward from from the West Coast. We'll be getting a lot of messages. And yeah you know it it's it's a very sad day at the same time. You know oak cliff where it would love the fact that -- we -- Metallica are presenting you know. Some of his music. Stronger than ever you know to the world you know on the big screen and Anders are artists. Yeah I just let people know that this special moment at the end. Of the failed and and you have to wait and see that has to I believe it -- kind of falls ride into the pockets of -- so what's happening. Today you know and and more about celebrating his life you know. He was such an incredible. Presents -- on all fronts you know. Not just as a musician. That goes without saying believe -- just the fact that you is you know really. -- -- -- panic you know he was there. For the crafted and for the music and you know what I say -- An incredible force. The world so. You know -- admit -- let's celebrate his energy and and wait brought to Metallica will be brought to the world with music. Well I'm really excited to see this whole movie and especially an IMAX 3-D it's like. Sensory overload would it would it be explosion and I can't wait for an supersize. Correct yeah well. It's definitely an intense -- and gained on you know complete strip and in our movies. Did an amazing job you know he's a man -- -- -- in this -- but I tell you at this face at all you know. It's it's pretty out. Do you not let them delay your flight Robert. No I well now we're gonna we're gonna make this happen and I look forward to seeing everybody there. It's really special we had a great turnout. Last night in and -- New Jersey and and also in in in Chile actually was was awesome and pretty pretty rowdy I gotta say if it was such surprised. -- at midnight matter of mark -- And then a mosh -- breaks out. Though because. I heard the same thing happened Larson Los Angeles so. That's great we love that energy and definitely try and indicated -- -- also continue to from the movie because. All right we'll see you tonight Robert thanks so much -- taken time out of here. Incredibly busy schedule the umi call okay thank you so much -- -- scary weekdays three to seven on Boston's rock station WA AF.