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Mike Hsu Talks To Jonathan Davis From Korn

Aug 23, 2013|

Jonathan Davis from Korn talks about their new album, the return of Head, and kicking ant-anxiety meds.

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Whatever I'm doing all right then how are you today. Well thank you very much for taking the time to Colin were excited to see you guys here in the area again your plane over at the palladium and beautiful western. And so senators when he gave. You guys are doing and kind of the club toward a warm up first is that the deal. Ignore honored and from there will be. We'll play it back we get back what are we doing I don't know. -- little -- -- I'm going to be a book somewhere in the world. Hit its all star -- another big museum gets swept up in the -- -- thing now on the new album which comes on October 8 and mr. scary -- was the music -- here played. Never never forming and didn't tell me who was and it took me like thirty seconds I kept thinking is this corn. Is this cleric and that's what's -- thing great about you guys you never get the same album twice in a row. Now from -- electric -- electric is so different com. It really poured in and record over and over again so yeah. You know I get -- you get sick chances compared to work sometimes they don't -- What makes it. Absolutely nobody can ever accuse you guys of not taking risks musically. They are or otherwise I guess against. -- and -- does the the name of the new wellness paradigm shift and does does that have to have anything to do with the head coming back into the band. It was a Alltel became aware of -- -- because they didn't it but it should reality should. That this would do with a comeback all going to be about collusion what we do with our work. There's a lot of different needs and economic principle about perfectionist when you look at the record can look at it as old corner record. Or you can -- all the good new electronic influences -- whatever. The person that thinks he's so that's what kind of magic and it totally -- Yeah that's what looks perfect. That's the great thing about music it's that everyone it takes us into their own filter yeah. Related in his new rules and but with head coming back to the -- What does he what has he brought back to the band. And at the same time what has that brought out in the van with his return. I think he'll go back -- made at least a lot more happy. We missed him a lot in really really bad. But I see you're happy in street again. Earlier GAAP net just it's getting together and written music techniques tools it was as well rejected peace track order we -- happy. I -- Monty said it was a kind of a relief for him creatively to have had back because they were such they had such a strong. Partnership in the band as far as writing stuff. Oh yeah definitely. They're very happy to be back -- -- it. I know like I was I was in -- -- with a guy played bass and he had kind of an unstable upbringing and then he met a woman who brought him to a Baptist Church. And it was kind of extreme I don't wanna say it's the same situation is what you guys went through with head but it was like one day this guy just came into us and so I'm I'm done. I'm not gonna play music anymore and I give my life to it to Jesus and and for like the first year or so it was hard talking to because it was all about Jesus and it was all about him trying to bring us into where he was. And then after a couple years he mellowed out were cut to the point where he was the same kind. Think kind of goofy guy he was. Is that kind of what it was it had like after awhile he media -- With. You know that it figured it out this is -- honeymoon was over. Christian -- look -- yeah that's stupid of it -- is what is. And -- have a system in my current it's yeah he's back to Norway until. I was reading an interview with him he says that he knew it was good because you guys pass the Euro test. And and I guess. Where our purpose here that was an old school thing except how long it did she neared its -- -- -- think -- the bandit now. We love you -- -- -- there because they're like here we couldn't because they wanted during -- it -- it was all about party and now -- over and over their real black. Look at that -- were back to the Internet. Yeah he said that you know all the stresses in the added to by tree that that really you know that used to happen. But now you guys not -- he's not the only guy who's changed the -- I mean all you guys have changed in the ban your your older and wiser -- I say it. And there's there's kids involved in fact when when you were recording. For paradigm -- you had your boys in the studio with the is that right. Yeah yeah we've -- video and but. Work on the record -- -- -- to get you know strengthen. We have a black social and are mature other prediction just it was that I was that young boys. The younger yeah let's say with the younger bush is hard separate hotel eight year old make certain speed up it would be Dick -- -- making music. You've got to bear culprit of -- media brought it and compare products and enough. -- -- -- And that he's out -- got these two guys here bring. So out of that affect your view view when the recording studio does that make you. Think twice about some things have -- the kids there were -- -- in the studio with you when you were singing. Yeah they're they're they're announcing any problem. Didn't think you change anything I mean it's dead dad and now when -- -- There was this really -- Experience problem there. -- I mean biggest Opel Merkel because of my debt recorded it and recording studio at college there aids. I would like -- works so I'll probably yeah yeah that's that's ahead -- But I definitely it is. You also put yourself in the rehab to get off anti depressants. You know it not been no regrets and -- there. Both men and yet this short idea did you did you do any writing while you were there are over how to that is the the lyrics or anything. I mean couldn't even think straight -- Jack gets so bad. Literally I think this record -- they'll be so. It it kicked it get sick from a comedic. Well what the what he actually get over -- talked about the static agent toll everywhere robredo was. The worse than most horrifying thing ever been in my life so. No that never record -- or is there another boy got -- under that was diagnosed with diabetes 10. That he -- changer for -- Q she. For your child sick with some like that running everything Kimmel wants so. I was really -- wrote it -- put in reality once we're out. And it is something very different -- -- -- that would let them being -- You know and it just worked out for the better. Like it's good when you got out it's kind of like we'll had to come back and was working with the again your your your boys are there are so it's kind of you came back to look almost complete family I guess you -- Sayer. You have the. -- -- helped out immensely. Did. And then make a great record. The out on this is to hear the rest of the stuff on ailment only her never never so far but judging by that. You know it's all. -- great spirits are currently on the record don't work so many different styles of music. I'm definitely are -- in a little bit. I read that you were saying that on this those short club tour there's going to be some surprise blast from the past because head is back we'll. -- tennis Steffi going to be reaching back in the bag for lives. I don't I'm certain -- hung -- -- -- next is that if they're driven. I'm -- market for -- country -- -- -- you know we're in our right now. In order -- -- getting ready to get on the way to -- -- a little bit. So it's been crazy so what we get in it -- -- -- the only thought about -- to make people happy. Well that's awesome long glad that your you know that your life the star and to straighten out I'm glad the other because of a new album coming out and heads back and you're feeling good about that I do if I could ask one more thing if you could comment on David's comments basically saying that if he came back to the band he. -- bring the groove back to -- I don't know if you've been talking with David. Or anything like that or he's trying to reach out to you maybe he wants to get back in the van and if he does -- you have him. I'd be a big no real bad hole. Not gonna happen right now not. I collateral be cute but -- bully your belt back in November -- we've been doing. Yeah really have to Wear react and everybody really positive don't need an accurate -- -- Bush did man I'm glad that you guys are are positive and and I'm were really looking forward to seeing you when was there on September 28 we're looking forward paradigm shift. And on October -- and Johnson I hope you get some rest on the plane and figure out where you are when you -- can get it.