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Sep 25, 2013|

Actor Billy Zabka

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WA AF dot com. Is -- got to -- yes sir Edmund yeah okay. We've got this we've got this man and our studio many times Phillies good joins us here in the Hill Man Morning Show Billy. Without -- -- -- hey girl good morning. You. Well just fantastic 5 o'clock in the morning and -- California. Now listen I'm excited because my pals the end Allman Brothers send them Phantom Gourmet. Are bringing you in four in the Phantom Gourmet food festival which is happening on the Sunday by Fenway Park. Yeah yeah on the -- command and hope you guys -- -- It has your appearance -- gone up since you since he got on man How I Met Your Mother my real. -- -- -- yeah yes and -- wrapped his arms around you or did you YouTube or may not say anywhere. People people love that show I don't -- -- -- Ahmadinejad. Has a good job as is huge fan of his and this is its final season diseases thanks again we get to meet the moms have fun doing it. Without five people talking like that it's really -- -- -- that doesn't look what is it fun doing the show. Yeah -- a great it's great show me it's it's it's it's an art I don't know what you guys start the first side is that they had -- -- -- I would Barney who isn't phantom. -- the Karate Kid you would consider me the real credit it is bachelor party so first bachelor party he wanted to try to -- very eight. -- much as they bring -- much CO and they bring McLeod and and at all shall we -- it yet the end I gave up my make up on the cloud nine in the Cobra -- outfit ha yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Texas as has has SE people mountain and we blast that we had you on we talked about how. You're a direct there -- -- people don't know this but the Texas said. Has zapped have been able to make a living just from Karate Kid stuff buddy me you need to on the other stuff. -- Credited with the recycled one high school football game I've played you know -- -- hospitals. I thought you could just I'm just a little you know what I mean at this point somewhere right now. Yeah. You work are you working on -- outside of How I Met Your Mother you working on any movies aren't. Yeah I don't like it. Under the she'll call like any chance she actually with that show god wants and once that moment yeah I just this -- itself without it's great with Bruce Campbell appears to be you know it's really nice show and and yet -- and our producer must sort director direct music videos as we talked last time route flopped and and you know doing -- not commercials right now and -- a couple documentaries on that Africa which are cut -- some heavier subjects. And outlawed -- possible and so this -- mother's -- it's. The first leg -- airs October 7 I believe. Well those are good paying -- that's a nice you know that's it's you know 85 grand a week to a job -- -- -- And they show it -- I don't you know let's yeah but like lightning -- baggage -- -- a little boy got middle income and asks me. Yeah it's blue note still work out of the Dojo army pretty much -- I mean really what I've been doing most of the time it just changes he doesn't it just you know valley tournament. Well there you know basically Will Smith tries it basically try to rob you of any any future money may be is that -- -- -- and yeah totally totally trying to screw you over. Yeah I told you don't look at it from here it's always social premiere of the I don't know what they could become so kids. All the guys -- -- that in and the after party will was introducing -- to -- choose Sergei didn't. And and these are you know viking it was an homage to UN it's no respect and urging it to its greatest -- Paul Menard said actually I'm doing the same thing with Fresh Prince of Bel Air. -- -- and you say that and the rest. The first period for the values yeah. A thousand so when -- -- -- when he comes to town for the. This week LB albeit I think -- -- -- like Saturday's day or something and and not hang out everybody and Sunday come back Amanda. Well in Iowa it's a greater than it's it's awesome right there -- lands downstream opinion -- island great time years ago and it's got great. Folks -- front. A lot out if you hear I don't know I don't know how open and the public figure pretty openly when is that yeah. We're gonna put put -- -- body -- afterwards but couldn't do that but yeah. Let me put a body bag toss them into salads are just things any wrestler master plan that might also touched. -- -- And they've got a got a regulator at 5 o'clock in the morning and implement a body. Yeah. Like I haven't heard that. One million -- -- but yeah I know you'll hear in a mellow weekend you know you're gonna hear at a million this weekend. Oh -- you know part of the there's actually somebody says your sister's married to -- Attack well and that was a really -- The actors and actress that is true but I would -- that our notion that she should not an accurate. You know that. And associate -- on the river raft got so a few. Yep yep let's I want elect -- with the north and aren't accurate about. Me and well the weirdness. Six. -- Let's when -- you know I got -- -- something if you get here and time on Saturday I was I'm happy yeah we've used it and think I'm having my my god charity foundation booze cruise at 1 o'clock on Saturday. -- of secular uncommitted or -- and -- just -- the ladies love. And not let related charity good group yeah. It's that technically that's not the name advocates called the what what do you call it it's not really called who's -- -- on the in the daylight giving it goes through shall not let anything goes cruise lines either about to Harvard the records Zardari no foundation on our partners summer boat -- yeah. So I'm gonna because they park onto a runway at -- airport only watch supporting the jets the jets seemed like Atlanta yeah Italy and positive test that I love that I love watching the Queensland after four wide and -- Billy well yep you make any time come on the -- on the cruise and we'll see assigned day at the -- -- -- gourmet food festival -- happening -- over by Fenway -- right now.